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Thrift Store Tour – 3 Floors of Junky Goodness! Grand Rapids MI St Vincent De Paul –

Thrift Store Tour – 3 Floors of Junky Goodness! Grand Rapids MI St Vincent De Paul –

this is a st. Vincent DePaul in Grand Rapids Michigan this is just one room among many this is one of my favorite thrift stores probably my favorite thrift store in Grand Rapids things are priced cheap actually they don't even cry stuff you just bring it up to the front and they'll tell you the price certain cashiers are cheaper than others here we have electronics they have lots of furniture this place is gigantic you looks our CDs more furniture a waffle of pictures this is just softer floor downstairs they have clothes and things like that this place is huge for the free elephant it's a really small thing we're at a thrift store and here's some stuff we're buying ok here we are upstairs a few years ago the roof collapsed here and seeped into the call so you have this new section of the building and it's added on to this old section it's kind of interesting here we are downstairs and st. Vincent DePaul there's our racks and racks of clothing here's the entrance in the checkout and then over there are the lake house bears

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  1. Wow! It would be so nice to hunt for stuff there! Especially that antique pump organ, which I would know I would want.

  2. Published on February 7, 2016

    ….," though nothing is priced, so it depends on which cashier you get and what mood they're in, which is part of the fun." Much of the information in this video is out dated and no longer the same. The store is always improving and all items are now priced. Prices are no longer negotiated but still remain low. Furniture prices are based on the quality of furniture. 

    Sofas average $100-$150; occasional chairs average $35 – $60; dining sets average $100 – $150; working appliances average $125. It's true we do get some very nice furniture which may be priced higher making the store versatile for all incomes!

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