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The Salvation Army Orlando Area Command

The Salvation Army Orlando Area Command

since 1920 the Salvation Army of Orlando has worked to improve quality of life for men women and children the Army offers an array of social services that range from providing shelter for the homeless to permanent housing for low-income seniors collaboration with local agencies helps the army to combat homelessness food insecurity and lack of affordable housing most do not choose to be homeless yet the reality is there are many people including veterans who are experiencing homelessness every night The Salvation Army has two homeless shelters on our compound one for men and the other for women and children there are a total of 172 beds between both facilities each shelter provides a safe environment to occupants in need of emergency shelter or seeking to make the transition from homelessness to stable housing Oh The Salvation Army has started giving me hope and I see where it's giving other hope it's given me more communication with people again in a deeper sense than I was before hunger can affect people from all walks of life many Americans are one job loss or medical crisis away from food insecurity hunger exists in every county in the US affecting 48 million Americans including 15 million children anyone who is hungry can receive food from the food pantry Assistance Program or Street line feeding Monday through Friday additionally on Thanksgiving with assistance from Golden Corral we feed 20,000 people the William and Catherine booth towers are two vital programs offered to seniors the towers are HUD subsidized high-rise apartment complexes for low-income seniors age 62 and older William and Catherine booth towers provide 293 permanent low income apartments with full amenities I enjoy living in a William Booth town it's off is peaceful it's quiet its downtown and I really have no problem here it's been good for my health I've gotten when I had quite a few problems not a problem I've taken care of this column here a request for help with housing or utility assistance often involves a complex set of circumstances the caseworker aims to identify factors contributing to the emergency situation and provides referrals and emotional support as necessary this approach allows the Salvation Army to reduce the likelihood of future crisis and in many cases prevents homelessness last year the year I can hear my floated my boss office and he knows his business and I lost my job I was not prepared I look everywhere for help and people was busy helping other people but I came here to the Salvation Army and they do help me The Salvation Army is always on call to respond to numerous natural and man-made disasters within hours of the pulse nightclub Massacre the emergency canteen was on site providing food hydration emotional and spiritual care to first responders by providing these services to first responders and survivors the army strives to bring hope and healing to people who find themselves in the midst of extremely difficult situations it truly reinforced the need for us be in these types of scenarios where the first responders are there doing their jobs somebody has to take care of them somebody has to feed them their supplies but also to be there as a spiritual presence which was very impactful for those of us that serve at Paltz from the Salvation Army it was an experience we'll never forget the adult rehabilitation center provides housing clothing and educational aid to men who are seeking help for a drug or alcohol addiction when items are donated to this program they are then sold at our family's store proceeds are used to fund the adult rehabilitation center where individuals in the grip of addiction find help hope and a second chance at life The Salvation Army adult rehabilitation center gave me hope for my future I was really beaten down to a point of surrender and they offered a hand tell me that there was a way out that I didn't have to hate myself anymore that I could live life without the use of drugs and alcohol and I needed that and I'm forever grateful for it I have a completely new attitude and outlook upon life my perspective has changed from self to others I do have hope today I have a loving God today that I can trust that no matter what happens I'm going to be okay youth of all ages come through the doors of the Salvation Army Church some come seeking positive guidance others may need assistance with homework no matter what the need dedicated leaders see each child's potential in life and help them see hope for a bright future at the character building program at the Salvation Army we learn a lot of things like how to treat nosebleeds first day a basica so first thing we do learn about the Bible like like when we're learning about like the first day we still like in between we like open our Bibles and like during our lessons we have like certain things we have to like look up certain verses and other stuff like that other you should participate because it's just like fun and like has a bunch of other stuff in between the Salvation Army is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church our message is based on the Bible our ministry is motivated by the love of God our mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in his name without discrimination weekly church services are held every Sunday morning and are open to everyone the Salvation Army in Orlando is doing the most good for the homeless veterans seniors Children and Families giving hope changing lives 365 days a year

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  1. And the Salvation Army feeds they have lunch and dinner Monday to Friday and on the weekends so a lot of people that go there just go there to eat they don’t stay there so and they give you stuff to take with you I mean I’ve heard that they been discriminatory against certain like myself being gay but I never experienced that you know they were very kind and I paid my rent up for the whole month and when I got my apartment I left and I said thank you and if I ever got in that predicament again I would stay there again it’s not a hard place if you can follow rules and they’re not like on youIt’s just when you check-in they have you sign in and they do a questionnaire and do some history and it does have rules on there as long as you follow them no problem I always suggest to people get there early to check-in and if you have a stub and you paid your rent for the month you go ahead to people and then they also do 12 and three is meaning first time or second timer is in third time was a gift to stay free

  2. Hi stayed at the Salvation Army in Orlando now I’ve never known any shelters that charge a fee for you to stay there but to Salvation Army charges nine dollars a day so I can say it was his best and safest shelter in Orlando that I know of they don’t play as long as you follow the rules and if you pay nine dollars a day that’s $300 a month if you pay that for the month they have storage bands where you can store your stuff take your bag for the day if you need to go out with a bag or if you don’t need to and your stuff is safe and they give you a ticket and I have to say I was very impressed I only stayed there for a month and and then I got my apartment in Orlando so I can honestly say because I moved from another place and where I live I am from they don’t charge to stay in a shelter but when I went to Orlando eye was shot three-year-old nine dollars a day I think it went up a little bit now in Orlando and they built a bigger shelter for the men and the women from what I understand they still have the older one and then they expanded so they have more beds but I can honestly say it was safe to take a shower up they didn’t play as long as you follow the rules and they do do background checks when you come in you better have an ID in the few have you fill out a thing and they do usualAnd they do do a background check and if you have a record or you’re a pedophile you will be asked to leave immediately so that’s the only bad side effect but they also help you if you want to get employment don’t help you with services so I didn’t need any of that I was waiting for my apartment to get completed and this was cheaper than a hotel in Orlando and less you want to stay at a drug infested hotel for a month and pay eight or $900 for the month this was the cheaper way for me to save my money of course I suggest that you keep your wallet next to you while you were there

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