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The Virginia 13th uniform

The Virginia 13th uniform

hey I'd like to welcome you to another episode of the garrison today we're gonna talk about the 13th Virginia it was a continental line unit that you guys have actually talked to us about on the garrison Facebook page so again this is another video to kind of put the two together the questions that we've been receiving are primarily about the uniform you know hey we're interested in joining so what what ik rudiments do we need what clothing do we need etcetera etc so this first episode there'll be a couple installments pertaining to the the 13th impression this first episode is primarily about the clothing so let's start from the bottom work our way up buckle shoes I would prefer own preference rough side out but these are my shoes and they're smooth side so just you know good pair of buckle shoes if you get a chance to go to our Facebook page we'll start posting different vendors that we've had success with and maybe some vendors that we've kind of maybe would recommend you shy away from but the shoes are very important of course because yeah feet hurt you having a bad weekend and the shoes that that we get we always make sure that we get a set a whole place to go with them Hill plates will save that soul and you'll get a whole lot more use out of your shoes shoes are one of your as far as clothing goes they're one of your more substantial investments so moving going up the body stockings this impression military overalls are acceptable the Gatorade overalls they're a little bit harder to make a little bit harder to come by so of course we'll also recommend and approve a linen set of breeches a linen shirt we would request that the shirts be made more period to the new documentation of the small cups the small bands their wristbands there with sleeve buttons and of course a sleeve button is simply two buttons affixed together they go through two buttonholes there's no buttons attached to the sleeve at all so again just a regular white linen shirt made to period specifications again for a list of patterns and availability of the patterns that we have here some we can duplicate and send to you if we don't have them then we will show you where you can get them weskit just a simple white weskit cut at a v-shape because this is an early wore impression so we would recommend a linen weskit I'm a were fond of unbleached linen even though the shirt here is bleached I just I think it has a more natural look to it obviously because it isn't bleached but I think it looks more period as well to that's just personal preference I fell dimension to that Gator with the Gator trousers of course you wouldn't use garters that garters would be pretty essential with with stocking so with your stockings of course you gaiters below the knee and buckled appropriately next stock horsehair next stock linen neck stock there's a lot of acceptable variations for this early wore impression for the 13th and that's one of the reasons why we chose to do the 13th that plus the fact that 13th served in our area and pulled recruits from our area which would be Charleston West Virginia West Augusta County Western Virginia but a linen neck stock horsehair neck stock or even a cravat until you can acquire this or we can help you make one hat there's two style hats that we would recommend one would be a simple Virginia contract hat it's just a three-sided hat cocked over the left eye as such tied with linen string very simple or the cheaper if not the cheapest have to make no cockade no no fancy adornments just a simple Virginia contract hat round hat pulled up on the side or pulled up in the back buckle adornment if you choose there is some pretty substantial documentation on these round hats and I call them round hats because the brim is simply round it we would prefer round blocked which we can get into that in a later episode we'll actually gonna walk a couple hats and show you how that's done so most importantly regimental code regimental coat this coat is made from wool ritual it's what was all the only thing we available at the time we we wanted to order our wool there with K and P but they did not have this yellow in stock so we went ahead and went with wool rich I've been pretty happy with it after it's worn a while and fluffs up I think it does a pretty good pretty good job pretty successful presentation the coats of this time this early wore impression we're contract coats meaning that they were made you know by contractors in the colonies to outfit the Continental Army as quickly as possible there unlined fake lapels fake cuffs and fake collar so for as far as an impression goes this is one of the cheapest and most reasonable impressions that they that can be done given the fact that most of the uniform recruitments are quite simple remember this is the beginning of the war so there weren't a lot of resources at the time and they were scrambling to about 50 garbage okay this is not a Rifleman's frog this is a hunting shirt there's plenty of documentation to support that there's actually some really nice articles out there that we can refer you to through the garrison Facebook page about the proper fit cut and manufacture of a hunting shirt small cuffs again with the wrist bands made like they're supposed to be made there and of course unbleached linen now documentation for this impression we base this impression off documentation that I'll give some credit to with John Riis the article one it can be found at I and J dot org and their coats that were were contracted for the first New Jersey and v Connecticut those coats were this is exact replica of those coats in that article so for further documentation you might want to refer back to to that website there and check it out it's a really really good article about the the fit and wearing cut of the that style of coat which is actually a Cote even in primary source documentation they refer to this coat is a Cote so the caller's where do we come up with the collars well from deserter ads I'll read one here real quick from the deserters descriptions usually published in Philadelphia storica magazine vol 4 July 1777 13th Virginia regiment blue regimental coat cuffed and faced with yellow blue breeches white stocking deserter description that's pretty cut-and-dry if you've got a deserter description no one's going to put an ad in the paper to try and find someone and give inaccurate inaccurate information on what they were wearing and what they they look like so we're very confident that the coats were this collar blue there's been some speculation well was probably more of a French blue like the lottery coats well this is pre lottery coat we know the Continental artillery were wearing the darker navy blue so it's pretty much easy to surmise that the contract coats we're going to come out with the same caller so an availability of the blue plus given the fact that you know two hundred fifty two hundred eighty years ago they're dying manufacturing well he wasn't you know top-notch and the coats would be outside a lot and they would face the colors would change so this is the basics for the xiii virginia unit again in the next video we'll talk about accouterments and weapons this is just to answer some of the questions about what we're gonna wear what we are wearing what you might want to wear to to field with us so 2018 we have a lot of exciting events planned and we would love to have you sign up as a recruit again check us on our garrison facebook page the garrison for further information and further details thanks again you

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