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The X 37-B. A Secret Space weapon?

The X 37-B. A Secret Space weapon?

The study of UFOs or UFPs often focuses on
alien visitation the images of craft which cannot be named thought to be extraterrestrial
in origin. There is one of these craft that most ufologists
agree is an earth based technology possibly based on reversed engineered alien technology
but built and flown by humans. The TR3B has a triangular shape moves silently
across the sky is said to be able to fly in and out of the atmosphere at will as well
as being capable of traveling at huge speeds. This craft remains shrouded in secrecy officially
it does not exist. There is however another craft that can also
carry out some of the same things and this one is not secret, well it is public knowledge
that NASA has this machine but what they use it for is more of a secret. Lets take a look
Welcome to if…………………………………………… The X-37B space plane flown in collaboration
by the US Air Force and NASA. The craft is very similar in design to NASA’s
space shuttle although it is much, much smaller. The space plane is operated robotically, it
is a reusable drone. The X-37B is around 29ft (8.8m) in length
and 9.5ft (2.9 m) in height. With a wingspan of a little less than 15ft
(4.6 m) and a launch weight of 11,000lbs (4,990kg). The vehicle is propelled into orbit on a rocket
but lands under its own power in the same way as the space shuttle, gliding back down
to the ground and landing like a conventional airplane. According to X-37B manufacturer Boeing, the
space plane operates in low-earth orbit, between 110 (177km) and 500 miles (800km) above earth. We have all the technical data for the craft
but its mission’s, payloads and flight plans remain a mystery, NASA did reluctantly reveal
that it had a materials experiments aboard. The secrecy has left the public guessing as
to what the X37B is really up to. Theories range from it being a space bomber
to a weapon for the destruction of enemy satellites Another mysterious thing with this craft is
the length of time it spends on missions, it has flown a mission for the US military
which lasted almost two years. Staying in orbit for a record 700 days. The X-37B space plane, has the military designation
Orbital Test Vehicle-4 (OTV-4). This shows that the US military has long had
a presence in space and have been militarizing the stars for decades, long before Trump and
his space force. This opens up into many theories, space warfare,
alien contact, alien warfare, the inhabitation of other planets and more. But let’s stick with the X37B. And look at X-37’s secret MISSIONS. The unmanned space plane has flown three secret
missions that we are aware of, on each sortie it has hauled an unknown payload on long-duration
flights in Earth orbit. Some say that the space drone is testing a
new form of high-tech propulsion adapted from alien spaceships. However, the Air Force continually make the
claim that these missions are simply test exercises. This secrecy fuels the Theory of the space
plane being a space bomber, a clandestine probe or a weapons platform tasked with ‘taking
out’ spy satellites. A secret war being fought in space. The US and Russia battling over dominance
but more countries join the battle daily China, India and others all rushing to claim a section
of the heavens for themselves. NASA and the military firmly deny this and
adhere to the idea that the mystery vehicle, is a technology test bed Used for materials
experiment, and the Planetary Society claims it will be testing a solar-sail. This sail named LightSail. A new form of space propulsion system which
utilizes the pressure of photons from the sun, a technique known as solar sailing. This technology has leapt from the pages science
fiction to reality and the X37B is the platform that will first use this technology to power
flight. Another operation the drone will carry out
is the delivery of Nine CubeSat nanosatellites, releasing them into orbit above the planet. CubeSats are miniature satellites that have
been used exclusively in low Earth orbit for 15 years, and are now being used for interplanetary
missions. The basic design of a CubeSat is a 10-centimeter
(4-inch) cube with a mass of less than 1.33 kilograms (2.93 lbs.) Among the prominent uses of Earth-orbiting
CubeSats today: Planet Labs, an Earth observation company,
has dozens of CubeSat-sized Dove satellites in orbit, as well as a few RapidEye CubeSats. These CubeSats are used in everything from
disaster response to climate monitoring. The NanoRacks CubeSat Deployer on the International
Space Station launches CubeSats after they have been hauled to orbit aboard a visiting
ISS vehicle. NASA’s CubeSat Launch initiative provides
launch slots for CubeSats aboard traditional rocket launches
The Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office will also have the X37 carry some of its advance
materials onboard so that they can study the durability of these various materials in a
space environment. However, many claim that these goals are just
a small part of the vehicle’s true mission set. The drone is ‘very likely’ be used to test
technologies that will increase spying capabilities of the US. ‘The US government has a bottomless appetite
for sensitive information,’ and this could be the ultimate platform for spying. The robotic space plane silently orbiting
the Earth, ready to shoot down nukes in a secret continuation of the Cold War era “Star
Wars” program. But is there any proof to these wild claims,
yes, yes there is. In regards to the X37B being a Space Bomber
An independent experts says that at one point the Pentagon funded the development of a reusable
hypersonic vehicle that would deliver armaments and munitions anywhere in the world within
a 2 hour time frame. The concept, titled “the Common Aero Vehicle”,
was suborbital. As a spaceplane, the X-37B would suffer from
at least one major drawback as a bomber. Changing a spacecraft’s orbital plane requires
a great amount of thrust—so using something like the X-37B as a bomber would mean changing
its orbit to fly over targets, and that would eat up its limited fuel supply, according
to University of Maryland professor Mark Lewis, who once served as the Air Force’s chief scientist. But if the x37 can successfully deploy a solar
sail this limitation vanishes. The payoff would be worth it in terms of the
effectiveness of the weapons, a kinetic bomb like those proposed Jerry Pournelle allowing
for an orbital strike on the planetary surface with an inert projectile, the destructive
force coming from the kinetic energy of the projectile impacting at very high speeds. These “Rods from God” could cause damage much
worse than that of a nuclear weapon, and they have the bonus of not leaving the place contaminated
by nuclear fallout. If the X37B is a bomber it would need to have
accurate targeting systems these could also work for surveillance purposes make the craft
a Spy Plane. Some have claimed that the spaceplane has
been spying on the Chinese space station, noting that the orbit of the X-37B brings
it extremely close to that of the Tiangong (china’s space station). Brian Weeden, from the Secure World Foundation,
disputed this claim. Weeden, a former Air Force officer who worked
at U.S. Strategic Command’s Joint Space Operations Center, argued that the China spying theory
ignores what is known as right ascension, a critical component of the spacecraft’s orbit. The orbit of the X-37B crosses that of the
Chinese space station only at two different points. He says that it would not be possible for
the space plane to monitor the Chinese space station and that the story is Chinese propaganda,
other say he is covering for the US spy agencies. A group of civilian satellite spotters did
track the X-37B, and noted that the spaceplane’s orbit takes it over countries including Iran,
Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Whatever secret payload the X-37B is carrying
it could indeed be used to capture information from those countries. Or could the government be telling the truth? It has always been maintained that the X-37B
is simply an experimental platform for testing reusable-space-vehicle technologies and for
“operating experiments which can be returned to, and examined, on Earth. Reconnaissance and research are not mutually
exclusive. X-37B could be doing both. What do you think the X37B is doing? Is it a peaceful research platform or an armed
weapons system orbiting the earth in a continuing battle for territory’s in the stars? Let me know your thoughts in the comments

Reader Comments

  1. The x33b seems like the koind of vehicle that that may carry a laser beam weapon, or some way of dispersing aerosols into the atmosphere as a weaponized bio agent. Or it could be be up there dragging a big curtain across the sky to block our view of Nibiru.
    But by 8:35 we see these people loading or unloading the plan wearing bio hazmat suits….so whats that about? A bit scary really.

  2. The fact that the X37B is both known about (public domain) and numbered in the Air Force/NASA X-craft series strongly suggests that it is primarily experimental and not undertaking "conspiracy theory" type missions. If it was doing that sort of thing I suggest it would be on the "black books" and no-one would know about it.
    Secondly, lifting bodies of this general type have a very deep British connection daring back to the late 50s/early 60s and originate in Lancashire.
    Finally, the infamous TR3B can't be called the TR3A because THAT is a famous British sports car of late 50s to 1964…

  3. So the first week back after a break. It has been slow I guessed I killed the channels momentum, oh well you live and learn!! I will have to work harder to get things back on track.
    Thanks to all you guys that stuck around I really appreciate it.
    The next video will be the Sunday chat I hope you can make it.

    many thanks and best wishes


  4. All this technology names.. It kinda confused me.. Lol..🤪
    Nice video.. Thanks for sharing..💖

  5. That was fantastic and very interesting! But don't stop taking breaks when you need them! I don't claim to have an answer for what the craft does! Lol! Thank you for the video! 👍👌😊❤️❤️❤️

  6. It is really unlikely for this thing to be a bomber, it is too small to be a kinetic killer either, in fact there is already kinetic satelite killers in orbit used to take down satelites and the information about those is in the public domain, in other words; they don't need a secret ship delivering those metal rods in to the earth, and is most likely that they are saying the truth about the solar sail, they've already made a solar sail to propulse interplanetary missions as you said, the problem it is that for using it in a ship not only has to go in one automatic directions they have to go in the direction that you tell it to go and that is really hard with a solar sail and that is really expensive and top technology, so an entire ship just to test solar sail technology is really plausible, in fact; Nasa is an organization that has no interest in developing weapons at its core a civilian organization, puting a gun in a ship that already has a experimental solar sail system would be really dangerous for an organization as NASA, because; what if the sail fails and the thing drops to earth, and another country found it and they say "Hey! this thing has a kinetic killer in it" the ONU would be really fucking pissed off at NASA or the USA or whoever put that thing into orbit. I personally think that with the budget problems that NASA has these days, and space exploration price in general, puting a secret gun or an entire spy ship would be too risky, so I vote for that thing to be a peaceful experimentation platform not a gun.

  7. It's most likely the x37B can be adapted to do several missions but it's main objective will be to observe just like most military drones it will be on reconnaissance. Great video and subject my friend stay safe!!

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