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The Untold Truth Of Jamie Hyneman From Mythbusters

The Untold Truth Of Jamie Hyneman From Mythbusters

Jamie Hyneman was always the quieter, more
reserved half of the Mythbusters team, while Adam Savage was arguably the more charismatic
of the two. But although Jamie might have appeared pretty
low-key on the show, there’s been a lot more going on for him, off-camera. Here’s the untold truth of Jamie Hyneman. Surprise! Hyneman was once an unruly underage hooligan. Faced with the prospect of reform school,
a 14-year-old Hyneman ran away from home, and set off on a six-month hitchhiking adventure. “When I left home I had a dollar forty-nine
in my pocket…It was just enough for me to get a slice of pizza.” According to the Christian Science Monitor,
the fun ended in California, when he got tossed into a juvenile detention center, where his
parents later picked him up. “It was great. I had a great time.” Just before graduating high school, Hyneman’s
dad convinced him to buy an actual pet shop. “Don’t touch that. You bond with it, you buy it.” According to Keith Zimmerman’s MythBusters
tell-all, Jamie bought the shop and sold rodents, birds, and animal food. “Little boys love snakes.” Through the business he obtained several pet
snakes as well as a lion cub, which he raised on his parents’ apple farm. But Hyneman eventually sold the pet shop so
he could go to college. So what skills do you need to become a mythbuster? Well, if you’re Hyneman, a degree in Russian
language and literature. According to Indiana University, Hyneman has,
quote, “exploded any myth that studying the humanities will not lead to an exciting and
successful career.” That may be true, but why Russian? “I must break you.” Jamie just needed to pick a language for his
bachelor’s degree, and he liked the sound of it! After college, Hyneman moved to the Caribbean,
where he bought a boat, became a divemaster, and opened a charter business, according to
Mental Floss. Hyneman also met his wife, who was a diving
instructor in the Virgin Islands, while running the charter business. But, as Zimmerman wrote, after 3,000 dives
and two hurricanes, Jamie finally got sick of scrubbing the bottom of his boat and decided
to sail it to New York. “So this one’s busted.” “It’s gotta be.” “Alright let’s go get some fish-n-chips.” “Sounds good.” MythBusters is a show about two guys living
in the Bay Area, who build stuff together and bicker like an old married couple. So it’s not too surprising that some viewers
got the wrong idea about their relationship. “Shall we put some of this chaos to work?” “Sounds tasty.” Even Discovery channel made some assumptions. Adam Savage told The Sneeze, “Among themselves, [the network] wondered
if they could do a show with a couple of homosexuals from San Francisco.” Fans even wondered about it, too. Hyneman told The Age, “We got a lot of gay fan mail when the show
first started. Something to do with being in San Francisco
and being a big, burly guy with a big moustache. But we’re both happily married. To women.” “Adam. We happy?” “Yeah, we happy.” Hyneman is best known for MythBusters, and
like it or not, MythBusters will probably remain his legacy. “Am I emotional about the end of the show? Well, teah, I suppose I am a little bit… We’ve done some amazing things over all those
years.” But he’s a man of many interests. According to Gadgetopia, Hyneman’s M5 Industries
even built a soda can-chucking machine that was featured in a 7-Up commercial. “To make it more convenient for people to
enjoy the refreshing taste of 7-up, I made vending machines that find you.” Jamie told The Star, “They asked me if I could invent a vending
machine that would spit cans out on demand. I told them for the right price, I could invent
a vending machine that would send cans into orbit.” “Hey, cool! Ah! AH!” Now that MythBusters is behind him, Hyneman’s
got some free time. So what’s he doing with it? Did he retire to a sailboat in the Caribbean? Is he raising snakes and lion cubs? Nope! Hyneman now invents awesome, futuristic devices
with the same coolness factor as hovercraft and jetpacks. “He’s on a hoverboard! Get the board!” One of his latest projects? Electric shoes. Sure, sneakers with electric lights have been
around for ages, but Hyneman’s shoes are like moving walkways strapped to your feet. He told New Atlas, “They’re not intended to be ‘ridden.’ They’re intended to be walked in… They’re like having airport walkways strapped
to your feet.” The shoes have a kind of tank track on them,
and they’re full of lots of extra stuff like batteries, accelerometers, and infrared sensors
that are evidently meant to stop you from bumping into things. Pretty cool concept. But would you expect anything less from this
guy? “Cool. What’s it good for?” “I have no idea.”

Reader Comments

  1. Why would anyone ever cite "Christian Science" Monitor for reliable information… even the name of the site shows contradiction

  2. My (wicked smart) high school Oceanography teacher told me he called into the Mythbusters to suggest a correction to a fact they got wrong (if I remembered what specifically I would write it here but it was so long ago) apparently he was on the line with Jamie and when he suggested the correction, Jamie asked him “oh yeah? Who’s the one with the TV show?” And hung up. I have never seen the show the same since I heard that. I cannot confirm whether or not this is true, but it certainly influenced the way I see Jamie when I heard it.

  3. the thumbnail > this is how Jamie looks when he is not on camera. he has a guy that follows him around just to caddy his chains.

  4. He’s not gay, but Jamie is still quite the handsome and attractive man. Kinda wish he was. 🙂

  5. He says that he left home with 1.49 dollars, wich sound really romantic. Then, you realize that his parents had a Big ass farm and he was just a soiled kid that got a pet shop bussiness right after high school.

  6. Strange how accents work. You say carib-bian like emphasis on the B but english we say carra-bian, more emphasis on the A and R. Cah-ra-bien not caribian

  7. Cool. I always imagined he was still out there, doing what he likes, just with a smaller presence on YouTube. Hope he's having a good time.

  8. So you arrived at the "untold truth" by referencing previously published articles from a half dozen other media sources ? Journalism at its finest.

  9. He works for intelligence. That's why he learned Russian. His company is called MI5(that is British intelligence).
    Then he gets a show where he tries to debunk conspiracies( a-la Toe Rogain).

  10. So… if you removed the clips from other people’s creative projects, you’d have… what… 40 seconds worth of video?

  11. I came by this video through a recommendation by YouTube.

    What I saw was a poor photoshop of Jamie made to look like Mr. T from A-Team.

    We should understand by now that YouTube will stoop to any level, but what did you think when you forged another man?

  12. So jamie said at 14 in 1964 a slice of pizza was $1.49 seems expensive. a slice would have been about .5 cents.

  13. Straight guy and comedian doing fun stuff. Always entertaining..even my 90 yr old mom watched the show!!!

  14. I liked how they always faked the result at the end of the show, proving at the end of the day hollywood is always fake.

  15. Saw the comments before the vid and I was upset bc I thought they were gay from the comments. Thank God they’re not, kinda woulda ruined the show for me

  16. Am I the only person that thought in the main image was Rick from Pawn Stars with a photoshopped goatee and glasses?

  17. Even the gay people assume shit about 2 men working together that there gay. The gay community is just a racist and judgemental as straight people

  18. Wow wish i had a family with an apple farm lol id do lots of stuff with some of that land, aquaponics baby

  19. every one always has a penny in their pocket before setting of on the adventure that leads to ultimate wealth and success ……


  20. Was going to drop a like, but then you went and brought up sexuality. These guys are physicists and engineers, what the fuck is relevant about who they sleep with? And even worse, why the fuck do you sound disappointed that they are straight and have wives?

  21. Reports of Jamie at Epsteins island with several children under the age of 9 coming out very soon also news of earlier conviction for carnal knowledge

  22. I remember getting a little teary eyed when the show finally ended. I plan on purchasing every episode and raising my kids on this stuff just like I was.

  23. What dumbass fans or TV execs thought they were gay? In all the years, I never thought either of them were gay. I just assumed they were left-brain-analytical-engineer types, a type that is sometimes a little socially awkward.

  24. I loved that show.. But always thought Adam was queer. But most all men in California act and sound gay..I call Cali hollyweird.the land of fruits and nuts. I still think Adam is gay .just married to a women to cover it

  25. And they both disliked each other throughout the whole 14 seasons of mythbusters but worked together anyway to do the show

  26. they were chosen to work together because they both had decades of special effects studio experience this clip leaves out

    a macgyver and a sherlock homes

    what could go wrong?

    they once blasted a cannon ball through a residential house

    this was not supposed to happen

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