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The sniper scene that shocked fans! | Bodyguard – BBC

The sniper scene that shocked fans! | Bodyguard – BBC

Go, Go! Ma’am, stay down the bullets can pierce the windows but they cant get through the armored metal.

Reader Comments

  1. Guys, pardon my ignorance, i have a question, how comes the driver died yet it's an armored vehicle?

  2. One of the best scene in the entire show (with the one in the train + the one with the vest) !
    After this I definitely think he could be the next James Bond (him or Idris Elba)

  3. Может и для американцев это сцена нечто кровавое и крутое , а у нас даже детишки бы пить молоко не перестали..

  4. aquí no hay drugs ok pero como tus sabes tus los animales BBC waoooo pero veo que aqui estaban los generación de ustedes ahora comprendo BBC

  5. This is the most amazing suspense ever seen this before i watched all series from me 10/10 ratings about this senses,,,, just amazing dude need to watch once in life.

  6. the car is moving-three shots at one point
    the car is not moving- not a single breakthrough…authentically
    sniper who does not change position, but leaves as if going to market… it's a comedy, right?

  7. FOLKS sayin "AUTHENTIC" 😂! the car RUNS!! but he puts in REVERSE an drives BACKWARDS TOWARDS fire lol maybe DRIVE THEN gas goin OPPOSITE way better? lol

  8. The horror movie anxiety sound effects/music makes me just feel manipulated. I think it would be better if they kept it quiet and trusted the actors and script.

  9. Forget the sniper scene… how about him knocking the bottom off of her later… some real pipe laying in that sauna sn*tch of hers!

  10. this is like when two noobs are fighting in fortnite one cant find cover or get behind anything solid and the other one cant hit the weakest one but somehow hits a head shot on the sweat

  11. The panic of the woman passenger was well done – it's how far too many people react. Yeah, it's not just bit players in cheesy horror movies who get stupid when danger threatens. Either they'll go hysterical and freak out or they'll absolutely freeze up and become paralyzed. If you truly believe in evolution, you have to wonder how THOSE particular genes managed to get passed on. One would think those behavioral traits would have gotten weeded out of the gene pool a long time ago. Apparently not.

  12. Never heard of the show. But I dont understand why the sniper stuck around so long after so many missed shots. I'm no professional but I'd think most would've bolted after the the first 5. Look the enemy is taking cover so it's time to gtfoot(Get The Fvck Out Of There). Still looked like a cool show so I'll have to check it out.

  13. Dont move play dead dont screem. Dont act smart. Get off the other side and go under the car on defensive side. And dont take your mom with you every where.

  14. BBC taking about this. Keep In mind bad guys are good until you are good to them. And every one dies. Without body soul is use less.


  16. I think it's just me being from Texas but I missed about 98% of whatever he said. That accent is just too much Robb Stark!

  17. Being inside an armoured plated vehicle being fired at, sounds a ton lot louder than that! still pretty cool series.

  18. I watched the series because of this scene. I knew this scene was in the show but I didn’t know when, at the exact point the first three bullets hit the window it scared the shit out of me

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