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The Ultimate Demon Slayer – Meet the Strait Jacket!

The Ultimate Demon Slayer – Meet the Strait Jacket!

to the unheralded today on the
unheralded we focus on the ultimate fusion of magic and science the
straightjacket science the study and knowledge of the
natural world magic the practice and understanding of a supernatural world a
world beyond our physics two disciplines is different as night and day but in the
anime straitjacket these two fundamentally opposite arts and
knowledge are combined to save mankind and create the ultimate weapon the
straitjacket no not one of those and the world of straitjacket magic and science
coexist at all levels of society from energy production and manufacturing to
agriculture to medical operations with one small catch there are demons the
magic administration Bureau that oversees all institutions employs men
like Lein Steinberg to fight these demons the entire earth is a tactical sorcerist
one of the only people in the world that can fight against demons, demons in this
world are the monsters that used to be human beings but they overused their
magic and turned into monstrous demons apparently overcoming your limits isn’t
just a breakthrough to a new level of power but a transformation into a
mystical abomination that preys on human flesh Steinberg and all tactical sorcerists
wear what is called a mold a suit of specially crafted armor called a
straightjacket to fight the demons the straitjacket is equipped with a
staff no not that kind of staff but essentially the cross between a gun
Cannon and a wand gun swords are popular mashup and many a fiction that a gun
wand is a special order hider this magical gun wand toting armor is the
focus of his magical power and the only thing keeping him human says it is
unnatural for a person that used this much magic hence his name a straitjacket
that constrains a human being in our natural form if he cast magic wrongly he
moves one step closer to turning into a demon himself to figure out how powerful straitjacket
is you have to look at the demons it vanquishes the revolting eldritch horrors
are completely immune to normal weapons able to endure all manner of
conventional ammunition and possess the strength to level multi-story buildings
the straitjacket is the only weapon apparently capable of injuring and
strong these beasts and yet these demons possess the ability to erect magical
barriers of their own they can withstand the firepower of a straitjacket
straitjackets are essentially a walking man-sized tank that possess super
durability able to withstand a demons magical spheres of energy super strength and speed the straitjackets magical bullets can
blow up buildings smash through steel and concrete crush a demon into nothingness produce force fields that can withstand
a collapsing building and their own firepower returned back to them the gun fires magical bullets but is a
hybrid of science and magic powered by steam and its mechanisms are compared to a railgun what is a railgun? A railgun
can be fully understood by watching the 1996 Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vanessa Williams action movie Eraser I’m just kidding a railgun is currently
cutting-edge advanced military hardware and development for the frightening Wars
of the future a railgun is a weapon that utilizes an electromagnetic force to
launch high-velocity projectiles like a 25 pound tungsten sphere of metal by
means of sliding armature that is accelerated along a pair of conductive
layers this is possible by using extremely high electrical currents to
generate magnetic fields which accelerate a projectile to speeds of up
to Mach 7 with a range of more than 100 miles how powerful is it a 22 caliber
bullet strikes with a hundred foot pounds of force at the muzzle a 32 mega
Joule rail gun shot is around 23 million six hundred 1988 foot pounds of force
comparable to a Saturn 5 rocket and liftoff
it destroys his target not with an explosive charge but by the kinetic
energy of smashing into the target at hypersonic speeds and laminating the
need for things like gunpowder and explosive chemicals currently the United
States Russia China and others all plan to take their prototypes and put it on
their naval battleships and make this science experiment into a
real world application but in the world of straightjacket this weaponry is in
the hands of an ordinary human and out of 15,000 ton warship with enough juice
to power it so where does all this rank a straightjacket let’s head to the power
weight scale and find out the kinetic energy of a one-ton wrecking
ball the kinetic energy of a swimming blue
whale the energy of a thunderbolt the booming energy of a thunderstorm the devastating destructive energy of a
twister a straitjacket would rank at a straw
weight scale having the power of a magical railgun miniaturized to fit in
the hands of a tactical sorcerist giving them power only exceeded by a nuclear
weapon if someone ever asks you you want to try out a fancy magical straitjacket
tell them you all good and have nothing against them but you’d rather be stuck
in a original straitjacket then try your luck with magic if you
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