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THRIFT STORE HAUL || levis, military apparel? workout tops and more, much much moreeeee

THRIFT STORE HAUL || levis, military apparel? workout tops and more, much much moreeeee

what's up everybody so thrift store lovers ha lovers how you doing um I'm one of you you know but um today I have a huge pile I have a huge pile of clothing that I'm gonna haul super super quick today because I need put these clothes away and they've been in a pile so let's do the super quick it's gonna be speed round ha so some of the things like I are kind of weird but like kind of not I don't know you'll just have to see them try a little bit so this is just a pair of like my sister said they look like safari pants so that's great that just discouraged me but they're just like these like dress pants and I think they would be cute I don't know with like black tank top black crop top I don't know something like that something kind of cute maybe not I don't know I got him for my goodwill or something but they like they since the waist real well like ok and then this next thing that I got is um it's like a Wranglers button-up and has like nice sparkly little button and I just think it would look super nice and it's kind of like this like corduroy material I don't mean probably can't see cuz it's black but um I think it would be super cute with like I don't know actually I've no idea we'll figure that out thing I got is actually this is just like a little workout shirt that I'm probably just gonna like tie it up I don't have something like that but I just thought I'd show it cuz why not the next thing I got is this cute little 3/4 zip and it's Columbia and I think it's just like a classic comfy classy classy classic sweatshirt that would look good with like some nice graceful pants but but you know like I'm doing it to this okay and then I also got this um black button-up skirt and it's actually the exact same material as the black button up that I just did but it really confuses me because the pockets are like right like there's one right here and there's one right here so I think it's meant to be worn with the buttons to the side but I really like that so I just like kind of move it to the middle but then there's like an awkward pocket like on your thigh but like I don't know I'll figure it out it's super cute and then this next thing I got this is kind of weird but like kind of not weird but like so kind of weird my dad actually got it for me so like thanks dad but like I don't know I wear but it's just this like this like polar fleece I don't even know the brand and it kind of cinches at the waist and it's like super big and just like super comfy and you know it will extrude go chill on a pair of leggings some Birkenstocks or just a shirt like oh beautiful right there that's what I'm talking about okay and then I also got a nother actually this whole hall is basically like comfy clothes but like that's okay cuz like that's what that's what most people wear it's comfy clothes like you know you'll see me in a sweatshirt in sweatpants most of the time not a skirt you know I don't know but it was this this Boise State it's like a large sweatshirt and it is gonna be I love it and then this is actually not from a thrift store this is from my brother this is his band and I'm just gonna crop this shirt and it's like it's like a wannabe band shirt just getting a little Jascha and then I got this actually my dad also got this for me too cuz I was going on a lookout and we need a warm clothes so he like bought me polar places and like long-sleeve shirts but he got them from the first or so and I actually think this is kind of cute it's just like a white little turtleneck and I think this would be like it would look preppy and kind of cute why did the lighting just change the Sun went behind a cloud or something I don't know I'm sorry but I think it would look cute like super like classy schoolgirl kind of with like the skirt I don't know and then I got this white tank top that I'm just gonna tie right there yeah that's cool this is also just another workout shirt it's I think this is like a military shirt actually it says like t-shirt tactical Marine Corps I don't know I got afraid they were on sale for a dollar and I was like okay and this would actually look super cute tied up with like leggings at the gym or something I don't know it's actually just a really nice material to like it's very like sweat wicking and it's like it's a cute color and then this is me and I was just finding all the workout stuff then I also got this workout a tank top then I already cut because I didn't like the length of it weird like then I just like be ball to ball I don't know but you know whatever never liked it and then I also got this actually these were jeans by tournament Oh skirt their Wrangler jeans but I really really liked the material of them like beautiful material Wow and they're actually still soaking wet because I didn't feel like look like I could the head to be here because I didn't feel like having them finished drying in the dryer so I just pull them right out and now they're really wet there's that and then this beautiful beautiful beautiful masterpiece I found at Goodwill the day before I was coming home I was doing my last lot rounds around the goodwill and I found this and this is a Levi's Sherpa lined jacket and it is so thick and mmm just a beautiful so thick she thick it's so nice and it was it was pretty pricey it was like $25 but I still got it I don't know that was like my splurge $25 almost like oh is it worth it but like kind of someone that got this for 85 sounds like investment um but yes so that was probably pretty boring haul actually but yeah so um if you want better hauls like and subscribe okay baby

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