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The Rules for Rulers

The Rules for Rulers

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  1. Well… all that goes out the door if the US comes knocking on your door even though you're a fair and elected democracy. yay….

  2. This is why Trump is so effective, like him or not his fortune leaves him beholden only to the voters and the office.

  3. i prefer monarchies, avoid the rubbish of bureaucracy. plus your rule is determined by divine right so no one from the outside can claim rulership(technically)

  4. That… was a cold calculated speech. I find myself depressed and mildly disturbed. Amazing information… reality is a bitch.

  5. I don't think I have the right mental health in order to rule a land with being basically left to my own devices qwq

  6. This is such a deeply cynical view of politics. As a progressive, and as an American, I wholeheartedley disagree with it.

  7. I hate to be a bitch nut you've been talking about the AK50 since I first subscribed. That's the only reason I subbed. You suck and it's been almost two years. Get your shit together.

  8. Make better people and you will make better keys and better leaders – highly paraphrased by someone you are not ready to hear about just yet, unless you look for yourself.

  9. I love how you have a lot to say about the UK maybe you should have used this'll to show how the US has placed many dictators in power so you can siphon there natural resources and then when they stop playing ball you pepper your propaganda news with the crimes they committed before going in murdering them and replacing him with like.

  10. This video explains exactly why I don’t like any form of gov. It shows the deep nastiest parts of the human condition. It’s all about the self when government is suppose to be for country and truly trying to improve it.

  11. What can a dictator do to improve his/her people's living conditions without risking his/her position of power

  12. The problem I have with this video is that it only uses wealth to forge loyalty. But what about propaganda and education? Look at world War 2 and the hitler Jugend young teenagers and children driven by their ideals fighting to the end for their dictator.

  13. What about automation? Wouldn't that make citizen happiness irrelevant because it is the machines and bots, not the people being productive.

  14. Starve the rich and feed the poor who have no true understanding of how politics work and they'll find something to complain about ( because you can't ever please the crowd) and overthrow you with, whilst you're at your most unprotected and vulnerable state.

    Starve the poor, feed the rich and you'll be hated even more but hey at least your security and protection will be there.

  15. Thes little rulers are soon going to find out who are TRUE RULER IS very soon and they are going to beg the the rocks and mountains to fall down on them when it happens too. Especially these PIGS who think their gods because they wear a state issued costume!

  16. Daenerys Targaryen experienced this problem first-hand when she conquered Mahreen. She overthrew the entire nobility, crucified all the slave masters, and freed all the slaves.

    Yes, she was loved by all the freed slaves and commoners, they even carried her in celebration and called her "mother", but she made powerful enemies out of the noble houses who's heads she just crucified. Their sons were not happy. At all.

    Her kingdom was on the verge of collapse as the rich hired mercenaries and recruited loyal followers to attack her and her supporters. They were even able to recruit some former slaves and supporters, because money talks and they have children to feed.

    Tyrion addressed this directly with her:
    "Yes, you have the love of the common people, and ONLY the common people. How have you faired so far ruling without the support of the rich and powerful?"

    She would've lost her kingdom during a fullblown invasion if she didn't have 3 dragons who's loyalty to her is unquestionable.

  17. I like your content but this time it´s just imcomplete, the model you present of the success of only the "good democracies" and the "best dictatorships"(or worst depending of how you want to call it) It excludes models like Colombia or Mexico, that Neither cualifes as a Democracy nor a dictatorial goverment, I get the basic idea, of the "keys" but that model only applies for both ends of the expectrum, not the whole, and also it considers the country a closed system, considering the key only localy and not considering the blind trust from the people to "caudillos", that let them get to the power or maintan it ignoring the other conditions even if they lack somes keys.

  18. Hierarchy is natural. when the old order is overthrown, a new one comes to take it. It usually uses the same methods as the old system. Human society has always been like this. from tribal man to chieftain, from serf to lord, and eventually Proletariat and bourgeoisie. There is always some one top, and they use dirty ways to gain and maintain power. when someone replaces them, the new order acts like the old one

  19. The thing about the treasure is, it have to be taken from the people in the form of taxes, and the less a government takes, the more productive the people are

  20. "The message of the CROSS is foolishness to the perishing….." Prayer is unfathomable power when to an AWESOME GOD!

  21. this video explains why I have such a big problem with socialists/communists. They NEVER seem to understand this side of human nature. "The People" are supposed to handle distribution of the treasure, eh? but they never seem to understand why that makes no sense. every single one I've talked to just repeats "the people" or tells me I need to read more. but that's just it, I've researched it plenty. it's literally code for "the government" when a socialist uses it, but they never realize that (which is why they're socialists, they wouldn't call themselves that if they understood). It bothers me so much.

  22. Good Dictatorship = Threaten, Kill or punish special keyholders so you always have control. They should feel like their 'keys' are what's granting them their life. Then they'll keep providing them out of fear of death.

  23. Rule 0: Without power, you can affect nothing.

    Rule 1: Get the key supporters on your side.

    Rule 2: Control the treasure.

    Rule 3: Minimize key supporters.

  24. Without Power you can affect nothing, Gandhi, Bruce Lee, Wright Brothers, Einstein, and so many more artists and inventors and social activists have done so much without this videos take on politics and power, why and how? Out of two hugely over looked human concepts faith and love. Why are these concepts over looked because of media and real world problems derived from politics. They try and ring this idea out of people like a wet towel with violence knowledge or simply by saying its corny or doesn't exist , but you can't remove this core concept from people because these things rest within the soul and are natural urges from within every single person and with faith and love you can change the world.

  25. When I imagine having power, keeping power would be one of the things I would most want to avoid. I would change the institutions, and then retire ASAP. The question then, is not how to minimize my keys and keep them from finding a better offer, but how the institutions of political influence might hypothetically be configured other than how they are, and what the effects would be.

    One partial answer is familiar to many readers. It's DuVerger's Law, describing what happens in a system of winner-take-all plurality voting, with voters' opinions arranged on a one-dimensional spectrum: Only the median voter is a key voting block, and only a two-party political system can persist. But many systems are possible, other than winner-take-all plurality voting. We could have "super-districts" that elect three representatives, or five. We could elect them on a ballot where citizens vote for at most two, or on a ballot where citizens vote for only one, and the top three or five (however many representatives the district has) are elected. We could do away with geographical districts. We could have yes/no voting. We could have runoff elections. We could have offices that remain vacant unless a supermajority vote is reached on the first ballot, without a runoff. We could have elections where every candidate who gets over 20% of the vote is a representative for the district, so districts that split their vote get more representation. We could have indirect elections, where members of parliament choose the prime minister.

    The possibilities are practically endless, and we don't have counterparts of DuVerger's law for most of them.

  26. China is a country that has crossed the chasm from dictatorial to the other side… the other side does not have to democratic, but the main distinction is the reliance on citizen productivity. This cross happened once China decided to let go of the planned economy in favor of capitalism, to favor productivity over equality. According to the video, the Chinese Communist party actually stabilizes its power more, and lowers the chance of a coup. Fascinating video and ideas, really well done!

  27. For 18 minutes I got to imagine myself as the most ruthless interested key player in deciding my loyalty and support. Whew, glad it was just 18 minutes because I'm hungry.

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