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The Strongest Man in History: Brian Shaw’s Toughest Carry Yet (Season 1) | History

The Strongest Man in History: Brian Shaw’s Toughest Carry Yet (Season 1) | History

Come on beat oh I’m gonna have a heart attack right Nick. No, I’ve never had 350 pounds humbled me So roughly I seriously don’t know if anybody’s gonna be able to I really didn’t fence me. Oh Man you got a setup sweet as You guys know? the most famous feat of strength that Peter Francisco did was to pick up and shoulder an Eleven hundred pound cannon and carry it off a battlefield much like this right here. That’s beyond absurd I want to make sure that I’m being very respectful with how I put this because I really look up to Peter Francisco But the man did not put an 1,100 pound cannon on his shoulder. It would have killed him. These are all period-correct cannons so the little one on the end there is 250 pounds this one right here is 350 pounds this one jumps up to 700 pounds and the one on the end is right around a thousand pounds. Whoo so when you say this is 700 pounds you mean the whole contraption but the wheels the Stakes the metal the rope all this is at least 700. No, no just the tube Just right here 700 pounds. The whole rig is around 2,000 pounds. Oh my gosh This one’s ringing bells for me Right this one like 1,100 in total and then the barrel on the time that one 350 seems doable I can envision this francesco lifting a car into his shoulder running off the battlefield, but it definitely wasn’t 1,100 pounds it was Still an extreme feat of strength, but possible Challenges first we need to see if we get this on her shoulder So whoever can pick this Canon up and move it The farthest to those trees is the winner who wants to give it a go first I’ll go first cuz my arms bad, so I think I’ll be the worst at this Okay I could probably manage ten steps with that like that there was nothing to grip there was nothing to sort of lean on to it was just just an impossible object to pick up and I could see my biceps pull in I Really didn’t fancy it I’m the world record holder in the shield. Carry. I carried a 440 pounds shield over 75 feet I wanted to show the guys I still got it. I’m still here and I’m still plowing through Oh Oh, man You’re right, Nick. No Right away as I stand up with it. I realize there’s no way I’m throwing this to my shoulders It’ll tear my biceps off if I do that and I start walking and I’m going and I’m going I’m going I get a little bit of a decent rhythm and then the whole World just goes black. Whoo. There you go. Yeah. All right. Yeah, I stop I don’t even know if it’s possible. I Seriously don’t know if anybody’s gonna be able to do this Oh, that’s good, I’m gonna have a heart attack The only you only made sideways progress Honestly, this is starting to feel embarrassing. I don’t think any one of us is gonna get this on their shoulder I’ve never had 350 pounds humbled me so roughly It’s insane. I’m the four-time world strongest man I didn’t come all the way to Virginia to fail at Peter Francisco’s biggest feat of strength Come on Come on Even if nobody else understands what that’s like I’m I can’t believe I got to watch you do that. Yeah numbers on the scale can say whatever they want about that, but the shape just Literally doubles the weight I think Big respect to Brian to getting that to his shoulder walking it down the field That’s one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen him alive makes me respect Peter Francisco even more Having known that he did Something very similar to that at 18 years old. I mean, it’s literally incredible. Yes for one brief second I actually felt a little bit like Peter Francisco You You

Reader Comments

  1. Not to be arrogant, but this is a lift that is doable for me. I have carried large stones and fire hydrants, the way Best did it.

  2. you dont realize how strong the men were back then. they had testosterone 30 times higher naturally. they didnt need steroids.

  3. really odd to watch them struggle with this, i feel any of them could easily zercher squat over 500 lbs, wonder why they didnt try lifting it like that to take a few steps

  4. The best thing on television and it got canceled because people don't know what a good TV show is when they see it

  5. it's incredible??
    r u kidding?!, you don't want to compare yourself to Peter Francisco,
    you guys eat like 10 meals a day, back then ppl didn't have anything to eat
    you guys inject yourself with a dragon's testosterone, not a human one
    you take, insulin, IGF-1, Keratin, ATP, BCAAs, other Aminos………
    you don't wanna compare yourself to him dude

  6. They never balanced it. A balanced weight makes all the difference. They are almost too muscle bound to pick up some objects. Amazing guys nevertheless. Always impressed.

  7. Only brain's technique was right bend over and try to put the cannon on shoulder same as you put a sack on your shoulder

  8. I know those things are heavy. But compare to the size of the guys, it looks like they are faking the struggle😂

  9. You should see what it’s like to carry in BO4 for a whole gam. My back and shoulders are torn after fifteen minutes.

  10. It’s crazy. Those 4 are the strongest men in the world and only one of them completed that obstacle. Brian Shaw u are a mf beast!

  11. When Eddie gives Brian that look of pure admiration and awe you know that Brain is the strongest man on the planet. Yeah he's slow and clumsy and injury prone and never shows up on time, but when it comes down to who can lift the heaviest object it's usually Brian that lifts it. He's done a few lifts on here that are no doubt world records. And the other guys have done extremely impressive lifts and feats as well. I thought the smaller and older Nick Best would get beat each competition but he's actually been kicking his fair share of butt.

  12. Eddie Hall once said that the only way he deadlifted 500kg was to be in adrenaline situation. So he had to close he’s eyes and imagine it in his head. Okay now Imagine this. Peter Francisco was actually in a adrenaline situation(because he was in battlefield) where he HAD to carry a cannon on his shoulder. I think this is how he did it. Plus Brian and Peter are the same height.

  13. All these guys almost tearing biceps bc they are so juiced. Not hating I've taken it myself and muscle are quicker to tear when they get so big so fast. Brian probably has the most natural strength and the thickest tendons and walked it off. When I'm natural I can lift anything with little risk of a tear it seems. One juicy deadlift pr and I'm pulling or even tearing muscles

  14. there is no way that peter francisco guy carried 1100 pounds period no human on earth has that level of strength. That would take super human levels of strength

  15. Imagine these 4 guys showing up to an untouched indigenous tribe somewhere; they would be worshipped as giants lol.

  16. The fact that they’re able to even slightly manage something that typically takes a three man team is insane…

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