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The Time Zack Morris Valued A Red Jacket More Than Four Human Lives

The Time Zack Morris Valued A Red Jacket More Than Four Human Lives

♫ Zack Morris Is Trash ♫ (Bell Ringing) – Rick and Trevor from the
Rigmas tell Zack only the coolest kids get invited
to wear a red Rigma jacket. But apparently they’re
willing to overlook that because they ask Zack
if he wants to pledge. Zack jumps at the opportunity
to prove himself worthy of joining a fake middle
school fraternity. The Rigmas promptly
begin dehumanizing Zack. Making him dress like a bozo
and sing showtunes in class. Zack is tip toeing around
school, hiding like a coward from the people he’s
allowing to torment him. Then obeys like a dog when they order him to do jumping jacks for his peers. Mikey questions this nonsense, but Zack says it’s all worth
it for a dumb red jacket. The Rigmas make Zack wear
a bathing suit to class, dangerously close to having
his balls slip out in geometry. Totally worth it for the jacket. Rick and Trevor dangle the
jacket in front of Zack. But say before he can wear it, he needs to ditch those
losers he calls friends. Zack approaches his day one
pals and says he’s sorry for what he’s about to
do, but he has to do it. For the jacket. Zack loudly exposes Mikey’s secret crush. Unforgivable. Rick and Trevor approve. Then tells Lisa he’s
going to call her parents to snitch on her for
wearing makeup at school. Dick move. Clap clap clap clap clap. Then shoves a piece of
cake in Nicki’s face. Zero creativity there. And when Screech says he
thought they were friends, Zack says he would never be friends with a nothing like Screech. This child has no soul. Zack’s abhorrent malice
is rewarded with a jacket from two assholes that’s
worth about as much as a nickel covered in bird shit. Zack strolls in to class and tries to act like it’s all good. But it’s not all good. It’s all bad because he
publicly humiliated everyone. And his former friends rightfully shun this backstabbing Judas. Zack tells them to relax
because now that he’s a Rigma, they can all be friends again. On weekends and stuff. Terms and conditions apply. The gang doesn’t want Zack’s
friendship leftovers and toss his red jacket around
until he cries like a weenie which happens right away. Miss Bliss gets caught up to speed. Zack assaulted a student with
pie, ruined Mikey’s life, and really called Lisa’s parents at home to leave a message about her makeup. Zack says the only reason
they’re all here is because these losers threw his jacket around. A defense that ignores
several crucial details. When Miss Bliss asks if
these allegations are true, Zack says absolutely not. Because he just hit Nicki
with a piece of pie, not a whole pie. Another partially accurate
response that, once again, omits many pertinent facts. Zack says they’re all just
jealous of his sweet jacket. More lies. Miss Bliss says this
red jacket just cost him four friends. Zack tells the gang he’s
given it some thought, and he’s choosing them over the jacket. But they don’t want
anything to do with him, because he really needed
someone to explain that a jacket is worth
less than four people. So Zack immediately turns
his back on them again to go sit with the Rigmas. Rick and Trevor have one
more surprise for Zack. In order for them to
get into the Rigmas they had to find a gullible sucker and make him believe he was pledging. Then get him to do a
bunch of horrible stuff. Zack wants to know where
they could ever find someone so idiotic! Hey dumb dumb, they’re
talking about your blonde ass. The gang comes over to
make sure Zack understands how much it sucks to be
humiliated over a jacket. Then graciously take him
back, because unlike Zack, they’re not total buttholes
and can think for themselves to asses a situation. But before Zack throws
that jacket in the garbage, where he should put his entire body, he gets approval from the
gang because he remains incapable of independent thought. Let’s review. Zack Morris wanted to join a middle school pseudo-fraternity just
to get a red jacket. And to get that jacket was
willing to humiliate himself all over school. Then to earn the approval of
people who have done nothing but torture him, brutally
destroyed the friendships he had with the people who
actually care about him. Then tried to act like nothing happened, and completely ignored any
role he had in this situation. And when he said he had a change of heart, but his victims were
understandably still upset, he changed his heart again and went right back to his abusers. And found out the shocking news that they had bad
intentions this whole time, and all the despicable things he did for that red jacket were pointless. Which was always the
case because it was just a stupid red jacket which he really valued more than the dignity
of four human beings. Five if you include Zack, which I certainly don’t. Let’s call it four. Zack Morris is trash. ♫ Zack Morris Is Trash ♫ (Bell Ringing)

Reader Comments

  1. Remember the time Zack Morris lost Miss Bliss' car investing in potatoes? Zack Morris is Trash!

  2. "They're not complete buttholes"
    Umm, that's debatable. These morons routinely forgive this dipshit for things like this. They're complete assholes.

  3. In his defense, most children are garbage trash. That's why we send them to school- to teach them how to act like humans. It's like how puppies learn that biting hurts because they bite one-another when they play. They learn that they have more fun when they don't hurt the other puppies.

  4. “…a jacket from two assholes that’s worth about as much as a nickel covered in bird shit.”
    LMAO! Just classic right there!!!

  5. I greatly enjoy watching these videos. The narrator is hilarious with some of his comments such as the "Dick Mooove" line.

  6. Fuckface undid all your shit in one segment on conan homie. Hes biracial, dyed the hair and was told what to say by a script

  7. I don’t understand how this motherfucker was able to keep the same friends from middle school up to college! They should have ditched his ass back when the show was called “Good Morning Miss Bliss”! Lol

  8. Actually Nikki led a long and wonderful life, because she left the trash on the curb…Kelly however…6 kids no child support,etc…

  9. I get that the series is based on looking for the worst but what it sometimes forgets is that they are portraying middle school kids here in these earlier Ms. Bliss episodes. Even when they do the high school ones it’s usually just some over-exaggerated shit to get a laugh and views. A lot of shows have characters with a shitty conscience that are fun to watch act like assholes…..Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin ring a bell? I get it’s just a funny YouTube series for Funny or Die that’s why I’m not writing a comment on more than one video. This is just an odd one to portray when middle school is full of fucked up shit like Zach everyday.

  10. I can't help but point out it's not akshally all about the jacket.

    Also, the fraternity is not fake. I mean, what's a real junior high fraternity? We all know they're not in college.

  11. tbf, no one likes Screech and the only reason anyone stomachs him for two seconds is for a laugh or to exploit his intelligence.

  12. Your title suggests Zack Morris killed for possession of the jacket (that would explain the color), but it turns out he only briefly jeopardized some friendships.


  13. I enjoy this series, especially since it wasn’t always so blatantly clear that Zack’s whole character is that of a horrible human being, but do we really need a 40 second “review” of a 3+ minute summary of a 22 minute episode?

    Leave these at there 3+ minute summary length and drop the review 🤔

    Still love the summaries, though. Keep the series going for sure!

  14. I wanted to take a trapper keeper, and smack the shit out of zack when I seen this episode back in the 90's when tbs would air reruns of this show. The nerve of him calling screech a nothing, then asking him to go and grab a burger with him after school. I loved screech's comeback when he asked him. I love to, but nothings don't eat burgers . Mark's character zack may be trash, but mark is not.

  15. Wait a minute? So slater, Kelly and the showgirl chick wasn't on the show at the beginning??? Never seen the these episodes before!!!!

  16. While I find these “Zach Morris Is Trash” videos hilarious having watched “Saved By The Bell” as a kid, I think we have to keep in mind this was a show about children. These videos are applying judgement from an adults perspective. As a kid, it showed how cruel other kids could be and then tried to teach a moral lesson about it showing how someone could learn from bad behavior and change.

  17. "His former friends rightfully shunned this backstabbing Judas"…By far the funniest line in this episode.

  18. Look how little they are at the start of the show I can only remember them as older like highschoolers this is crazy

  19. I would normally say about most other people don't be too hard on the fellow but, in Zack Morris's case dare to be different.
    Perhaps mother Morris was swimming in dirty water and caught a bacterial major infection while pregnant for the future psychotic

  20. Zack Morris's mother is so [email protected] that when she holidayed at the Grand Canyon she filled up the whole crator
    Zack Morris was so fat when he was a kid when he went swimming in the ocean the swimmers and surfboarders thought he was actually a whale

  21. As one who completely destroyed his own fraternity, ruined 20 years of his own life and lost 100 percent of his friends in college, I stick my foot in my mouth and say nothing about this video.

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