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The SECRET to Super Human STRENGTH

The SECRET to Super Human STRENGTH

(upbeat techno music) – What’s up? Elite THENX Athletes, it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another
video of official THENX. Today I’m going to show you the secret to super human strength. (techno music) Alright guys, so let’s get started. So, if you’re trying to do exercises like the one you saw in this
intro, the planche pushups, you’re gonna need some
super human strength. Now, a lot of people
train for many, many years and they really never
get up to that point. For example, when you do pushups, you’re always pushing from here, getting good at pushing at this point, but you’re always
applying and working with the same amount of weight. The angle at which you push
never actually changes, so the way to start
progressing, advancing, and making it a lot more difficult, is to start lowering your hands and start pushing closer to
the center of your gravity. When you’re pulling, or
pushing, from your waistline, you’re actually apply
virtually all your body weight onto that exercise, forcing you to completely push or
pull your entire body. So the closer you get to your waistline, your center of gravity, the
more difficult exercises are going to become and the
more weight you’re applying onto that specific exercise. And the more you master this, eventually you’ll be able to apply all your body weight from this position. (techno music) So, take this barbell for example. Some quick physics right here. If you were to pick this
barbell up from the corner, this is a lot easier to
lift, it feels a lot lighter, than if you were to pick it up from the center of it’s
gravity, right in the middle. This, now you can feel,
this is a lot heavier, obviously because you’re
not leveraging the ground and you’re picking up the entire weight. This is the effect that
you do when you push or when you pull from
your center of gravity. And now, another major factor in doing these types of movements is that you have to also
apply balance and control. Of course, if you see,
if I pick up the barbel from this position right here, no matter what, even if
I move around like this, it’s always going to stay on the floor. I’m gonna be able to rep out, kinda like the pushup or the bench press, any other move you do. If you’re doing from the
center of your gravity, you’re gonna have to really
hold, stabilize the bar, so it doesn’t go this way, this way, and really just keep it nice and centered. Control that and perform your reps. If not, it’s gonna be like this and going all over the place, maybe like that if you’re
not completely balanced and if you’re not completely centered. So you can see how balance and control plays a big factor when doing things from the center of your gravity. And when it really comes down to it, super human strength is being
able to have body control. Being able to manipulate
and control your body freely, at will, in any angle, in any position, with ease, comfortably. So, this is exactly what we’re aiming for when we’re pushing or
pulling from our waistline. So now I’m gonna show you
guys a series of exercises that are gonna have you
start training towards this, and I’m gonna have you
master super human strength. So first thing we’re gonna
go into is pseudo pushups. Let’s get up against a wall, and put our feet against the wall. (fast techno music) Now this move might look simple guys, but you need to try it
to really understand. If you do a simple pushup, like this, that might feel familiar. You’re gonna feel like I said, this portion of your
body weight, of course. Now the lower your hands
go, I want you guys to try, now our feet are against the wall so we don’t move around
and we have support. The lower your hands go, try to go down, that’s a lot harder now isn’t it. Not only does it feel a lot heavier, but it also feels like, “Oh! I gotta balance to be able to “just to perform this exercise, “let alone just hold the position,” ’cause you feel like
you’re gonna fall forward if you’re not really,
really holding on tight, keeping control, and engaging your core. So again, from here, leaning
as forward as you can, do some pushups. These are called pseudo pushups. (techno music) Make sure to engage those hips, keep them up nice and high. (techno music) (laughs)
Alright, when you’re first trying to do this exercise right here, it’s gonna be really, really hard. Probably feel like virtually impossible to push from your waistline. So what you need to so is to slowly start putting your hands lower and lower. So if it’s gonna be your
first day ever trying this, you’re gonna go down
into a pushup position, make sure when you push back your feet are solid against the wall, from this position put your
hands a little bit behind. Right. Point them out. Start practicing here. You’re gonna get better, put
them a little bit further back. (fast techno drums) Better, back. (grunts) (laughs) So I don’t know if you guys caught that, but the feet there, the more
you start to lean forward, your feet eventually come off the ground, kinda like planche pushups. See, if you were trying to planche pushups and your hands were up here, that would literally never work. Imagine I took this barbell right here, and I tried to keep this barbell straight as I lift it from the side, that’s never gonna happen. That’s why coming from the center, putting your hands at the waistline, pulling it from here,
is gonna be the only way to really perform super
human strength exercises. I’m telling you guys, like, how it is. I’m telling you guys
the truth of this stuff. A lot of people would
jump up, take pictures. This is really way to do
this (boing) for real. So, you must be doing
these exercises right here. So, this is gonna bring
us to our next move. So, of course, if you’ve
been watching the channel, you should know aside from concentric, acentric movements build
muscle, so do isometrics. So, the next move we have
is an isometrics hold. We’re gonna hold a 90
degree hold at the bottom. Looks like this.
(techno music) Whoo! So there you have
the 90 degree hold. Now to get to this movement, to being able to, of course,
hold your body off the ground, you wanna hold against the wall. Put your feet on the wall. Hold right here. Once you get better, lean
a little more forward. You’re on your tiptoes
now, and on one foot. (techno music)
Switch. Another one for you guys still
having trouble with this move is to put a resistance band on the bar. (techno music) (huffs) Man, this is
like a workout already. I’m feeling the pump. Alright, so we’re gonna
put a resistance band on. Choose, of course, the
amount of resistance that you’re comfortable with. And then again, guys, go down. If you get comfortable,
you can tiny pumps. But the main thing is as you’re
going into this exercise, you start like normal, hands out, you wanna come down,
and then lean forward. Forward, forward, forward,
enough that your feet get off the ground. Alright guys, if you
need a resistance band, you already know, Alright guys, so master
those exercises right there and you’re gonna be doing planche pushups, like I did in the intro, in no time. So, let’s go over now, some pulling. (techno music) Alright, so the first exercise
that I have for you guys, for pulling, is gonna
be Australian pull ups, but we’re gonna pull toward the waistline, so if you’re just getting started, you can go up to a half bar like this, start pulling straight to the waistline. Of course, this getting
easier, switch up the angle. Eventually you’ll be able to go low enough that you can go elevated
and start pulling from here. (techno music) So work on that angle guys. Don’t rush this move. You wanna get really
comfortable with each angle until you’re really good at
pulling from this waistline and you’re basically
horizontal, completely flat. And just like the 90
degree hold in the pushups, you can also apply an isometrics position to this exercise as well. (heavy breathing)
(techno music) When you’re coming up on
your last rep, hold it. And hold it as high as you can. (techno music) Alright, now let me show you guys the #1 for pulling. Alright, so for the #1 move for
super human pulling strength it’s gonna be high pull ups. Now let me show you guys
first what they look like. (techno music) You wanna be able to pull up
all the way to your waistline. So, to do this move, you have to be using the right technique. Normally when people do pull ups, they’re pulling up with their scapula’s on the outside like this,
pulling straight to their chin, and coming back down. This is the furthest range
of motion you’re gonna go when you’re doing pull
ups like this, right? What you wanna do is change
the scapula positions from this, to the inside. See, roll those scapula
forward, and from this position, almost like you’re doing
a pushup, bench press, you’re gonna do a pull up
or your pulling motion. So from here, you have this
range of motion to your chest, to your stomach, to your belly
button, to your waistline. So you want to be in this
position when you’re hanging. So from here, hands down,
roll the hands forward, lean back, and grab. Hang like this, not like that. Alright, so let’s go for it. We’re gonna try the first
pull up to our chest. (techno music) Pretty easy.
Alright, go up to the stomach. (techno music) And eventually, you’ll be able to pull up all the way to your waistline. Now, if you’re having trouble doing this, or doing any of these moves, of course you need to master your pull ups before moving onto this, but you can always use a resistance band to give you that extra explosiveness and that extra assistance. Also, if you can already do this exercise, and you’re just gassed, you
feel like you can’t do any more, go on a resistance band
and continue those reps. (motivating band music)
Let’s do it. Alright guys, so there you have it. Secret tip to super human strength. Now I want to see all of you guys doing crazy planche pushups, super high pull up, and all those extreme
exercise that you see here on this channel. Let’s make the extreme the new norm. Alright guys, so with that
said, master these moves. If you learnt something
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with you everywhere. Comment down below. Let us know what you want
the next video to be about. And I will see you guys next Sunday. Mad love, peace out. (techno music)

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  1. It's impressive you can do this but it looks like a very unnatural motion that would be terrible for your shoulders.

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    I was a big fan of DominikSky's and worked myself up to be this as strong as this dude, then i suddenly stopped caring because of personal issues and thoughts.
    Never give up. Never stop pushing. If you fall, get back on the grind, watch a couple videos, get motivated.

  5. How many of you watch such videos while eating burgers, pizzaz, Biryani, ice creams, brownies… And still believe in yourself that one day you would start to workout

  6. How many of you watch such videos while eating burgers, pizzaz, Biryani, ice creams, brownies… And still believe in yourself that one day you would start to workout

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