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The Time Zack Morris Broke Into A House To Record A Slumber Party

The Time Zack Morris Broke Into A House To Record A Slumber Party

♪ Zack Morris is trash ♪ ♪
(bell ringing) – [Narrator] It’s the annual
Bayside Girl’s Choice Dance. Zack knows a ton of girls will choose him, so he’s wearing his third
most racist disguise to keep his options open. Zack tells Kelly he’s
waiting for her invite. Slater says she should pick a real man. Zack scolds Slater for
reminding Kelly about free will. Rhonda wants to invite Zack, but instead of politely saying no, he makes her chase him all over school, then catches his breath
to say she’s nasty. Zack’s bribing Lisa with
magazines for info on Kelly. Zack has a 50% chance. Not bad, but his impatient,
insecure ass wants answers now. He ups the bribery to Bon Jovi tickets that he carries around
everywhere for some reason. Fuckin’ loser. Then takes the tickets back
when Lisa’s information predictably hasn’t changed
in the last 10 seconds. Zack’s lying about how many
girls he’s turned down today. Lisa is excited about Jessie’s sleepover. Zack hears a room full of girls
telling secrets and trusts, trusts they can violate with no incentive by telling Zack everything. Jessie explains that’s
an invasion of privacy. Zack’s glad she’s on the same page. Harry Hou-diner delivers Zack
a romantic gift from Rhonda. Zack runs away like a
rude, blonde chicken. Zack and Screech break into Jessie’s house to wiretap her slumber party. Screech has second thoughts,
but Zack tantalizes him with knowledge of his crush, Lisa, who he knows full well
would never date Screech. Zack tells Screech to do all the work while he plays with a giant doll. Then, when he hears Jessie coming, pushes him out a second-story
window to save himself. The gals are talking gal stuff in what they assume to
be a secure location. Who will Kelly take to
the dance, Zack or Slater? – If I had to make my decision
right now, I’d pick Zack. – [Narrator] Zack blows his cover, screaming like the goober he is, putting the gals on high alert with his blaring, next-door dumb-assery. Jessie uncovers Zack’s illegal bugging of her teenage gathering. Zack, not a smart man, hits Screech and tells him to fix his broken machine. Jessie can’t believe
Zack’s latest crime spree. Kelly suggests teaching him a lesson to curtail what will
otherwise become a lifetime of home invasions, unlawful surveillance, and other assorted felonies. It’s time to play the juicy secrets game. Zack sees nothing suspicious
about this clear set up that’s louder into the microphone than anything else all night. When Kelly likes a guy,
she hurts him physically. It starts with a headache. – I black out, then wake up. The police are there, and that poor boy. (beeping)
– Zack needs to hear the rest. Any pre-murder hand action? Partial titty? Screech says Kelly’s dangerous. – Aw, come on, Screech. She’s a girl. – [Narrator] Screech informs
Zack that girls are humans and capable of doing human
things, including violence. Now Jessie is using time she
should be spending on academics to say ominous words about Kelly and Slater is neglecting
wrestling practice to wear a fake cast and tell Zack it was Kelly who put him in
this wheelchair last night. Zack breaks into Belding’s
office to read Kelly’s file. More crime. It says she did six months
in a mental institute on this very official-looking document that definitely didn’t come
from the library printer. Kelly ignores class to pass
Zack a not-so-subtle note. – [Kelly] My dearest Zack, you
can run, but you can’t hide. – [Narrator] Then, after everyone leaves, Kelly intimidates Zack
around the room with a bat. Oh no! She’s got a murder migraine! Zack, in prime position
to confess his snooping and offer to help Kelly, does none of that and instead determines the only way out is to say she should stop liking him because he already has
a date to the dance, letting her murderous tendencies
be someone else’s problem. Zack is pouting through his
date with Rhonda like a jerk. Kelly returns his microphone
because he never thought to retrieve it this whole time. Jessie reveals she planted Kelly’s file because she knows how Zack’s
simple, predictable mind works and since Zack is slower
than a broken escalator, Slater explains he was also in on it. Zack bullies Kelly while she’s on a date and so is he to say she
would have taken Zack, you know, if he hadn’t
illegally recorded her and all. Let’s review. Zack Morris tried to make
up Kelly’s mind for her, for a girl’s choice dance. Unwilling to wait for her decision and unable to coerce her
friends to stab her in the back, broke into his neighbor’s house to run slumber party surveillance, almost killing Screech in the process, and when he exposed himself
by yelling like a total spaz, fell into a glaringly obvious trap that consumed tons of time
these concerned friends should have been spending on school to teach Zack a lesson about
honesty that he did not learn, as he lied up until the last
possible moment to save his ass and was fine with letting
someone else get killed, and he learned nothing about
crime, which he is very bad at, or how to treat a woman
and respect her right to make a decision. Zach Morris is trash. ♪ Zach Morris is trash ♪ (bell ringing)

Reader Comments

  1. I think you are on point with most reasons…Zack Morris is trash…But wearing a outfit of another nationality is NOT racist….sounds like you are white and feel offended for others. Until that nationality says its racist, its not. Go online, look for the guy who dressed in traditional mexican attire, this guy was white. He walked up to every mexican around the Cinco De Mayo festival and asked what the Mexican people thought of his sombrero poncho and other authentic clothing. The mexicans said "we dont celebrate cinco de mayo but he looked very nice with his traditional clothing." He went to ask white people questions about Cinco De mayo and all the white people instantly got offended that a non mexican would wear mexican clothes on a mexican holiday? So these white people who were raised that racism is wrong AUTOMATICALLY calls it racist when a european decendant is wearing other peoples cultural clothes. Ask those mexicans and they were happy to see someone with respect for authentic and traditional mexican attire, as opposed to the normal white people actually thinking cinco de mayo is a real holiday…

    And defending racism when its not racism is a tell about the person that said its racist. It gives an insight into you, lets try a experiment….finish those sentence with a group of people….Those lazy___ never get to work on time. Those damn __ are so stupid….my group was stoner what was yours? i hope it wasnt racist now πŸ˜›

  2. Lol damn I didnt think about all this when I was younger, I used to think he was so funny and cool back then but now damn Zack is a fucking dickhead

  3. Zack blows his cover, screaming like the goober he is, putting the gals on high alert with his blaring next door dumbassery.

  4. I'd date Rhonda. She's an Amazon! I'm not sexist and bigoted like Zach is, because Zach Morris is trash.

  5. I remember when wearing a costume wasn't considered racist. Although the host is a SJW snowflake, these videos crack me up. Probably not for the same reason the host thinks tho. Zack's the man 😎

  6. Zack Morris is for real trash as he is not so cool if you want to compare him to Ferris. Miss Lisa Turtle in certain episodes in her leather skirt especially blue leather as I thought there was more episodes of her wearing leather skirts. But only few of them and if there will ever be a new reboot of saved by the bell of the 2000s?

  7. Zack Morris is not only trash, but a damn WIMP when it comes to RHONDA. His best bet is to let RHONDA chase him around because she will beat him up if he turned her down. Did anyone see the clip from that episode when RHONDA pushed SLATER over so she could sit down? Talk about a big girl!!

  8. zack is dumb as shit, rhonda is pretty cool which makes up for her not being kelly, and she would be dtf too. but he is a fucking moron

  9. And later in life, Zach Morris continued to spy on his fellow Americans at a large social media company he founded …

  10. Did Zach Morris do something stupid like this in every single episode? Like, is there even one (JUST ONE) episode where Zach Morris does something that helps out his friends or something smart or HELL!… is there even an episode; one gODDAMN episode; where he's either not involved in the story whatsoever or not a main character the story and doesn't wind up breaking multiple felonies against his friends, fellow students, teachers and/or random people he's never met before? or does the entire show consist of Zach Morris just fucking people over but somehow still keeps the same group of friends through it all lol

  11. Zack Morris is trash yet all the girls like him, what does that say about them again??? Lol. You sound like a sjw beta male politely correct douchebag man, and all you're actually doing is making me watch this show during a better time lol. So nice work.

  12. I blew snot when he said Zach’s slower than a broken escalator πŸ€§πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  13. Is the most fucked up part of this is that growing up I thought intelligent, thoughtful Jesse was the annoying one lol.

  14. New to the channel. I never liked Zack which is why I never watched a full episode. In fact I've seen more of this show on this channel then on tv

  15. This dude has a whole seasons of Zack Morris is trash πŸ—‘ lmao πŸ˜‚I wonder what the guy who played watches these gets yelled at from strangers Zaaaaaack Mooorrris is trash πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  16. Zack Morris character finally got a taste of his own medicine from those girls especially from Kelly

  17. Besides being tall and ridiculously desperate what was wrong with the blonde girl? She looked pretty to me and isn't that all that matters to Zach

  18. Even if Kelly was putting out like crazy, he still could have let Rhonda sit on his face. Zach really is stupid, and he’s trash

  19. Zack Morris took me on my 1st breaking/entering gig.
    I sit at Sing Sing in solitary for another 20 years now …
    Thanks Zack …

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