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The World's Most Powerful Binoculars From Sunagor

The World's Most Powerful Binoculars From Sunagor

sonna Gauls top-of-the-range model the 30 to 160 times 70 mega zoom binoculars are believed to be the world's most powerful zooming up to a staggering 100 60 times magnification they bring the most distant objects into range they incorporate a specially position magnification lever for ease of access the purpose does I leave RF loosely slides to increase or decrease the preferred magnification it is advised that a tripod is used to stabilize a binoculars when observing at higher magnifications whether bird-watching or general observation the power of these binoculars could satisfy even the most demanding user a central focus knob allows for convenient focusing with one finger operation an easy accessible diopter adjustment ring could be use for personalization and fine tune focusing the rubber eye cups can be folded back to suit spectacle errors or provide good cushioning for improve Ewing the body is rubber armored to increase grip and safeguard the internal lenses the binoculars are specially designed with BCF one-piece construction they come with a selection of useful accessories including an easy to attach neck strap also included a front and reverse lens caps tripod adapter protective case and a polishing cloth the sonic or 30 to 160 x 70 mega zoom binoculars heavy duty design up to 160 times magnification fully coated lenses so niggles high-powered binoculars are available in different models with varying zoom capabilities sonnig or the world's most powerful zoom binoculars

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  1. … These would be completely useless.

    There's a reason Fujinon's 40×150 binoculars are tripod-mounted, weigh 19 kilograms, and cost $30,000 (without the necessary tripod). These are apparently capable of three times the magnification, and cost $300. 🤔

    There is a reason for this. That reason is not "Sunagor has produced a better product". Sure, they'll absolutely zoom past 30x. Good luck deciphering useful information from them at that magnification, though!

  2. Couple days ago i was looking through a pair of Barska 12-36 x 70… still in awe…..i could see 12 miles ….nothing to compare these to. Makes my telescope look silly

  3. As nobody can see any sharply focused detail in this video, what the hell was the point of uploading a substandard blurry video of 240p focus?
    1) Everything said in this video is company marketing bull***t. What you are seeing is NOT what you get!
    2) Zoom Lenses are utterly useless on High Power binoculars because, as you try to increase image detail the field of view is reduced so much. So anything on the small side, that is moving, just looks rubbish! It's all about FOV (Field of View).
    3) At around $350+ in America and £250+ in the UK, they are definitely NOT the most powerful BiNocs in the world!
    4) The Leica company manufactures a number of luxury binoculars, and they also make the most expensive binoculars in the world. Leica’s Duovid 10+15×50 binoculars retail at/for (I hope you are sitting down at this point 🙂 lol) $3,245.00 in the USA and £2,130.00 in the UK plus, £60.00 for a carry strap (what a disgusting rip-off for the carry strap). Not every expensive set comes with a Tri-pod (which you will most definitely need…maybe?) but you can buy a decent one for around £150-£200+…unless you want to spend more. Remember though, high prices do not mean high quality usage sessions for you if your eyes just don't like them!

  4. I have a pair of 99990 × 99990 sehfeld military russain binoculars. Here's some extra info about it ( 99990 × 99990 Z, sehfeld, 8m aut 988000m )

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