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The Time Zack Morris Used Subliminal Messages To Brainwash Girls Into Sex

The Time Zack Morris Used Subliminal Messages To Brainwash Girls Into Sex

♪ Zack Morris Is Trash ♪ (Bell Ringing) – It’s the annual
Bayside sweetheart dance! Slater’s giving his heart to Kelly, when Zack rudely interrupts
to help this woman make up her mind. Slater says Zack probably can’t even go because he’s in trouble
for vandalizing the pool and using a teacher’s toupee as an eraser. And Belding’s meeting
tomorrow with his mom to talk about how disappointed she must be in her failure of a son. Lisa and Kelly are loving
the new tape from Bo Revere. Mr. Belding says he prefers the sounds of The Beach Boys. Zack says he loves the
Beach Boys in a pathetic and unsuccessful attempt to suck up to avoid tomorrow’s meeting. Ms. Wentworth is receiving various gifts from kind students and also Zack. She says they’ll be learning
about subliminal ads with hidden messages. Movie theaters used them to trick patrons into buying snacks. Zack says that would never
work on his feeble mind. Except it would. Because it did. Yesterday Ms. Wentworth
played a tape for the class with a concealed vocal
track instructing them to bring her all these goodies. She warned subliminal
advertising is unpredictable and should be used with extreme caution, words Zack ignores with no delay. He wants to give Belding a Beach Boys tape with hidden messages to get out of that meeting with his mom. Screech rightfully
questions Zack’s proposal, so Zack calls him an
idiot and punches him. He records a tape saying… – Zack Morris is a good kid. – Lies. – Zack Morris is a great student. – More lies. – Zack Morris is a fine human being. – The most lies. – Zack Morris is the son I never had. – The truth, thank god. Zack gifts Belding his
surf rock propaganda and says it’s a new enhanced recording. Belding says thanks but
he’s still in trouble. Kelly accepts the invite of a suitor who isn’t a juvenile delinquent. Belding is bumping Zack’s brainwash tape when he walks in for his mom meeting, minus his mom, because
he told her not to come. Belding doesn’t care because
Zack Morris is a good kid! And, despite his vandalism,
a fine human being! And, despite his failing
grades, a great student! Then Belding says he’s
the son he never had and gives him some of
his hard-earned salary to have fun at the dance. Zack gets a great idea to use this wildly immoral
machination on girls. Zack begins playing brain surgeon by having Screech
distribute tapes to nerds so they can get their dream girls. It works like a charm
and three young ladies are helplessly duped into
romantic relationships, and probably their first
sexual experiences, against their will. Then Zack sends Screech
to the female locker room in disguise under the alias Barbara Bush. Screech swaps their Bo Revere
tapes and is once again forced to hide in a locker
for one of Zack’s schemes. Kelly tells Zack she does not want to go to the dance with Slater. Then begs Zack to take her. Then callously rips off Slater’s
heart in front of everyone. Lisa finds Screech, in yet
another locker for some reason, and pleads with the guy
she’s been endlessly avoiding to be her date. Jessie’s listening to
Kelly’s Bo Revere tape and tells Max she has
a date for the dance, but suddenly wants to go with Zack. Because Zack’s the kind of
guy every girl dreams of, plus a bunch of other dumb crap. Lisa tells Jessie the thrilling
news that Screech says he’ll go to the dance with her! But when Jessie raises concern, Lisa says she’s just jealous. Kelly says she dumped
Slater to go with Zack, because Zack’s the kind of
guy every girl dreams of! Then repeats all that dumb
crap in unison with Jessie. They realize something is very wrong. Because they both had nice dates and now they’re fighting
over a blonde scumbag. They look around at Zack’s
museum of manipulation and say it’s like the
school has been brainwashed. They figure out Zack
must’ve abused their lesson on movie candy to
psychologically influence girls using their tapes. Then recognize that locker room
stranger was his accomplice, Screech, after being forced
to picture him naked. The girls listen to the
isolated vocal track and hear, – Zack Morris is a blonde Tom Cruise. – Among other disturbing falsehoods. They devise a plan to stop
Zack before he escalates his tapes to ploys that will likely soon include robbery and murder. Principal Belding announces
they’re going to start playing a song a day! For funsies. And today is this tape from Kelly Kapowski’s personal collection! It starts with Jessie, and
soon every woman in earshot, including Ms. Wentworth, is
aggressively coming on to Zack. He does nothing to try
and snap them out of it. They swarm him in the hall like zombies. Even Slater gets in on the fun. Zack runs like a punk. Zack bursts into Belding’s office and demands he turn the music off, then finally tells him the truth out of fear of being mobbed to death. Mr. Belding says Zack looks like a blonde Tom Cruise. Zack whines at everyone, stop loving me. They explain the tape that’s playing has no secret message and this was all an elaborate setup, a setup that prevented everyone in school from
getting an education that day to end his reign of mental tyranny. Let’s review. Zack Morris learned that hidden messages are effective and
dangerous and immediately used that information to
brainwash his way out of trouble while for some reason also making a grown man love him as if he was his son. Then set out to manipulate young women, using nerds and mentally paralyzed
girls as his guinea pigs. Then made a guy invade
a female changing room to trick two of his best friends into unwanted physical intimacy while sabotaging a
blossoming relationship. And pushed an entire high school to stop everything in an urgent attempt to
curtail his sociopathic evil villain zeal for mind control that should’ve had him imprisoned
for life then and there. – Zack Morris is a blond Tom Cruise. – Nope, Zack Morris is trash. ♪ Zack Morris Is Trash ♪ (Bell Ringing)

Reader Comments

  1. Zack Morris later orchestrates a car accident that almost got Kelly killed:

  2. It’s dumb because you need to listen multiple times to get the affirmations in and get results or change your mind

  3. Is it bad that I want a random character to appear so the narrator will say “she/he probably fucking killed themselves

  4. Should've dubbed in Zack Morris saying the Tagline!! I was kinda expecting that… now I'm sad!! 😔

  5. Tv 📺 movie 🎥 and music and advertising people use this all the time including YouTube! They are too many Zack Morrises! This was planned programming to normalize sociopaths again and it sadly worked too well!

  6. ZMIT is hilarious, but let's face it, this series makes Zack Morris look way worse than he really is. Let's face it, besides Kelly, they are all trash in one way or another.

  7. It would have been hilarious if they'd played the wrong tape on the PA. Then they'd have to call the show Zack Morris Is Raped.

  8. "… a setup that prevented everyone in school from getting an education that day…"

    These are the phrases that crack me down. Lol 😂

  9. Is zack a real life version of the goofis.. character from the old highlights magazine… goofis and galant strip

  10. 3:59 oh c’mon now be honest this is the US we are talking about none of them were getting an education anyway

  11. They all should have dragged Zack behind the back of a truck for him using MK Ultra………….

    Zach Morris is Trash!🤬

  12. Why is Zack always dressing Screech up as a women and making him go in the girls locker room? Didn't he dress Screech up as a female janitor once and make him record the girls in the locker room? These girls are never (thankfully) even changing their clothes in the locker room.

  13. Hahahahaha i just love this narrator and the opening song: zack morris is traaaash hahahaha hilarious!

  14. Subliminal advertising has been proven to be ineffective, it has been ruled not protected by the first amendment.

  15. 🎵Zach Morris is a douch bag🎵

    Remember the hidden episode of saved by the bell when Zack the douch bag morris bought slater a hook and gave him herpes on his mouth and junk?

    Ya it was all fun and games for the crew and slaters birthday was coming up. Zack the douch bag morris then decided to lie to slater that the hooker was a new exchange student from Europe. Ya what a piece of shit right?

    So of course this ass hole then spike slaters drink with a male enhancement pill and lock him in a bedroom with the supposed exchange student with of course no condoms. So whats a horny high school student gonna do but go to town, right?

    Ya zack morris is a true D-bag in the end.

  16. I think that Zack is awesome. He immediately puts into action all that he learns perfectly.

    And even though he's a douchebag and a criminal, he still makes everyday of his life a memorable day. Never a full moment in his life.

    Also he is like blond Reggie from the Archie's comics if he were a protagonist.

  17. Looking at it as an adult it is very clear Zack was the bad guy in SBTB. He was a horrible person, a sociopath and a danger to society. The worst possible example for 80s and 90s kids. And yet, he was the supposed hero and protagonist of the story. The 80s were fucked up.

  18. The zach Morris character was basically a mule and just a bull plop 🐃 artist
    At least animals like mules don't know the difference between right and wrong where that zach Morris played with dolls and was just a plain punk

  19. Whoever ‘thumbs down’ these videos clearly are too stupid to see how awesome the writing and editing are. I love this shit 😂😂😂😂

  20. 3:42 are just going to ignore the fact that saved by the Bell outed slater as bisexual or gay inadvertently with this? I mean it makes sense to me he is on the wrestling team (sweaty half naked man fighting)

  21. ZACK Morris is trash is gonna change my life.. I think you should do a new lineup reversed, showing how his schemes and antics lead to a greater good..Zach Morris is Smash

  22. I can’t believe this episode actually happened. Subliminal messaging isn’t that powerful to actually control your mind.

  23. Zack Morris was a deviate.
    Zack got a electric shock but, it didn't do him any good – he just stayed the same creepy criminal stalker He was and probably always will be

  24. You shouldn't use your teacher's wig as an eraser. You should use it as a frisbee. My teacher Mr. Cavanaugh let's us play with it at recess.

  25. This one's actually bad without all by itself 😂😂 like who thought of the plotlines back then. Go watch any kid/young teen show nowadays and they never touch anything close to this bad or even realistic traumas.

  26. I wonder if Mark-Paul Gosselaar ever watches these videos and laughs his ass off at what a douchebag his character really was. LOL

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