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The Ultimate DUBAI FOOD TOUR – Street Food and Emirati Cuisine in Dubai, UAE!

The Ultimate DUBAI FOOD TOUR – Street Food and Emirati Cuisine in Dubai, UAE!

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  1. El cocinero es peruano hay bombitas con mie es mas con un sol comes cuatro o cinco con rica miel sin necesidad de ir a arabia o Dubai ja ja ja l,estofado en la mesa ,parece comida peruana

  2. Easier as everything is cooked at one go. I won't put in so much oil if I cook. The host is very hospitable.

  3. Mark Wien , I hope you are enjoying UAE 🇦🇪 coffee taste,but be frank there is no can be comparing like Ethiopian coffee.☝🏻

  4. Dubai guys are so cool and amazing ! But, here in Saudi, people are culture less idiots !
    Anyways, the food is amazing !

  5. Do you think Mark has ever actually held a hockey puck? I know he went “to university” in the states but he uses that to describe a lot of food.

    Also all the love to Mark, Ying, and Micah.

  6. Dubai , I missed you so much, The People, food, Hospitality, Culture. Kadak Chai, evening shawarma……everything you have in One Place……Peyman you rock… Love you Dubai.

  7. for real karrak chai/tea try it in pakistan where the tea is cooked with the milk to really amp up the strength nd flavour of the tea

  8. Şu eli anlamıiiiiyorum
    Anlamakta istemiyorum
    Bunun kültürle alakası yok
    O zaman corbayida kaşıkla icmeeeeeee
    Elle yenir elleeeeee
    Pilavı niye
    Elini sokuyosun
    Deve çobanı

  9. I'm living in the uk now and Dubai is my dream country. I really want to live there I'm just concerned about abour the cultural differences. I don't want to be locked up for having a beer. Anyone living there can help please?

  10. Café, doce com banana dentro(esqueci o nome kk), pirão com carne de panela, creme de galinha um pouco diferente, macarrão, omelete o restante esqueci o nome kkkjk mais isso tudo tem aqui no Nordeste, bjs.🤷🏻‍♀️🤤🤭🇧🇷

  11. Do not stretch your left hand on the plate because this is contrary to the religion of the country in which you are, and also contrary to custom In addition to the above you should eat the following from the saucer and

  12. اووووف شوكت العراق يرتاح مثل الدول ألعربيه يعني همه عايشين واحنه بنص الضيم

  13. Bro kusura bakma ama yediğin herşeye babun götü gibi gözünü açıyor owww diyorsun. Valla sanki abartıyon gibi geldi bana

  14. Sir Mark you’re so soft and natural thanks for sharing your great information someday I want to see Dubai n buy a lots of gold god bless and peace

  15. Красивые места хоть показалбы ,а то кушаешь и всё – как будто очень голодное детство повидал .

  16. الحمد لله علا النعمه اممممم اووووووو هاذا الي انت فالح فيه تمر على شاهي انت خبل وطبيت في اطقع منك

  17. I am so happy to see that India's bicycle was there ..which is manufactured in the state of India which name Haryana..
    Atlas bicycle amazing and

  18. Hahahahahaha it’s so funny how the guy tilts his head bakwards when eating with his hand. So bad at it omg, but peyman you know is good. He lives in Dubai so that makes sense

  19. I've learnt a lot about food in Dubai and your host has taught me a lesson or two in hospitality, and maybe that Arabs are not what main stream media exhibits. Thanks for a good video and God bless the host

  20. I am from kerala it's a Great video….& your friend is super ..waiting for next video…. I love uae …. 2005 to 2011 i am work in uae ..but iam never taste emarati food ..reasen is my salary is 500 dhs only…

  21. I visited Dubai for the first time today. It's such a complex but adorable city. I'm in Abu Dhabi now.

  22. Saw this video and made a goal to visit this place. We are at Al Mahabani right now and have just finished the lamb with rice. So good!!

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