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The Ultimate Prepper/Bugout Vehicle: Military 5-Ton 6×6 – Part 1

The Ultimate Prepper/Bugout Vehicle: Military 5-Ton 6×6 – Part 1

alright guys I did exactly what it looks like yes I went ahead and I bought a surplus military 5 ton 6×6 and just like everything there's a story behind this one so as you guys know from a fairly recent video I traded in my f-350 lariat and then replaced it with my black Denali and it's a great truck it's a daily driver for me and it's what I use I transport the kids around in it we go to dinner we do this we do that I go to Lowe's and pick up my supplies and whatever I drive it everywhere one place I don't like to drive it is into the woods and that's because I'm still in that stage where I don't want to scratch the beautiful black finish don't want to you know just mess it up because you saw what I did to my f-350 I buried that thing to the axles I just got that thing all tangled up in situations that I definitely should not have gotten too tangled up it and so I kind of pledged that I would buy an old beater and so I'm not going to tell you the whole long story but I'll give you one example I was looking for something just relatively inexpensive that was you know between eight ten years old that's four-wheel-drive even if it was an SUV and I located a really nice 2008 2008 Ford Explorer and it was down in Cape Cod which is like three and a half hours from here and I drove down the price was unbelievable I mean I always look for good deals there's no secret there the price was unbelievable I did the deal with the guy and literally within 10 miles of driving it I discovered that the transmission was completely shot the guy was not honest and in his advertisement of the vehicle and I called him up immediately said hey listen how long have you know that this transmission was a problem oh whoa anyways just what do you wanted to do about it I said listen if I wanted a warranty I would have bought a new vehicle but literally I'm like only a few miles away from you I want you to do the right thing and sure enough he did the right thing he gave me my money back I wasted it would actually ended up turning into 12 hours seven or so hours of driving and all the messing around and stopping or whatever and I had my eyes open I'm like well maybe I should just buy like an older Toyota Tacoma or something that I can you know bring out in the woods and then I started doing my research on military surplus stuff now this thing here is way more than I need but why not because the price was right again we do things we do things smart and we try not to we try to make our dollar go as far as possible like always I've got kind of a policy that I don't broadcast what I pay for things except small things I'm not going to tell you what I paid for this but let's put it this way you're going to put it on a scale and sell the scrap metal I would probably get just about as much for the scrap metal but let me tell you a little bit about this thing you'll be absolutely blown away as I give you the description of what's going on with this thing and tomorrow I am going to do a full tour of this thing but for now I'm just going to tell you a little bit about it's a 1990 or 91 we don't know nobody knows actually be my horse go M 923 a – it is 27 feet long 8 foot 2 inches wide in almost 11 feet tall it has an 8 foot by 14 foot pickup body on the back with fold-down bench seats and this thing is originally designed to be a troop and supplies carrier to battlefields essentially and bringing materials and men to battle grounds and as we know battle grounds are not nicely paved roads necessarily and they're not easily accessible this thing will go virtually anywhere so it's got for all intents and purposes for the general description it's got six four-foot tires it's three axles all full-time both rear axles are in drive the front axle you can engage to make it six wheel drive the this thing will articulate over rocks and the most crazy terrain that you can possibly imagine in one of my all-time favorite features of this thing of course is this ridiculous insanely over built winch I can't really get a straight answer as to what this thing's rated for because they put two different Garwood model winches on these on these M series six by sixes they put a standard Duty 20,000 pound hydraulic winch on and they put a heavy duty winch which is rated for 40,000 now there's a label on here a placard that says winch assembly heavy duty but it doesn't say what the rating is um I have an 18,000 pound warn on 24 volt electric planetary winch and this thing is twice as big as that so I'm going to just go by the the rough eyeball that this thing's the 40,000 pound winch don't know for sure but here's a catch when I bought this thing I bought it and the deal that we worked out was that this thing came with a broken winch but I know a thing or two about a thing or two and not much more than that but just enough to take a chance and the chance that I took was I can fix that winch so suffice it to say I fixed the winch and the winch works perfectly and this machine is just second to none it's just an unbelievable battle grade military machine and it's a lot more than I need but it's something that I feel like I can count on in the woods offroad and well I mean maybe some of you think I might have a bit of a prepper minded bug running through me I don't know maybe so you just use your imagination with this thing can be used for but I'm not going to get into all the details on this video I'm tempted to but the video will be really long and we don't have time for that it's getting dark out right now and I'd rather give you a really nice tour of it tomorrow I'll give you some basic basic facts about this thing I bought this thing was 17,000 and 42 miles on it it's about 25 years old so you do the math on how many miles a year that is it had 980 hours on it when I bought it and I mean that's for all intents and purposes a brand new engine I mean a diesel a modern diesel anyways doesn't even break in until twenty to forty thousand miles so this thing is basically new old stock but to make it even better it was fully an entirely over night – excuse me 2010 by the Red River Army Depot so what the military does because they have unlimited funds from you and I as they take meetings like this and they'll overhaul them and basically make them brand new again they take every aspect of the Machine and they bring it up to brand new military factory specifications and they did that at sixteen thousand nine hundred and ninety nine miles which means when I bought this thing it had 43 miles that's right forty three months it has seven tires mounted on rim six on the vehicle and a spare the nubs were still on the tires they're Michelin's a buddy of mine who is an equipment dealer I brought it up to see him he goes holy smokes man you've got seven grand worth of tires on this thing so that made me feel really really good and I don't know they're just this is so much to talk about regarding this machine but one other little tidbit for you I was just driving it around and I smelled this just terrible smell of burning paint and as it turns out the engine on of course has you know brand new paint on it brand new meaning it was either done in 2010 or had just never rusted off from to 1990 I would venture to guess that it was paid for 2010 but the turbocharger was freshly painted and smell was from the paint burning off of the turbocharger so that's how new this thing is and suffice it to say I could not have bought that 10 or 15 year old Toyota Tacoma that I was looking at for what I paid for this so I don't know I mean I I am beyond on excited this is this is kind of surprised that I was talking to you guys about a couple of videos ago tomorrow I'm going to give you a full-blown tour of this thing I'll put it open we'll give you a tour of the engine I'll take a camera I'll try to get underneath it it's not hard to get under that's for sure you can sit up you can camp out underneath this thing is plenty of room my two-year-old can walk around under it not that I would necessarily do that but um until tomorrow I guess this is going to be this video is going to serve as the teaser so if you enjoyed this video I would appreciate a thumbs up and you haven't already subscribed hit the subscribe button we are really growing by leaps and bounds and strides actually and it's exciting and I have a lot of ideas and content unfortunately cold weathers closing in on us but that opens up a whole new box of tricks now doesn't it so guys thanks again until tomorrow or whenever I get tomorrow's video posted you guys have a good night we'll catch you later

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  1. Do you still have the deuce today? Im in vermont looking into getting one and i was wondering if you would mind showing me it in person.

  2. WTF man. Finding out the price was the main reason I clicked. That earns a DOWN VOTE until you reveal the price.

  3. What area did you find this in . Was this bought in Canada ? I have been looking but only finding good ones in the US .

  4. Sick! There's one for sale on Craigslist. Very tempting opportunity.
    Military 5-Ton Bug-Out Prepper Bobbed Survival Armageddon Truck

  5. I wanna be rambo too. And thats the problem unfortunately. Everyone knows who rambo is. Id definitely rather be hidden and discreet.

  6. I’m picking up an 84 with 19000 miles and it looks just like this beast. I know everyone thinks I’m completely insane but I just want to have it. Like u said for what I’m going to pay it’s unreal! I have a huge drive way witch it won’t sit cause I’m planning on using it a lot. I can’t wait…great buy man!

  7. Have you pondered what you will do if a critical scenario confronted you and your family? You think you have your food, water, shelter, first-aid, and protection gear ready for any type of disaster? Look at this incredible survival guideline “suvo amazing guide” (Google it) for more about which supplies and instruments you should prepare if you face imminent danger.

  8. Though it's 6 wheel drive, it lacks a diff lock. It will get stuck on wet, soft grass. Also, front axle engagement is air switch actuated and in winter the air line gets frozen and will not engage the front axle. I have gotten mine stuck in front yard, but it is a beast and lots of fun.

  9. thanks for not showing it AFTER you fixed it up i love watching some self-serving dude talk for ten minutes hate this clckbait horseshit

  10. Why not show the machine rather than looking at you the whole time? I kept waiting to see so hey, do the right thing and give me my 5 mins back. OUT

  11. good deal , very happy for you .. but if you like this you'll love the U1300L unimog , all around just a tad bit better .( check them out )

  12. hey nice truck, congratulation on the grate buy but do you mind saying how much you paid for this?? thank you

  13. its a great vehicle and i love the duce and half but its not a great bugout vehicle because its loud and big and slow and is very visable

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