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you guys is Chelsea and welcome back to today's video as you can tell already I'm in a different location I'm gonna call today I am going to thrifting so I'm going to take you guys sifting is me come thrift with me well off shopping if that's how you like to say it I'm just like at a place with its like a lot of different like off up shops and thrift shops but yes I'm just gonna go see what they have and take you guys with me I'm with my sister yay yes so wish me luck everyone that I can find some cute trendy items we're gonna go get food for us but that's kind of irrelevant to this video anyway but at the end of this video there will be a Tryon hole depending on if I get anything or not so I'll see you guys when I'm shopping hey guys it wasn't actually from a it was like from like a vintage store I really like thrifty finds but I did like it so I wanted something different to show you guys anyway the mini shops are really good Lexi still isn't that bad for a Calvin Klein John we're gonna go to actual three shots now guys but um that was just kind of the first one that we saw but we're gonna go back to all the options like salvos goodies guys so we literally went to a majority of the octaves where we could not find anything other than that jacket which was even from a thrift store we're gonna go ahead to another like out shop area hoping in this next places we'll have some really good things I really want to get a polo shirt so I can crop it but I didn't find like any nice ones on all kind of just really ugly colors and I just wasn't feeling it at all but yes sir everyone who got a little excitation and yeah two shots nice and really colorful really good for some I'll show you guys when I do my hole I'm so excited about the yellow one it's um but we're now going to go to high next up shop let's hope it was Pinellas pretty good actually yes I'm so happy about these two shirts I need to crop them well I don't know I'm gonna crop the yellow one I'm not too sure but I think I'm gonna cut both of them but we've got two more to go to and hopefully I'll find some more things there oh go to now sir I will touch you guys when after I have finish at salvos and this other one that's around like it's really long so where as a good yeah it might be really ugly see the thing I was looking for today obviously I don't think I'd find it I found it I'm just gonna make sure it looks good by my skin everyone sorry yes but I'm very happy about that oh my god I'm so excited to try it out and like I literally wanted it I'm kind of handsome cool like don't betrayal your mother we're not going into this cleave a can actually be cute hey guys so I am back at home now and ivory vamped all my thrift shop items I'm sorry I had to read them all a lot more successful than I thought I was gonna be literally I went to my first couple of three shops and I didn't find anything and I was like well guess this videos not going up um but then I went to some more so I'm just gonna show you guys what I got I pretty much cropped everything I brought but that's fine I love a good crop and I don't really have that many year so that's always good and I like all these items are very summer vibes spring um colorful which first item is from Ralph Lauren Polo spot so this is just a yellow polish what he and I cropped this one I don't know how straight it is probably not very but anyway that's fine I never liked restyle tees I'm so bad with like DIYs and like clothes and stuff and they really can't cut in a straight line so I had to get my mom to help me know that she's any better and me and I think this will just look really cute I'm like why shorts or jeans or whatever I think it just add a nice pop of cards to the outfit so yeah I'm pretty happy about that this was $8.00 sorry that's pretty good this one I found at Vinnie's I found it literally like towards the end and I was like that's cute I like that I really wanted a yellow kind of crop because I saw one that someone else did that was kind of like yellow but it was a actual polar but I was like that's cute and that's very similar and then another thing I got at Vinnie's this was also what I was kind of like walking out I go to this pink polar it's kind of random and I don't know how much I'm gonna wear it but I do really like it I think it's quite cute but it's just this pink it's this pink polo and it's got like a little penguin on the side I've no idea where it's from it says it's from bones but I think that's not like the actual bunt I think about the different bones this was for that was so that's pretty cool pretty i cropped this one pretty shocked cuz I wanted her to be really like tiny the next ones I went to were star bows sorry I got these two things at salvo this is another pink polar I love pink so much but it's a ruffler and light pink polar and I this I really got so excited when I saw it because I was actually looking for one exactly like this I think I cut the front a bit too short which is a bit annoying um but it's fine and I'll make it work I mean it might be bit short but that's fine we're gonna do some ABS before summer so you know our ABS a peek in yeah I think that'll look really cute we just like some shorts skirts jeans or whatever I'm really happy about it surprisingly I got like another polo shirt I look really disgusting I've literally been out all day I'm sleep-deprived mind it all right so this one is a Calvin Klein one it's actually revamp so it's like free styled so that raft that Rev Laurent polo was twelve dollars so that's pretty good for a friend and I really wanted it so perfect this is a restyled sorry it's like from just like a normal shirt and then kind of restart it I love this super thing here that's kind of why I got except that it would be a bit different and I really like it just got a pocket with CK there um I didn't crop this one but I did cut it was really really long goes like down to my mid side and I cut it down to like my hips so I can tuck it in crop it more about one to tie up I don't really know how I want to wear it but it's pretty comfy sure it's a good material like it's really comfy um yeah but I'm really happy about all these I feel like I'm gonna look such like a trendy hipster girl which I I'm not really but look I got a we're going for that look at them oh man I went into a shop that like read Styles vintage stuff and I got this Calvin Klein and jumper you were to see it in the clips with me shopping but it's just like a cropped it's not really that cropped but it's a good length Calvin Klein $60 so $59 it was kind of expensive but once again it wasn't really a thrift store it was more just like a store that sells vintage things so that's why it's a bit more pricey but the actual minis in South Face were really really good passed there was a couple I went into that were a bit overpriced but I didn't get anything from there just cuz I didn't really like anything for the prize yes I'm so happy with everything I got I'm pretty rockin this is a good success and I don't really grow a third thing that monster I'm not really a pro at it but I'm pretty with how everything turned out I also love surfing goes like it goes to good cause as well you're getting new pieces for yourself we also putting money towards like good clauses like beanies and salaries and stuff like that if you guys want to see more like through with me videos or like shop with maybe yours just let me know cuz I'll be more than happy to do them I literally love shopping I love fashion love styling things so yeah just let me know in the comments down below if you want to see more if you guys are new to my channel don't forget to click that subscribe button or if you haven't already do so you won't regret it and you can become a part of the family but yes sir I hope you guys enjoy this video thank you all so much for watching and I love you up [Applause]

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  1. Thanks for the vid and the great cropping idea! You look way cuter without the stupid pouty try on face you pull, and if you say โ€˜literallyโ€™ one more time Iโ€™m gonna figuratively hurt myself.

  2. I love these videos wow!!! Last time I went op shopping I found a Victoria secret bag and a f.r.i.e.n.d.s the tv show hoodie in black ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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