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The ULTIMATE All Weather Boots From the Swedish Army….

The ULTIMATE All Weather Boots From the Swedish Army….

and here we are we are bringing you now the ultimate winter all-weather boots made in Sweden during the 1960s and 70s what we're showing you here is the super grade model issued but lightly warmed heavy-duty rubber soles and heels with serious grip there that's gonna work well on snow and ice the uppers are grained leather feels very heavy-duty nice and tough and double stitched there we are look at that seven or eight eyelet the bottom part of the boat is a rubber coated over the leather to give all-weather protection and make them waterproof the heel has a section there where these can also be worn with skis I don't know if we're going to need that too often in the UK but what a fantastic boat some people are claiming these were world war two issue I can assure you they're not they are 1960s 1970s made by trettel and the tretonin Factory in Sweden a unique fact about this particular boot is the british army used them during the Falklands campaign as the current british boot at the time was just letting him water and then there was a foot rot no sorts of things so just an interesting little fact there that doesn't have the laces in and we can see that the tongue is stitched to the top mondopoint sizing which we will translate into each listing this one for example says two-seven-five euro which actually means written to all men translates to a size 9 however this particular model these boats come up two sizes bigger when converted to English so 275 would really be an 11 and made to be worn with big socks can confidently say these are the ultimate winter work boot mountain boot they're going to last a lifetime seriously nice condition these we've got another one too that we're going to be listing which has a little bit more where that scroll down into the testing to see about the sizes and what you would need and of course we will ship them anywhere in the world but there would be a charge for that there we are what a fantastic find great boots the ultimate winter boat and we look forward to seeing you back in the day shop real soon vintage military surplus bye for now

Reader Comments

  1. unfortunatly they are very tricky on ice.seems the rubber hardened out on the soles and so you are slipping on ice very much.just tried it out some days ago.more than one time i nearly fall in nothing for ice.nevereless cool boot like it and it was cheap

  2. I'm from Sweden and we got them in the army when we where doing military service. No one liked those boots with rubber. We used others year around.

  3. Dont buy these boots. I know people who used them in the army and they suck. People would get blisters and stuff. They were part of a uniform that during the sixties only existed i three sizes. These were made when the army had to supply an army consistning of one million men. The army didnt spend much developing these. But the new 90's boots are great and the army still use them today so get those instead

  4. Are this boots good for warm weather? I need boots that i can use in snow and also be able to use them in warmer weather without getting to hot.

  5. Was looking for something like this video! Thanks, think these will be great to replace my current ones. Do you do them in size 12?

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