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The Rise of the Crisis Actor Conspiracy Movement

The Rise of the Crisis Actor Conspiracy Movement

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  1. We spoke to some of the proponents of false flag theories as well as some of the people targeted by hoax theories, including Lenny Pozner, whose son was killed in the Sandy Hook shooting, and David Hogg, who was accused of being a "crisis actor" following his calls for gun control after the mass shooting at his high school.

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  2. I think that the school shootings are fake but trying to get rid of immigrants so immigrants were going to America

  3. Whats a bet all the nutjobs are Trump supporters. Whats a bet they are all evangelicals who think they are going to be raptured. Sick POS.

  4. VICE is doing good job of trying to cover up the truth. This man is being painted as a lunatic for being awake and seeing through the Elitist agenda of repealing the 2nd amendment. The truth of the matter is these crisis actors are the worst actors of the bunch.

  5. What I don’t like about social media is that back then you needed to be smart to have a voice. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good that anybody can have a voice, but that’s just to an extent. People now have the ability to say a lot of shit and uneducated people unfortunately fall into that trap and become brainwashed. It’s not the US that it’s fucked, it’s society.

  6. This is hilarious! That pastor didn’t seem very emotional over losing his daughter. Yeah, they have a right to be outspoken assholes, but they did not touch or threaten any of you.
    And ya wanna arrest the woman, too?
    This fake country is so damn embarrassing.
    Sandy Hook still cracks me the hell up, as well. Oops 🙊 Daddy smiling & you’re using the same crisis actors more than once. That’s a No No!

    Oh, and you don’t need air patrol or help from the sky?
    Hmm 🤔 I’ve been a witness and victim in a few local tragedies (1995 OKC bombing, May 3, 1999&May 30, 2013 tornadoes in Moore, OK) and tho we had hospitals within 10 miles, as well, or down the damn street, we had help from any and every which direction (even the sky) that we could.

    Why don’t you fucking political ‘directors’ come and witness a real tragedy if ya wanna stage one ☝️ lol 😂

  7. Wolfgang Halbig just asked simple questions and received Treats instead of answers.
    David (Full of Crap) HOGG has 2 stories one he was at the school when it happened and the other he was at home and heard the shots then decided to go to the school where there’s an active shooter Which one do you like best ?

  8. The trump cult is so brainwashed, Kelly Anne Conartist could shit on a piece of toast and they would eat it to prove their loyalty to the Chosen 1.

  9. BS… it's NOT conspiracy to say their are things that do not add up in all of these mass shootings! I personally have found NO talk of people saying "there were no dead"… it's always multiple shooters reported like by witnesses at the El Paso Walmart that were interviewed within 10 minutes outside… saying 4 men dressed all in black walked in shooting rifles yet 1 person is arrested, NOT wearing black & he as well goes through a clothing change between CCTV of him shooting & him being placed in the back of a police car….

  10. Anyone who is a "TRUTHER"…might as well think that guns and bullets (WHICH HAVE EXISTED FOR OVER 400 FUCKING YEARS!!!) aren't real!

  11. I will find everyone of these "truthers"…and i will kill all of these "truthers"….and I will personally piss on their corpses!

  12. hears the thing America is stupid we refuse to see the truth and than lash out at anyone who gets close to it..snowden told us and warned us but yall were to ignorant to hear,theres nothing that happens that the comp doesnt know is going to happen,its allowed to happen or not allowed to happen.the object is to keep you alll fighting so they can rob you of everything in the mist of there distraction.

  13. See, they take this one man, who is obviously out of touch with reality & try to label anyone who doesn't consume the "spoon-fed" narative from MSM…
    Come up with ONE conspiracy theory from the last 20 years, or longer than that has not been proven true or as close as could be to being provem… That is where you start losing ground with this "conspiracy this", "conspiracy that"…..
    You got this, he's crazy, but you want to paint a broad stroke with one person? Same already has been done with actions like this, why NO-ONE with a normal brain believes MSM media……..

  14. It's ironic that Vice and other leftwing conspiracy shows have caused these people to act like this.. can you blame them? Everyone is going nuts with all of this white Nationalist nonsense.. Vice and other channels like this are detrimental to race relations and want to cause division.. they're causing hysteria

  15. 8:25
    Listen to LP spew his BULLSHIT.

  16. David Hogg should be working glory holes at interstate rest stops giving mouth treats. How does this piss poor crisis actor have any credibility?

  17. The Sandy Hook School Shooting conspiracies are so easy to debunk! It’s disgusting that idiots STILL believe it was fake & abuse the families who have experienced unimaginable pain 😡😖😡

  18. What does it matter? Why are some individuals so obsessed with finding “false flags”, “conspiracy theories”? What’s the point?

    What does this add to your life? How does this obsession negatively effect your lives? How does this negatively effect the lives of mourning parents & loved ones at the most vulnerable time in their lives? WHY???

  19. Regardless of any stupid crisis actor theories, David Hogg is clearly an agent of the state. That kid is as groomed for public relations as a Disney Channel star.

  20. I think the 2 conspiracy theorist at Sutherland Springs are the conspiracy ….. And they are mudding up the truth about the other shootings that are political hoaxes

  21. I wonder why so many Americans are mentally ill, because they think pills will make their depression go away while they are spoon fed depressing garbage watching these news stories and their “reality” tv shows along with the dramas that just seeing a couple minutes of made me feel like shit. The things you watch have more of an effect on your consciousness than most realize.

  22. These liars working for the evil ones are disgusting.. Sandy Hook school had been closed for ages!! IT WAS CLOSED, DAMN IT! Check it out! It was not even open! And the video showed the same people running in and out of the building! They did this enactment so badly!

    It was SHOWN the actors rehearsing their lines and then getting their faces ready for grief to face the camera!! But they were not even good actors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. This is another attempt to get gun control but if these attacks were actually true, it would prove that we all need to carry guns and there needs be an armed security guard in every school. It will soon stop all this nonsense. LIES and DECEIT! NO proof has ever been given of any death, but there have been some pictures of these children supposedly dead, as older children.

  24. I only got through seventeen SECONDS before I couldn't take it anymore. The conspiracy lunatic's voice alone caused my skin to crawl.

  25. Anything that questions the official narrative is a conspiracy? Most if not all mass shooting is staged by the US Government.  Anyone that thinks otherwise hasn't done any real research into these mass shootings

  26. The f.b.i. don't make these up they acutely make and allow these mass shooting to happen and use this "crisis actors" to hide it up in case the truth comes out to miss direct our attentions

  27. Bruh every single time a conspiracy comes out that says it's to take your guns take a few seconds to think about it logically. Have they taken your guns? No, They haven't. They won't, as the manufacturers make to much money to allow that to happen and donate to politicians to make it not happen. After Sandy Hook the things Congress argued about was a ban on high capacity magazines and a universal background check that was easily not passed. WHY THE FUCK WOULD THEY STAGE A FALSE FLAG JUST TO PROPOSE MENIAL WEAK REFORM AND HAVE IT EASILY KNOCKED DOWN??? A majority of Republicans, Democrats, Independants, and even fucking NRA members think there should be a universal background check and it DOESN'T FUCKING HAPPEN.

  28. Go check out Frank Pomeroy and his wife FB pages. A few weeks later they are living living it up in SA. Lol. People are asleep. They have also traveled all over the world getting paid for the appearances.for For "her" birthday party. What Frank you can't say her name. The girl you adopted had a name.

  29. 3:08 How does find always manage to find the worst human beings on the planet with the worst ideas in the world. It's so sad that people are willing to call BS on an event that "affected people I know" as this douche bag says.

  30. and the main actor in this chapter is a talking shadow,that's the one we should follow and listen! with a monolithic voice so it gets inside your brain.,

  31. Bottom line is the higher ups are trying to take away guns and most or all these shootings are set up pll stock food ammo and guns war is coming bless you all

  32. Some people don't know how to handle the sickness that's in the world and in other people so this is how they cope, by invalidating the real pain that these families and communities are experiencing because it alters the reality that we live in to be less painful. Psychosis is powerful and can easily become a black hole. These people struggle to have empathy and y'know, that's out of their control but they're so encapsulated in this belief that the reality that those around them live in is propaganda, and is some of it? Absolutely, but this? This is too far and incredibly damaging. As a society, we took a wrong direction and cultivated and continue to cultivate a place where status is more important than preventing our own extinction, and that's overwhelming and wrong and unfair to the entire population, however, it doesn't make this behavior, okay, to actively attack a child and their family, to try and invalidate the pain these families go through feels equally as painful as it does when a community experiences a mass shooting. The fact that this man calls and harasses these people is just as traumatic as losing your friend, daughter, son, child, partner, your LOVED ones. These people say that no one can provide evidence but this man and anyone who believes this doesn't want it nor DESERVE this evidence. Imagine your child is shot and dead and this random man comes to you saying that you're lying and they need proof of your own child's death and that your dead child's body would be uprooted from their burial site. That's disgusting, and personally, I would never give people like this the proof because of how awful this is and I completely understand why some families haven't shared their proof. Similarly, I understand why some have, but he shot that down. This isn't something that needs proof because even if it came to unearthing these children they would find a way to say that the bodies aren't real, this is a sickness, it's not an argument that carries any form of validity. This. Is. A. Sickness. And it is caused by a broken system that is full of selfishness, a system so broken that it's become too painful for people to experience. The human race could've cultivated something incredible and still can but our time is short and people who actively push these ideas as well as people who actively choose ignorance because they're too scared to sit with the discomfort have blood on their hands and are shortening the time we have to re-cultivate our society. It's like throwing gallons of waste into the ocean type of ideology where the ocean is the human race's ability to be re-cultivated and the waste is harmful and invalidating ideas like this. Nobody cares about Sandy Hook unless they're searching for the truth? The truth they're searching for is what in our society leads people to think they have the right to take another's life. We have the right to free speech, to petition the government, correct, that doesn't change that this belief is bonkers and harmful to the issues we should be facing, the first amendment doesn't protect threats. This ideology is a threat. We should be taking issues such as this and utilizing them as proof of a system this broken. We need more strict gun laws and a more strict policy on who can have a gun, we need to look at how we treat mental health, not just in programs and pharmaceuticals but as well as the stigma around it. We need to confront the lack of fact-checking in ALL types of news outlets and stop posing opinions as facts.

  33. "mom of anti gun poster boy reports threat to fbi , warns her husband always carries a gun " ………….wait did I read that right? Is anybody else catching that? ………….uhhhhhhh…………………

  34. "It's not your first amendment to threaten people." But it is. In the USA, this foolishness is protected under that amendment. In real first world countries, this is neither tolerated nor protected.

  35. this is not journalism, all this did was tell a narrative instead of getting to the truth behind the questions. vice you are nothing more than propaganda.

  36. this all goes back to ammendment 2, wake up sheeple! Do not give up your guns, because that is when we lose everything

  37. What I do know for fact is they do push this gun thing nonstop for example Yahoo did story on a lady that was shot an killed but in bold letters wrote TEACHER shot an killed even though she was shot at home making the story read like TEACHER SHOT DEAD so believe them when they say never let good crisis go without using it

  38. Side Thorn guy said it all. We go to the events "knowing they are not true" and then fixes the facts to fit his narrative. Not much of a journalist if he had his own ideas

  39. How the hell can you be comfortable with yourself talking to someone who has LOST A CHILD or loved one in general and telling them they didn’t lose that person?! You are SICK!





  42. Mass shootings that never have any independently verifiable forensic evidence…..amazing…….and they always have some sort of agenda attached to em……and when you see the obvious point and comment on it…you are a Conspiracy Theorist….lmfao

  43. These people are part of those who are perpetrating these evils. My question is why isn't the police involved in these false narratives. Why would the police beyond the scene and then allow someone to come into their City and disclaim what the whole city was traumatized by. That's the part I don't understand

  44. 1- At 9:05 there is the photo of the "dad" with his son in the column. A big chubby red cheek man with no glasses in the middle of the day .And then he says at 9:19 that he stays in disguise because he doesn't want to be recognized or easily found?! And he keeps eyeglasses in the dark? For everyone who wears glasses we know that they are useless in pitch dark :)).So why all this staging? Why all the added drama?
    2- You can film any dark silhouette and then voiceover whatever text you want.
    The voiceover of the father is too clean. Not as much as a low pitch you would expect from a chubby guy. Big guys have a bigger diafragma and lower tone. And is too calm and educated coming from a person who is talking about loosing his son. Also at 15:23 he is making all kind of gestures and moving his hands in front of his mouth …yet nothing changes in his voice registration . That voiceover deffinitely doesn't match the figure.
    3- Their counter argument against the people who say it is a hoax is attacking whoever is talking.
    They don't have the 100 thousand dollars.
    They are making too much money going after this shoot etc.
    No argument on their truth. Their best deffence is attack.

    If all this staging , added drama, and dirty arguments are needed just to make things "clearer" so that the "truth" is more obvious then they fucked it up.
    Better luck next time.

    P.S: The chain is as strong as its weakest link and by that i mean if one interview is staged… they are all staged. 🙂

  45. If this is so true then why wouldn't anyone of these so called survivors or witnesses ever took part of a lie detector test just to and the conspiracy.

  46. Whats convenient is that it only happens in demoncrat towns and cities….sick assholes…President Trump and the new DOJ knows the truth ….will it be exposed ? Maybe or maybe not…

  47. I’m sure real people died, and im sure their families are going through hard times and shouldn’t be harassed but these are false flags, there’s many people involved. There are paid crisis actors and their goal is to disarm us and then send in China to invade! Vice and cnn and other mockingbird media shitshows are in on it! So pathetic!

  48. These false flags are sick and how can anyone not see right through these stories?? People want certain outcomes and they usually need some support and when there is no support they do something sick and psychotic like911 to get support to go to war! They want us to fight each other and believe that America is racist (false) then try and take a lot of guns away via red flags laws . Then another FF. Blame trump. Instigate a civil war. Then marital law! Don’t let these sick Fucs trick you, don’t let them win!

  49. Wether these shootings actually happened or not is of no consequence to what the media does afterwards. By keeping these shootings and events in the forefront of mainstream media and giving the shooters fame they will continue to happen. The reason these events stay in the highlights for weeks is all about gun control. Gun control has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with control.

    The only tragic events that happen where the tools used are blamed above and beyond the person who committed the evil act are shootings. These shootings happen and it turns into being the fault of lawful gun owners around our great nation as they are the ones who are bullied by the politicians when they try and pass further gun legislation that will turn law abiding into criminal. You don’t see that with any other situation where evil people do evil things but don’t use guns.

    Something has to be amiss here. I live in Chicago. There were 6 gun murders this past weekend with an additional 10 to 15 shot and hurt and I do not see anyone on the news or anyone else for that matter grieving and wanting the guns to go away. This happens week in and week out in Chicago, a city that has very harsh gun legislation, yet it continues to happen.

    News flash for ya…. More laws of any type will not prevent this from continuing to happen. The reason I can say this with 100% certainty is because criminals, unlike law abiding citizens, don’t care about your laws or any other legislation you can come up with. Murder is already against the law yet folks still commit it…. You don’t fix this problem by making more criminals I do know that. I wish I had the answer on how to fix it because I would gladly give my life so that no innocent child ever had to suffer but it’s not that easy…

  50. Sandy Hook was such a's painfully obvious. This shit is absurd..I agree with the conspiracy fella…this shit is all for gun control and these people are paid. The victims show up over and over again.. nobody fucking died.

  51. Suppose a police agency wanted to have a training exercise that was so realistic, that onlookers couldn't tell that it was an exercise and not an actual event? Suppose they could pre-surround the staging area with layers of plainclothes personnel to keep private citizens from inadvertently interfering? If you were in a public place and a man with an AR-15 or AK-47 type rifle entered and began shooting, would you hang around to see whether the rifle had a blank adaptor on the end of the barrel, would you watch carefully to see that spent cases were actually being ejected from the rifle–to be certain it wasn't a movie prop like may be used for training or would you simply run for your life? If you saw a total stranger lying on the floor near the "gunman", would you roll that person over to see their wounds and try to treat them, or run away and call for help when you got outside? Suppose what you thought was blood seeping through their clothing was an exploding dye pack like used in action movies? What if the agency in question didn't even tell the management of the public venue that they were having the training exercise? Suppose they never even told the media? Suppose you saw the "relatives' of some of those "killed" during the training exercise on TV news and they were crying, yet their eyes had no tears in them? Suppose the agency reported the "event"as if it were real…

  52. The problem is the focus: Many traitors and enemies of liberty hide behind the veil of their partners crimes of murderm and by claiming that they are only there to help stop the violence, when they are in truth helping to create more and laying the groundwork for mass murder on an industrial scale. The Bills of Rights were written by people who lived through all the tricks of the elites. Let history be your guide and do not fall for a fools dream. Law issues forth from the muzzle of gun barrel. Jefferson knew that as well as Washington, Adams, Madison, and the author of the Bills of Rights, George Mason. Every adult must take responsibility for liberty and oppose the serpent's siren song. David is just a little boy, who has no real experience with evil, who means well which as everyone knows, the highway to hell is paved with good intentions.

  53. The one really weird thing about this is when the Pulse night club shooting happened, the people that were reported to be carrying victims away from the Pulse was a lie, there were like regular people carrying bodies towards the Pulse night club not away from it, now I find that beyond disturbing.

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