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Tibia – Official Trailer 2016

Tibia – Official Trailer 2016

Explore décadas de conteúdo Suba de nível e lute contra o mal Junte-se a milhares de outros jogadores… … ou derrote-os

Reader Comments

  1. im so sad to see what the game has been transformed. plz cipsoft think what u doing with the game obs:im brazilian sory iff my englesh is too wrong

  2. im a noob, just started playing. Anyone up for some gaming with me? Noobs and pros i wanna get good, allready started to love this game never played it. And im 20, so im surprised i never heard about it 😀

  3. porque los comparan que a caso no piensan?
    el que no conoce a dios (tibia) a cualquier santo le rezaa(league of legends)

  4. só acho que vocês deveria atualiza o tibiame para Android pq já ta foda já gasto muito dinheiro nesse jogo pra nada que merdaaaaaaa

  5. – Hello My Name And Vitor So A Played, Tibiame, Do Wold 32 Please do not abandon the game, and a great game more accurate of a beautiful update already spent a lot of money in Tibiame, which I qualser giving up, you could put the Tibiame equal the tibia global ia is very cool, I love you do not abandon the game pfvr …..

  6. Ja foi um jogo massa, ultimamente muitos lags kicks e premium time perdidos por não ter um jogo estável, ou seja, tu vai gastar com o jogo sem poder jogar ele, então ja recomendei em um passado distante, hoje não mais unica e exclusivamente por causa da conexão que mesmo com proxy etc não melhora, para se ter uma ideia com 180 dias de premmy se aproveitou 100 foi muito, infelizmente nada resolvido mesmo depois de 20 anos de existência.

  7. Player named "zagloba" botting ghastly palace and roshamuul before bridge for 24 h every day, he using charater "Warchlak","Ridezikk","Uki Warr" to keep ghastly palace for himself. He got top lvl's paladins on server, i dont know how he dont get banned, he botting from 8 lvl to 300+. Its impossible to play manually as paladin on server Morta, I know that he botting other server Verlana and Chrona u can easy check him and bring justice. Character using on roshamuul "Hanya Tukus","Kwaszu","Topir Gerath". It's not the end of his bot farm, his character "Charlovkowa Niunia" botting on INQ hellhound's. I know that he using auto heal, auto ssa, anty paral on character "Zaglobkowa Niunia" which he fighting on warmode. He trades a hundreds of kk's to other ppl for real cash, also he buys charater to expand bot farm and take over next places on server.

  8. if you're American you will be blocked from premium hunting grounds from players much higher in level, impossible to catch up to their level or surpass it. I got a full refund because of this problem despite the companies dispute over this matter. they deleted my account over level 100 that was being discriminated against for being American. not a American friendly game at all.

  9. My God, cipsoft, nobody else plays Tibia because the updates were the same as I would be able to help make the tibians to come back. It starts to focus on tibia

  10. Starts making tibia championship worth a buck all over the world please change this if it will not continue same thing

  11. Leave the graph of the same things more back to the gameplay of tibia 7.4 please I am player 8.6 but game in a tibia 7.4 please do what I am talking about will return the tibia again I want to compete thanks

  12. this game is a ghost town with mostly npcbots that even talk back (to a point)… I found English speaking is highly targeted and it's a game you can NEVER catch up in experience or power or levels etc… so join it and be dominated permanently.

    I payed for premium hunting ground access but was denied by players that were level 500 plus. don't wast you money or time just to be told by cipsoft to bad go level. knowing there is no way to ever be equal to players with botted accounts or levels 500+ that take years to get to, spent a ton of money just to find out THE HARD WAY.

  13. The game @tibia is a ghost town-with only npcbots playing… if u like cheats hacks etc… used on you, go play this.

  14. I love how they try to pander the retro hipster but in reality this game is trash and pay2win 100%. Why dont you show the god awful interface? Trust me, been playing since 2004

  15. One imortal, amazing game. Deserves much more recognition than it does have nowadays. I'm hoping to see a great rebirth of Tibia soon 😉

  16. I'm sorry guys, but your game is dying, which is sad cuz it was an awesome game. If only you hadn't make the non sense changes you did, only to later change your minds and return a few of the good stuff we used to have.

    Look back at 2006-2010, 60.000 players online. You can say that most of those players were Botters, yes, but back then we had an active community of more than fucking 20 players per server, which is what we can find nowadays.

    Guilds? if you find 5 online players per guild is a huge accomplishment and please, don't even bother considering the number of the new server into this calculations, cuz we all know that the numbers are very high at the beginning, considering the opportunity of "conquering" a new server(btw, thats not even that possible with the current easy situation of the game), and players play like crazy paying lots of dollars to buy fucking virtual coins to their benefit. Basically, whoever can spend some real life cash, can automatically be stronger.
    And as usual, as the time goes by, every new server crumbles, only because Tibia is a mess and you guys lost control of it and you can't and won't even admit it, as long as you can destroy, merge and rebuild old communities that are persistent and still see a future to this game.

    I feel sad for those who will not be able to experience what i experienced back in the good old days.

  17. Hi cipsoft! I have a question, i tamed a donkey successfully, got the achievement and everything but the mount does not appear as an option 🙁 is there a way you can help me?

  18. TIBia is actually dead … and you know it …
    Cipsoft killed tibia …. actually 4000 persons online …. wtf ? When i was playing this game was 15 worlds with 900 – 1000 persons online … now 4000????!!! WTF GG

  19. This game used to be good. Now it's dead. Cipsoft doesn't care about its customers only their own pockets.

  20. Wished more people who spoke English played this. Love this game. Played on/off since I was in like 4th grade

  21. The theme is brilliant. My childhood game, something like fortnite is for kids nowadays. I was playing hours per day, unlikely i dont have time to play now for real and casual playing is not an option. I can only play for 100% or dont play at all. Greetings CipSoft i hope ill find time for playing. See you on hunt!

  22. Este juego es de los mejores MMORPG que he jugado, por ende comencé a crear contenido sobre el mismo.. Tibia debería hacerse más publicidad y apoyarnos a nosotros, los que hacemos el juego no muera.

  23. 0:57 I might be too old now for this new versions of this game, but tell me:
    Did the guy (on that "hand" mount) do "Exeta Res" in PVP? HAHAHAHAHA

  24. Don't play this game. The company is run by some of the worst people on the planet. There is no end to their greed they would kill you if they thought they could make a dollar by doing so.

  25. o tibia ficou tao cagado que da ate nojo de ver e de jogar um jogo que era tão bom nas versões antigas
    agr hj em dia vc treina offline
    nego antigamente passava anos treinando em slime
    tem 1000+ bots que detonaram o jogo
    a maldita tibia coins qe levou o tibia ainda mais pro buraco , cade a dificuldade que tinha igual antigamente?
    cade o power abuse ?
    cade o hunted ?
    vc chegava no dp de dava exevo gran mas vis e tomava ban por matar de mais
    ((nego dava o sangue pra
    ter uma mpa g legs uma boh e um sov ou um sca
    e um demon helmet hj em dia isso e tudo lixo))
    dava gosto de se jogar tibia antigamente
    eu tinha orgulho de colocar uma p.a de 90 dias
    antigamente vc ficava na fila de espera pra poder entrar no tibia
    agr hj em dia e cheio de mimi ninguém mata ninguém
    bots pra tudo lado
    a única solução pro tibia ganhar dinheiro igual antigamente e colocando servidores antigos a ativa novamente
    se a questão hj em dia e só ganhar dinheiro e ficar cada vez mais ricos
    coloque versões antigas pra rodarem novamente
    mais so que infelizmente dizendo em palavras do tibia ((Sorry not possible))
    pra min o tibia morreu na versão 8.0
    foi a última versão que foi boa depois so fizeram cagada …..
    adeus tibia só ficarás saudades
    Criado em 1997
    morreu em 2007

  26. Era el mejor MMORPG cuando no era Pay to Win, hoy en día cualquier uno es fuerte… pero terminaron de romper a tibia cuando permitieron los bot, ahí se descontrolo los lvl y el oro de los players. Players nuevos de 3 mes de existencia usando con bots pasan de lvl a players de años de trayectoria, y por consecuencia el respeto que existía se perdieron. Lamentable en lo que se convirtió en Tibia. Entiendo a la empresa que quería ganancias, pero de habían otras formas de hacer el mismo dinero sin destruir la esencia del juego. Ya que antes de los bots eran unos 30 mil players online mínimo y máximo 64 mil y hoy en día con suerte llegan a 12 mil.

  27. Tibia = >>>> 100% PAY TO WIN

    0% customer support.
    0% graph's improvement (in 20+ years existence)
    0% sounds/music ((in 20+ years existence)
    0% game improvement (apart from addding new places to explore…)
    100% bann chance (even for the obedient and righteous players), especially when playing for longer period.
    And yes for the most random reasons.

    +all servers owned by brazil and polish people and they'll find a way to ruin your game if you hunt "their" monsters :S
    So i say: let them rule the servers till cipsoft gonna put out the plug (which they eventually will because in the end no body likes this shitty game the way it is…with horror customer service 🙂

    + no consistency since they constantly keep merging world's because to many players quit the shitty game.

    Sad thing is…the damn game is like 20 years or older. Graphics still totally shit, and no sound/music or whatever in the game… Customer service cares NON for the game or the players. Only for the money they earn with it. Older players know what i mean.

    + Players get's banned for the most random reasons. Even IF you payed real life money $$$ for extra's in the game.
    Are you totally innocent? To bad, they still bann you for no reason. Or a shitty reason.

    -Want to contact about it? To Cipsoft or w/e? To bad, they don't reply…. ever…. at all…. anywhere…

    If you play this game, Chancec are 99% you'll get banned within the first 12month. Even though you try really hard to stick to the big list of dumb rulez they set up (which are totally rediculous). You say "im gonna smoke a sigarette, brb in a minute" to your hunting mates? Chances are high you'll get banned for "drug related violations". Yes, that';s the sad level it's all at…

    + no customer service AT ALL. Autobanned? to bad, no service at all. Payed €1000 euro's to this shit-game and something goes wrong? to bad, no customer service…at all…

  28. this game is a total rip-off. If you want to play the game you'll need to have PREMIUM account or you won't be able to explore anything, and you might as well not play it. Premium= €20 a month last time i checked. Total rip off.

  29. One of the tibia rules, i looked it up:

    a) Bug Abuse: Exploiting obvious errors of the game or any other part of CipSoft's services.

    So first cipsoft doesn't make a proper game with bugs, then they bann you if you happen to cross the bugg and "abuse it". typical cipsoft/tibia mentallity. shortsighted garbage game.

  30. Such a pitty, if cipsoft had put some real effort in this game since 1997, then it would for sure have been a great succes. But as the graphics show u… it's a TOTAL SHIT

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