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The Royal Military Police – Most Hated Regiment In The British Army

The Royal Military Police – Most Hated Regiment In The British Army

in the simian mountainous initiated the huge herds speed up they move like an army groups of mothers and their young hary gather together to form groups of up to eight hundred monkey's geladas hands are usually busy plucking grass instead of gleaming so to keep in touch geladas have become the chattiest war monkeys the gossipy atlanta concern to scientists like sentences with words or even names for each other's most agree it's often use to defuse tension not to be tense about there are gangs of young males trying to steal away the women from the family harems each handful of females is guarded by a single male the harem master bawling for support the spare boy is try and attempt the girls away hoping the resident father digger doesn't notice they may fight but it's usually just showing off in case the girls are watching the community police team is seek to prove the point in a random sample of four accommodation blocks they're all unlocked well in this block in particular the out-of-doors way to open it's a to being propped open against the wall the cat was off the lights or even if it was secured you can actually push the door open again and we bought it if you can imagine if this was a.cian block Liat on at night early hours of the morning when there is nobody around it's very easy an assist here because of the lack of lighting to conceal somebody somebody's got a bike lock attached to the the real in here now ideally what this should be it should be attached to the bank now myself or my colleagues or potentially some burglars some thief can come in and go well I'll have it and they'll take it and there'll be some young boy or girl it was very sadly going to find out the next morning that his baits been stolen the buildings behind me have been taken by insurgents the local population have left and it's now up to the soldiers to reclaim them flares simulate mortar rounds while smoke grenades mark their entrance to the village as the platoon split into two to reclaim each building one by one as their parent regiment one rmp have constantly had troops deployed in operations or in training for them over the RMP wouldn't work like this as a platoon in theater they are attached to infantry troops have doomed they've had a tough week this week a lot of long hours were done and they've really worked hard learn a lot but I think I mustered the energy to get through the aggression and movement was there I'm a happy man with the basic skills now up to scratch is now back to the police station and the beat for these RMP what's going on boys and girls welcome to today's video lots of shout outs today I'm gonna have to make it a bit harder for you guys to get shout out so if you're new subscribe and hit that notification belt icon up here or down here depends on how your watching and DM me a screenshot of that on instagram my instagram is zero foxtrots to give and you'll get a shout out and the first 10 people to name the secret word that has already subscribed somewhere on this video will be put forward for a shout out in the next video so I'm here to talk to you today about possibly the most hated Regiment in the British Army and the adjutant general corps houses the raw military police do all the wrong military police so basically when the commanding officer from the raf regiment wants to have a kid's pie and the kids get a bit rowdy because the drink in the fake red wine they need someone to babysit them so will the co doses the employees at war military police to come and tie balloons and actors or children's party monsters for 10 year olds and make sure no one gets out of hand but in all seriousness what they actually do is there's a difference between the civil law and the military law so if you're in the military you come under the military law as well as civilian law or civil law and if you're a civilian unit commanders have civil law and because effectively the boss of the Armed Forces is big Lissie up in Buckingham Palace she can't actually be second to corps she can't be done by the laws because she's outside of that system so we work under her set of laws and actually come under civil law and military law and some weird fucked-up measured thing so we go to military court you know what for a court-martial and tribunal no ass or crap it's different from civil law so on civvy Street in a normal set you're out in town and you're on the piss civilian police officer can still Nick you but when you're an army Beck's is the job of the Royal Military Police to do the job but what do they actually do date today so date today they're very similar to how the police have got a normal Bobby and a PCSO and somewhere in the middle was a royal military police officer so they're like the little cunt I like come cycling on his little fucking push bike with a flashing helmet on and he gets you gets you for dumping a piece of rubbish on the garrison when we was in Germany was based in Germany they used to babysit the pissheads he would be out of town and nicked them sometimes a a bike was stolen and they would go and have a look your reference number for that didn't redo a lot the stories of them like nicking guys on in Camp Bastion or an Afghanistan for driving like 10 mile an hour to five male zone and stuff like that and just givin up tickets would be in general dickheads so they're not all bad there is some cool things about the Romans at least like you can do close protection that's pretty fucking cool like they just go around guarding things and acting like a pcso they're very similar to the PCs though and there's not much I can really say – I've already done it in that video that i just made it took me so fucking long to make they're really are just a mash-up of or fake police tops police officers and monkeys that are being given a badge and toothpick to join us civilian police up to you if that's true or not you know it's very difficult to decide one question is why they hate it so much it's because really I wouldn't like to be them to be honest because if you're wrong which police officer you're no different from the average soldier we have the same rights and everything else Dulli difference is they use handcuffs their job can go from you know like investigations branch so someone sets fire to the block they'll investigate that like I said before if a pushbike goes missing they'll investigate that and you know they go up to major investigations like everyone knows of the deep cut barracks has been a lot of deaths there and they were investigating now I went there for a course in 2011 and they were investigating still someone who died on the front gate and it was part of the CIB stop turn to find out what happened but I don't need an ounce of how far they're going to go into this you know close protection role they go from guarding like high-profile offices and stuff like that pretty cool look at this guy here that mustache is fucking sick carrying them for around that looks pretty fucking cool compared to regular army jobs so I'd rather do that than my normal job in the military but the day-to-day life seems pretty mundane uh pretty boring you know walking around making sure people are picking up litter and no one's speeding on the garage and stuff about they you know there's always like some ass fifteen mile an hour speed limit on camp and you'll be doing 17 miles per hour and then you get some RMP fucking trusty jobsworth coming up behind you're saying coughs pain keep trying me a ticket Ambala cure this is like a fucking bullshit I don't reefing we need the mole the military seems to self-police itself anyway because we've got stuff like you know the chain of command that's always Bala Quila and keeping stuff keeping people in check so I don't really think we need the military police but the main piss-take of this video was to start no I wanted to make this a reeking arrest video no I've tried to re-edit and remake this video so many times to make it look they can look good over make it look right and I'd only keep you guys waiting so I had three or four different versions of this video this is I think they're gonna be the final one I've been away here there and everywhere will work and I just want to get this one out so you guys can get your your fix really we've had loads of new subscribers and loads of new people to this channel I really want to say thank you very much for every single other users coming in we're not a very PC family-friendly channel I like to say how it is and if something upsets you or pisses you off stick it in the comment section below don't aim the hate at me I'm just speaking on behalf of the rest of the Armed Forces community kind of and if you guys want to recommend another regiment next week's hit the piss out I'm gonna say RLC mom's versus somebody else so I'm gonna do an RLC video or you can vote and stick it down below who you are see you next remember to put in the secret word which appeared up here at some point in the video and you'll get shout on the next video if you're new check me out on Instagram DM me a screenshot of your bail notification switched on and you'll get a shot my next video – thank you very much short sharp video today really appreciate all of you being there god bless goodbye

Reader Comments

  1. This ain't even funny these peaple put there life on line for us and here you and others are mocking them sometimes I think its not them who should be killed in war its the peaple who don't have enough decency and respect to be grateful for these heroes

  2. bang on mate, I left my keys (including car key) in the 24 hour gym and they came over to yak, had ago and checked my id, as my friends kid who came with me to smash out the gym (wanted to join up in the future and has now), climbed in through an open window to get my keys back, told me no further action would be taken. back in work on Monday pulled in the office by the boss got gripped for it.

  3. As a veteran of the British Army I had a mate who was an Military Police Officer and was an Sergeant (I was as well)

    By, Sergeant Roberts

  4. That’ ain’t funny people putting their lives on the line and u go and mock em u prob a fat pick with no time

  5. Hmmmif your kit was fucked with or stolen or you hurt on barracks I know who you’d be calling….. it’s jus a job that needs doing

  6. I work in the civil police currently but currently applying to the RAF as a police officer. You get used to people hating you, you will see that those people who disrespect you have something to hide. We aren't out there just to make arrests, first of all, they are rare (even in civilian life) and second of all, that's not why we do the job. We just want everyone to be safe and remain safe. Unless you're a problem we stay out of your way.

    I have dealt with a few members of the public who have displayed disgusting behavior to us but when they need help they're quick to call 999. In the end, you build some sort of relationship with them and they disrespect you less when they realize you're only a human in uniform.
    Its all words at the end of the day, we all have jobs to do and this is one I've chosen.

    If you are looking to join the police (so far I can give advice for civil) please don't be discouraged, its an amazing job but granted its not for everyone. A lot of patience is required as don't forget you will be dealing with people at their most vulnerable and the "big jobs" are not that frequent. Some of the jobs I have dealt with are absolutely mental but they make for unforgettable memories.

    I love the job and can't wait until the day I am a RAF police officer.

    Hate on us all you want, I'm honored.

  7. I want to join the RMP but now i’ve saw this and the way they get mocked and took the piss out of i’m rethinking it all

  8. I just asked an ex-army sapper why they have seemingly this reputation – he was a cop himself. He "wankers" and I asked why, he said "they stay in their own accommodation away from everyone else and don't see much other regiments." Then supplied little reason for why else he believes that, and then couldn't think of a response when I said "but, you're saying that, while you were a cop yourself?" This video is then assuming with "don't know if that's the case." it seems to me that it massively indoctrinated and one opinion over the Internet has caused everyone to believe all RMPs are the same and do the same.

  9. I would say the Military staff provost corps or whatever they are called nowadays would be the most disliked even more so than the cherry tops.

  10. And that’s why I still think I shouldn’t join the British army instead I would rather join Azov Battalion a real army that gets shit done i still do support the British army but I just don’t know if I should still join the army

  11. M8! MP's just keep the army in check… Guns aren't toys man so the MP's just make sure to check the regular soldier for the way he/she upholds the laws of conduct for all military personel. If they didn't do this, undisciplined behaviour wouldn't be kept in check. The entire essens of the military is that discipline will keep you alive, and the MP's are a strong reminder of that.

  12. It's rather hypocritical. The first video I watched of yours was about you being bullied. The second video was you encouraging the ridicule of the army police. Lost respect for you I'm afraid.

  13. You don't become one of the best reg without making few hundred enemies.
    Salute to RMP.
    Justice through order.

  14. "Ticketing speeding vehicles within Camp"

    Not quite. The amount of jobs each RMP Provo Coy has on the go is absolutely jaw dropping and man power really doesn't justify any type of proactive policing. What the RMP actually does is smash their heads against the desk because another REME mong decides its a good idea to siphon fuel at 0200 hrs in the POL point on a Sunday and the next day a Royal Welsh lad with an IQ of a spoon humbly requests and requires payment for his massive stash of cocaine inside the local Costcutter to his equally fork IQ'd mate – adding to the endless list of jobs they have on. Obviously higher manpower would help with the issue but the current failing in recruitment really doesn't help.

    Reactive policing is the RMP's game nowadays, as shit as that is. They aren't even "Supposed" to go on patrols like Civi bill do. Rest assured finger wagging and a telling off doesn't happen now, (if it did some years ago).

    Now Regi Provo's… now that's another story lol, Good vid 🙂

  15. Your opinion is depressing and so is your video, it yields no positive outcome and that stereotype you're referring to might just be your own personal Envy and emotional discord toward such a profession.

  16. I like the mentality of the British Army. Very disciplined and tough.
    Regards from Dortmund, former home of the Napier Barracks.

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