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The Story Behind MACV-1 – Jungle Rucking Boot

The Story Behind MACV-1 – Jungle Rucking Boot

[MUSIC PLAYING] The goal was simple– take the most beloved boots in
the history of Special Forces– the Vietnam-era jungle boots– and modernize them
for today’s use. Make them lighter,
tougher, more support. Create the boot at the
Tip of the Spear, today. Our team was small
and comfortable breaking all the rules. Rich is a MACV-SOG,
Vietnam-era Special Forces guy who went on to serve
in every major conflict and mission of his generation. Paul invented the pump and
a few thousand other things… And I’m a post-9/11 Special
Forces guy who founded GORUCK with the desire to bridge the
military and civilian worlds. So we went back to
Vietnam to test the boots in those same jungles,
those same mountains where Rich served some 45 years ago. We heard his stories,
we cried his tears, we toasted his toasts. It was one of the
greatest honors of my life to share this journey with Rich. MACV-1, at some point,
became the best story in the history of footwear,
because it’s not just about the boots. It’s about how we took
Rich’s story, Rich’s 30 years of service in
Special Forces that began in the jungles of Vietnam,
and brought it to life today.

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  1. These guys are doing it over there, proud to be a customer, keep up the great work, looking forward to them

  2. Lots of thought and marketing here. Excited to see…IF you are going to offer wide sizes or just be another company who imports one width from overseas. I did notice the team was all slim super-fit guys….not a good sign for us commoners. : )

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