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The U.S. Army Is Breaking Its Promise To Foreign-Born Recruits (HBO)

The U.S. Army Is Breaking Its Promise To Foreign-Born Recruits (HBO)

Democratic senators proposed an amendment this week that would buy time for a vulnerable group of immigrants foreigners who have signed up for the US military since 2008 the Defense Department has offered immigrants who join up an accelerated path to citizenship instead they may be getting the opposite a backlog in security screening for foreign-born recruits has cost many of them their legal immigration status while they wait which means that they could end up getting kicked out of the country they signed up to serve John and Davis are roommates in South Bend Indiana they came from China to study accounting John got his master's degree Davis dropped out they both wanted to stay in America but they couldn't figure out how to qualify for citizenship and then one night while trolling through YouTube John saw this video may go forth on Polk had not met me something Semyon receives what you see here to see Paul means hunter the incident even three young leads equal a convention okay that's when John and Davis enlisted in the US Army did you see join the army as being like part of becoming American you know of course I see a lot of movie about us meter in XA Brian and lone survivor all talking about the American soldiers I think if they had was drunk American spirit and the American value incited you guys metric and I won't be part of it John and Davis joined through a program known as maz knee short for military accessions vital to the national interest it allows visa holders to trade military service for expedited citizenship but while the program has been heralded as a success it now has an uncertain future immigrants have always been part of the US Armed Forces but after the Vietnam War the military restricted enlistment to green card holders over the next thirty years as green cards became harder to get the number of immigrants in the military dropped 9/11 change the military's thinking on all of this and in response the Department of Defense created mockney one of the reasons the US government could not prevent the attacks was that they didn't have enough people who spoke foreign languages to translate intelligence information that the government had received Margaret stock is an immigration attorney and a retired Army Reserve officer she helped create money what the mapping program did was it recruited legal immigrants who were in the u.s. already and who had passed rigorous background checks through the Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security the idea was to recruit them they'd sign up for eight years of military service in exchange for offering their skills to the US Armed Forces and in return they would get American citizenship expedited Magni officially launched in 2008 with 1,000 recruits last year the Pentagon announced the program would be expanded to 5,200 soldiers to give some sense of scale that means eight percent of all new enlistees would be immigrants seeking citizenship that was the deal John and Davis signed up for forgo the usual process of staying in the country to enlist in the army in exchange they would have their citizenship process expedited I was hoping I could get to you know before the next semester starts so I can renew my driver license for everything but as soon as I told them I'm joined the military they just like terminated my students in September 2016 the Pentagon announced that they would curtail the matheny program citing the need for additional security screenings then in late June a memo obtained by several news outlets suggested the DoD was going to cancel 1,800 contracts leaving those enlistees in the lurch the security assessment is classified but there are other reasons why critics are in favor of suspending the program Steve Russell is a congressman from Oklahoma and serves on the House Armed Services Committee I'm standing in the market and Rasheed Beck he's an Army veteran widely credited with being on the team that hunted down Saddam Hussein he says Magni once served a military purpose but it's turned into an immigration processing program it's not about charity or goodwill or any of those things we want to be charitable and we want to certainly exhibit goodwill but not under the MAVNI program we want it's not about charity it is about vital technical skill the finite numbers that that might be and ensuring the people we bring in don't harm the country they actually help it over 1,000 Magni recruits are now stuck in immigration limbo while the Pentagon decides whether to honor their contracts and expedite their citizenship or deport them John and Davis don't know what will happen to them back in China where message boards and social media posts have tagged Maas new recruits as traitors if your contract is cancelled if the Magni program itself is canceled what are you gonna do I don't know I even I don't want to think about that that would be a nightmare for me a cast graphic nightmare I really feel unsafe going back because if I go back they probably gonna stop me at the airport to do like investigations you know the Chinese government has already know the program maybe I already know me they get back I don't know what you you

Reader Comments

  1. Who want to live in the biggest fake nation with fake citizens not native Americans hahaha and these citizens are deporting other not native citizens hahaha the real native they killed already , this nation killed more people then Hitler , they are the new Nazi with their Gestapo under a new name ICE but with the same attitude maybe they can order their uniform from Hugo Boss to

  2. Massive Massive mistake their language skills, drive to be a real citizens, fear of being sent back after their former county knows they wanted to join our Army. Talk about how they will earn their citizenship verses being popped out in American hospitals like most citizens.

  3. Congressman Steve Russell just sentenced two individuals, who've had more security clearances than the Congressman has, to death in the hostile country that these men were escaping. And why? For his own personal amusement and profit, that's why. Those who profit off of the death and misery of others deserve to die.

  4. They are willing to serve for a country they arent from! How many american youth would do the same??? If they are willing to risk their lives for this country they are true Americans. Give them their citizenship.

  5. We all know this is about muslims but were afriad of the liberal media blowing it out of proportion. All liberals should die.

  6. But illegal mexicans can come here and get welfare,food stamps and every other assitance but immigrants who have honorably served and fought get fucked! This is awful. The only good liberal is a dead one.

  7. You should join the American army on the basis that you wish to serve and protect the United States of America!!
    Not join just for citizenship!! "pathetic!!

  8. My late us born grandfather, born 1924 served in the British Army as an American.
    Never allowed a passport. Never saw the USA after age 3.
    Yet, my naturalised father served in the British Army.
    I was deported as none essential personnel after my sponsor refused to pay checks on our joint account and kidnapped my three us born sons.
    By the first cruel waive that is ICE.
    They now serve in us armed forces, or now veterans.
    As a Daughter of the American Revolutionary War. It's sad to see America fought for immigrants rights, now stomps on them

  9. There are veterans who were deported and stuck in limbo in Mexico today. Meanwhile, there are terrorists, illegals and welfare free-loaders gaining citizenships. This is F-up!

  10. The congressman was so full of it how are this people going to harm the country just bull antiimmigrant capitalists

  11. Communist spies…
    China is doing what we did to the Russians in the 40s and 50s…"
    Americans would go to Russia, and act the same way, can barely talk act dumb, I want to be the citizen of the country. They get in the school, usually universities, then go into the military, then get a job, in that country and little by little cipher information back to their home country.
    This isn't nothing knew…"
    It takes years to be spies, it only takes one…"
    It's all propaganda !!!

  12. All I could think of while they were doing push ups was “ZERO! ZERO! Give me ONE ticking push up, recruit!”

  13. I join because im grateful for the country, and i am willing to die for America. I didnt join to gain citizenship, or take advantage of the system. But regardless they should expedite the process for citizenship. I just hope they should be strict with the screening of getting foreign recruits.

  14. 2 guys i KNOW who Speak read and write FLUENT FARSI were denied DENIED Citizenship because they tested positive for Mariguana after coming back from leave / R n R during their military services. And YES the PENTAGON admits they have A very very serious need of FLUENT FARSI SPEAKERS…

  15. So lets not only break our word to men and women that have served our country. Lets also send them back to countries where they can use the skills they acquired as well as provide first hand intelligence on our military's structure, strategies ect. That couldn't possibly have negative consequences.

  16. You forgot that it was Obama's policy to stop the MAVNI.
    Also the Chinese guys should look for help on humanitarian grounds to get somewhere that is not China.

  17. it should be US citizenship is required for service or US Citizenship the moment you raise the right hand and renounce dual citizenship or other country cotizenship…

  18. Most of the people who are for this and ok with this are pussies who have never served a day in their life.

  19. if their a security risk, give them ELS or general discharge and a green card. Giving them a US citizenship for this mess seems unfair and sending them back seems unfair too. Giving them Green Card, allows to live and work in the US. After after 5 years they can earn their citizenship. Then again, I can see a technical loop hole. With their green card they can reapply to be in the Army.

  20. Whaaaaaatttt the Army broke a promise to their soldiers? What a shock?!! I never would have expected that. File this next to the guaranteed assignment to Hawaii promised by recruiters

  21. Harming the country by putting their life's on the line for it? So what makes you more American than fighting for America?

  22. Remember a "pathway"to citizenship,not a right and is highly considered, theres stipulations, one has to follow them throughout their lives here."no crimes".and like that dude said if you dont have it in fine print then you dont sign

  23. Don't join the military unless you have a guarantee of citizenship. Don't sign anything until you have a written guarantee.

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