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The Phantom Prisoners of Ohio State Penitentiary

The Phantom Prisoners of Ohio State Penitentiary

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  1. 11:10 I can hear her clear as day say, "don't laugh at me."
    and at 27:13 Ryan thought he heard psycho, but again I heard CLEARY the name "Michael."
    Also when Ryan asked who's cell was this at 27:24, I heard "Anthony." So maybe just maybe there were two guys Named Michael, and Anthony spending their times in that cell.

  2. Ryan is the terrified one but knows how to communicate with a ghost meanwhile Shane is not afraid but he does not know how to communicate with a ghost😂

  3. Did y'all hear no when Ryan was asking to turn on a device to have James talk to them.? Or was that just me?

  4. Fun fact I toured this prison about a month before Shane and Ryan did. Before I came here I had no idea the place was supposedly haunted I just wanted some cool pictures. Anywhoooo, I ended up walking through the hole by myself with no people close ahead or behind me. I swear on my life I felt someone walking right behind me almost like breathing down my back. The experience creeped me out so much that I immediately left the building.

  5. I love you guys and your videos a lot and even repeating watching your videos over and over again. I wish you would visit the Teacher's Camp in Baguio City, Philippines where it is rumored to have some brutally active ghost activities. More power to your channel 👏👏👏

  6. One of these times you ought to play the noise before telling people it's a voice. Maybe even leave it up to the interpretation of the viewers. Pretty easy to convince yourself noises sound like a voice if you're told what to listen for, but I'd be interested to see the variety of answers to demonstrate this.

    "I think it was a pretty clear voice."
    If you listen to it, it really is not. More like a soft breeze or something.

  7. And in 27:40 talking through the device was two different people one male and one female it sounds like the female was a guard and the male was a prisoner

  8. I’ve been here. I remember being fine until we went into Solitary. I got visibly nauseous and sick. But after we left, I was fine. Very eerie

  9. Ryan trying to talk to the ghost so they come towards them: walk towards my voice

    Shane being Shane: turn the light on and you go to heaven

  10. At 19:00 you can see a orb come out of no where and go in a circular motion upward around the camera. Play it on the slowest feed back

  11. I drove through Mansfield once on a trip to Sandusky to visit Cedar Point. The town itself is empty, almost like a shantytown. Like something out of The Waiting Dead. After driving through town, there's just empty fields, and then the prison in the distance. That whole town, let alone the prison, is truly terrifying

  12. I've visited Mansfield Reformatory during the day, and it still felt very creepy. But seeing it at night gives it even more of a haunting vibe

  13. Starting at 27:24
    When he asks “Who’s cell am I in?” the voice responding sounds like “Anthony”
    Then, when he asks “Can you say my name? My name is Ryan Bergara” right after he stops talking you can here “Say what?” then right after that the voice sounds like “Hello, Ryan”

  14. You can't say that an evp is a legit evidence when you have 3 men moving and clearly making noise. If it were completely silent and no movement…? Maybe…… But even then there's other explanations we may not know about like animals, wind, vents, etc…

  15. Staff at the occult museum: never ever challenge the paranormal.
    Every buzzfeed video: COME AT ME DEMON! YOU GOT NOTHING!

  16. I was there twice. It is very creepy and you always have this feeling of being watched. There was a room with a chair and my dad scared the crap out of me and my sister by hiding inside a small closet and slowly opening the door. Me and her didn’t like it. Also, in the basement, there was a long, metal hallway where the ghosts of prisoners would mainly pick on women by pulling their hair, pinching them, tripping them, etc. etc. I went through it, but nothing really happened. The guy who set himself on fire, his cell smelled like rotting flesh, it was TERRIBLE!

    For those of you who have read till the end, thanks ❤️

  17. Dear Shane ,,Its real easy to sit and say Ghosts aren't real until it happens in a house you move into . Then you're sitting there running what just happened to you over and over in your mind saying to yourself how is this possible ,what I just seen is not supos to be. Keep investigating houses and buildings with Ryan ,something will happen one day and you will see it is possible.

  18. I feel like the spirit box is just picking up radio’s and those talki walki things’s waves (if its possible 🤷🏻‍♂️)so basically Ryan just stars listening to radio or other ppl

  19. Is it just me or…have Ryan and Shane switches places for the video?….Ryan is showing his cocky side in this season….

  20. If they wanted to see if they could illicit a reaction, should have sent a female in. I vote they add female energy to their investigations.

  21. my mother went into the reformatory as a child when it was still a functioning prison and the inmates acted inappropriately- she was there with a friend visiting her father who worked there.

    also- haven’t made it through the whole video so i’m not sure they mention it but there’s a cell in there that’s painted red and gold because lil wayne shot a music video there.

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