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The Revolution Is Here!

The Revolution Is Here!

adventure sports HQ professional-grade laser tag equipped hey everybody this is Derek from adventure sports HQ and the time has Thomas the revolution is here I want you to be excited because void adventure sports are a crazy exciting why because after four years of development the new system is here that's right it's time for the revolution competitors watch out because we are I guys revolution system is the most advanced autonomous independent laser tag system in the world what does autonomous mean that means no iPad no internet that's right no Wi-Fi no Wi-Fi extenders no spending extra tons of cash no expensive gaming computer that's right that means an autonomous independent laser tag system where everything is built in to the tagger adventure sports HQ revolution system has an octa-core processor on the inside this baby is like a Ferrari what does it have inside of it microSD full digital sound digital light the ability to be able to transmit damage from sensors on a separate Channel the ability to mesh with other taggers it is incredible so I am proud to announce the revolution system from adventure sports HQ now the revolution system is an incredible system but we broken down its three main components we have the basic level system which we call revolution basic we have the revolution XLT which is the same board with a high power radio processor ok that's called the revolution XLT and then we have what's called the revolution premier and the revolution premier is the same board with the high power radio system with an add-on RGB head sensors and gun sensors alright so there's three different tiers and what we're going to talk about is the features in the functionalism of the three now if you're in the revolution XLT or in the premier it also has the exciting add-on of a mesh network scoring system that's right mesh network what does that mean to you yes it's a big word but it means that we don't have to worry about having anything except activating the scoring system if you go onto a battery-powered TV any TV anywhere your fault whatever you just plug it in activate it and it's going to automatically net mesh with the revolution system welcome to the revolution if you're one of our competitors you're on notice because adventure sports HQ is coming for you all right look the most important thing for you is to watch the videos but please look down below and click and subscribe check out our other videos once again welcome to the revolution with adventure sports HQ it is going to be a wild ride so prepare to get in sit down hold on and go to the laser tag ride of your life a shq where all you have to do is unpack and click talk to you soon

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