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This Is So Stupid And So Good—Roadkill Preview Ep. 83

This Is So Stupid And So Good—Roadkill Preview Ep. 83

(engine revving) (car starting up and backfiring) (tires squealing) (upbeat music) – [David] Well here it is. The big Fourth of July celebration
in Glacier View, Alaska. This thing is like a massive party. Arnie, the guy who runs the place, just makes it happen. Check it out. We've got airplanes coming through. We got food. We got face-painting. There's kids everywhere. Today is the F-Day. It's about family, faith,
food, fun, and freedom, but no fireworks because it's light here almost 24 hours a day and that's why they started
doing this celebration, throwing cars off that cliff instead of the traditional fireworks. – [Steve] Fourth of July. We celebrate by launching
cars off the cliff here. About a 300 foot drop and the goal is to do it twice. – [Mike] This is going to go one of two ways. Either, these cars are
going to go off that cliff, come all the way down here, splat, and be completely totaled, or it gets half way down,
gets stuck in the trees. We have to become ax men to get them down, or we just sit here and
bask in the glow of freedom and America. (patriotic music) – That car hit a moose. That's what happened there. So the next thing that we
have to do before we can get to the actual carnage, is do
the parade of all of the cars that are going to be flying later today. If we can get our junker running. ("Stars and Stripes Forever"
by John Philip Sousa) – Somehow this is totally American. ("Stars and Stripes Forever"
by John Philip Sousa) Man. ("Stars and Stripes Forever"
by John Philip Sousa) Woo! ("Stars and Stripes Forever"
by John Philip Sousa) No! – Finnegan's dead right now. (laughing) – I need a jump. – Go neutral! – [Mike] Okay! Okay, go for it! (laughing) – We are now officially a train. Oh we're locked together. – (laughing) Oh good, cause
I don't have a lot of brake. I never thought I'd be in Alaska, getting pushed up a hill by another car. – Finnegan, I can't steer
and we're hooked together. – [Mike] Oh you're doing great! Oh I see the horse dude! (crowd cheering) – That's a big crowd. They're thinking there's
like a thousand people here to watch this happen. (crowd cheering) (rock music) I'm unreasonably anxious right now. Or maybe perfectly reasonably (laughing). – This is going to be awesome and I'm going to run if it goes… Ah there it goes.
– Ah here it comes! – [Steve] That's the train rail. – First one down. (rock music) Whoa. Oh, it's hauling! Oh my god! (rock music) (crowd cheering) Oh my god! Unbelievable! That was perfect! (laughing) That was so awesome! – [Mike] That cleared
the entire embankment. – Yeah, way down there. – [Mike] Wow. – This is so stupid and so
good all at the same time. Did you see the launch! – [Mike] That was… I thought the pole was going to dig in and it was pogo him.
– I did too. Man. – Okay, let's see this again.
– Yeah. – They're going to throw
six or seven cars today. I think it was perfect. Just launched over like an
out of control locomotive and careened down the bank. Doesn't get any better than that. That was awesome. – You have a rail system
to guide the car off here and we're going to a car from
over here with no rail system at all, which means it could
very easily just turn left and come right at us. So, I'm going to be in my
steal second base stance, ready to go. This is dangerous. – [David] Yes. – And exciting. Oh my god. There is goes! Oh it got second gear! (laughing) Oh my god! (slow rock music) (laughing) That's incredible. (slow rock music) Oh my god! It is totaled. – There is nothing left of that thing. – Dude, that was incredible. It is destroyed. We may be screwed. The only way to know is to go down there and watch our cars go down there. – [David] Yeah, no, we
got to go downstairs. – Okay, later. (laughing) That was awesome.

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  1. I love the Roadkill guys… but part of what made Roadkill what it is was the community of people watching on YouTube and following along via social media. You can't remove the YouTube piece and keep the community going: it's just not the same. I was happy to subscribe to MTOD as long as it supported the community. I unsubbed from MTOD when they pulled Roadkill off YouTube. If F&F couldn't earn a living from the YouTube version, I get that, but it'd be nice to hear from MT why the show was pulled.

  2. You’ll notice the comments with the most likes ALL SAY
    Makes you say
    The public has spoken.
    Unsubscribing 😢

  3. Free in the USA over here in Canada it wants a credit card and monthly payment before you see anything but the biggest downside is the content is not available here can't watch any of it

  4. It's shocking to see how far this channel has fallen. Not long ago this was the center of automotive online… it is a painful example of when company big wigs don't understand the value of a brand. I doubt you're making more on your subscription experiment than you were on youtube…. and it just might be too late to reverse that decision and still be respected…. FAIL

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