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the doors with the water listen to this that’s a tooth pardon this thing on
alright guys listen up how do I I don’t know what’s going on right now but hey
if you’re hearing this something terrible has happened something I never
thought would happen has you guys to see I’m not home right now I’m not even in
the same country you guys don’t know what happened shortly after we got back
from the haunted tunnel we had to get on a plane and head over to Washington
because we were competing in the YouTube Olympics at the sharers house me and
Logan headed over here and went to the house and everything was going as
planned until Carter asked if we could take a look at the monster if you guys
don’t know he’s been dealing with a pond monster and because we well had been
dealing with the rake he thought we can help him what happened next though I I
didn’t expect huh you barely I can barely stand guys
Logan’s missing the pond monster I think the Paul Monster got him look I had the
footage I I made it back to the hotel but what happened at the Sharra’s house
it’s something we weren’t expecting we dealt with the rape before but nothing
like this this footage is real and I’m gonna need your guy’s help to find Logan
I’m gonna go back over there soon I’m gonna find him I’m gonna figure out how
to get him back but guys I need you okay I need your help
we gotta find Logan all right yes something’s going on
Carter’s Yellin at me something happen I’m coming down okay something really
bad had just happen I don’t know where he went
where’s Logan he’s good I don’t know what happened he was here a second ago
what no no he’s gotta be he was just down here he’s checking out the pot low
again low again you don’t you don’t think this could’ve been the pond
monster do you know this kid no no no we took care of the pond monster we caught
it so it’s definitely on the pond monster how do you know what’s what the
pond monsters i lo again is there somewhere he could have gone in the
forest there’s an underwater exit of the pond that goes and drains out the back
side up even to a degree couldn’t you can just be here and then the next
minute not be here I mean something would have happened and you can swim you
couldn’t have just fallen down hi guys so we have some search parties going out
and looking for Logan I don’t know what took him or what’s going on I don’t like
this one bit I mean when I came out here we’ve dealt
with the rake before but nothing like a pawn monster apparently there’s a path I
can get to which leads me to the creek I’m gonna go see if I can get one if
Carter’s dirt bikes working and take it over there maybe we can find some clues
as to where Logan Scott well I guess I’m gonna have to go and search for Logan
I’m gonna have to do this alone look Carter I can’t I can’t put you in danger
like that I’m hoping though you’ll give me something dirtbike Humvee anything I
can use how about a motorcycle I think I got
just the right thing all right what you got for me cutter that’s that’s like two
two feet long barely a bicycle Carter the motorcycle listen is bad boy okay okay
well if saving Logan is what I have to do then I’m gonna have to take this and
go on a mission to save Logan all right here we go guys we’ll play an O to ride
one of these things looks like this is where Carter told me
to go should be able to get to the creek bed through here I don’t know what I’m
expecting here guys but there are many supplies not even a flashlight if I get
lost out here at night I don’t even know my way back
let’s do we can’t find here so according to Carter and they were
able to trap the pond monster and ship him off but from what I know about
dealing with the rake and monsters in general that’s not normally the easiest
way to get rid of them a lot of times these monsters will lay
eggs or sometimes there’ll be others you can’t guarantee it I mean they started
throwing this party here they put inflatables in the pond I should have
known this was gonna happen let’s head down to this Creek see if we see if we
can find anything all right seems like I was able to find the creek
no sign of the monster though and no sign of Logan just heard something
that’s here’s something up ahead Logan Logan is that you look something sounds
like some sort of growl or something hello again
this isn’t funny man if this is some sort of joke just just come out guys
does the ball Logan was playing with earlier this is what Logan had earlier is
playing with it by the pond this thing looks completely chewed up could have
done into this we could be dealing with some sort of monster that maybe maybe
doesn’t end here – just the pond maybe this is a new monster
maybe this monster doesn’t need to just stay in water I gotta get out of here
guys I gotta get I’m not prepared for this if I’m gonna face this pond monster
I need to face them head-on I gotta get Carter and Liz and let’s see
if I can use some of their equipment maybe you know what maybe I’ll go into
the pond maybe I’ll go in exactly the same way
Logan went in hey I’ll find him I’ll take all the equipment I need to put an
end to this new pond monster I’m not gonna let him take my friend pie let’s
get out of here hi guys how many back towards the pond
and we see if Carter sure can get me hooked up with any sort of gear he has
then I’m just gonna jump in bring my camera with me and hope for the best
wait what’s that so he’s moving in the pond you’ve seen something moving around I don’t even know if that’s a fish that
thing is moving faster than II think I’ve ever seen before
no no no if it has Logan he needs my help
I gotta get Carter I gotta show him this footage Carter’s over here Carter Carter
did you see that yeah that was pretty cool what that was
a monster did you not see you moving under there that’s the poor monster no
no I can’t be a pond myself I’m monster you anymore I saw the footage it look
like it was did the monster himself or he could have been dragging Logan I
thought it’s offbeat no that must have just been a couple of koi fish swimming
side-by-side perfectly at a really fast speed or something like that no
that that’s not just that’s not just koifish okay that that is a monster
worse that’s a monster that could have Logan with them look Carter if you if
you’re not gonna believe me if you think if you think that you shipped off this
monster and there’s nothing in there I’ve dealt with the rake before I’ve
dealt with monsters I know that there could be something still here I’m gonna
go in I’m gonna go on an expedition in the pond and I’m gonna rescue Logan okay
I mean there’s no monster there so it should be safe and ready to go all right
look I’m gonna need your help then leave every tool that you have to fight a
monster with I mean need goggles a weapon and most importantly a way for me
to get out in case something does go wrong we don’t know what could be down
there it could be a portal to another dimension for all we know okay I can
help you with that I got just the thing I got everything you need
let’s go we got to hurry though all right guys I’m all suited up and ready
to go I’ve got my weapon here I’ve got my diving equipment on as well as my
mask and Carter’s been kind enough to hook me up with a safety device yeah so
this safety device is pretty crazy if you have this ring at any time you can
go anywhere in the pond go as deep as you want and if you give me the single I
can pull you back up back to the surface if anything happens just don’t lose this
ring all right guys it’s time to take this ring and go find Logan if I call
for you you got to pull me out of there cuz that means I’ve seen the monster
okay let’s do it all right here goes nothing besides our logo to the monster we’re
gonna start moving I’m gonna try goatee verse see if I can figure what it is see
if I can City sign a Logan anything even I like clove a ger and you think that’s
Josie’s been here there’s extremely low visibility which is really freaky out there there’s definitely a monster in
there there is no koi fish I heard it made noise under the water there’s
something there wait whoa so stuck what is that no that’s a tooth Carter that’s
just that an alligator – what’s not an alligator too thin you better not tell
me this is some sort of koi tooth this is a monster tooth Carter what is this
thing whatever’s in there is a monster it’s
huge guys if you have any idea what kind of truth that could be or what that
could be from let us know but guys I think I’m going to need all of your help
to figure this out we have to put together all of our effort let me know
in the comments what you think this is or how I could get Logan back because he
is missing and I know one thing’s for sure I’m not going back without Logan
I’m gonna find him I’m gonna stop this party

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