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The New Vessel! Six 80 Meter OPVs For The Philippine Navy

The New Vessel! Six 80 Meter OPVs For The Philippine Navy

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  1. asia should work toghetter like eurpo does. asia should be 1 nation. what,s out of the white peoples especilly united states. they just whant to break war with china and the phillepines. they ain,t helping. asia should be 1 nation and help each other. dont trust the wests white poeple like united states. look thier history.. same they did Iraq and iran,,, now they whant to destroy both. watch out and keep your head up. 1 nation. ASIA

  2. What is the fuss, historically speaking before we were colonized we have bigger ships than everyone else. Know your history. Larger than Galleon ships.

  3. Recto bank should be drill by ph alone not by china and this patrol boat should serve as security for ph company that will explore oil in recto bank

  4. Thank you Australia for giving assistance to the ship building technology to the Philippines and enhanced the economy, labor and pride of the Filipino people.

  5. Payag ba kayo ( PHL ) na buli – bulihin na lang tayo ng ating mga kapitbahay ? hindi lang bully pwersahang kinuha ang ating mga isla , tignan nu ang Saba ang laki ng Sabah , hanggang ngayon nag babayad pa ng upa sa ating mga Datu . ang WPS ito ang matindi kinuha na nga ang ating mga isla pati pa yamang dagat , nanganganib pa ang ating natagpuang langis at natural gas , lesson learned kahit iyo pa ang isang continente basta walang kang armas kukunin namin lahat ang inyong pag aari kht pa may unclos , un , ICJ etc. etc. ang solusyon mga igan sa gobyerno AFP Modernization as fast as you can , nanganganib ang Benham Rise ito maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na atin ito dahil bahagi ito ng ating continental shelf , sa ilalim nga lang ng karagatan ( soil bed ) isa pa sa Batanes may problema din doon maliit nga lang .

  6. Go go go …. dyan isakay mga researchers na Scientist natin .. at di kasama mga Activista ng UP baka maghuhubad magparada naman sila….lol

  7. Hanjin is now open para makagawa na ng sariling ating mga barko. Kahit pa 250 or 300 ang haba at 100 ang luwag. Tanggalin lang muna ang mga pdaf at daf ng mga kongresista at senado para may pondo.

  8. Pls do not believe to the consultant you hired,we need heavily Arm fregate not a patrol boat it's a waste of money

  9. sana pwede rin yan pangbantay sa mga animal na korakot na politiko at yung kanyon nyan ang ibanat sa kanila. mabuhay ang pilipinas

  10. China's coast guard is very big. It will scare the hell of the Philippine coast guard. Why not use Raja Humabon as coast guard. His big guns might also scare the Chinese.

  11. So many New Philippine Navy ships shows in youtube, but I never seen them used to protect Filipino fishermen against China. Use it against China aggression then I will believe you. All talk no action like the President.

  12. Continue the ship In foreign countries or in the country ,
    Unfortunately, the country leader Ferdinand Marcos defrauded the country budget , Otherwise, today Philippine Nation continues to prosper in front of Singapore

  13. DUTAE IS VERY CAREFUL NOT TO GET HIS BOSS ( CHINA ) GET MAD, HE'S ORDERING ARMAMENTS THAT ARE NOT REAL THREAT TO CHINA. China put so much money on Dutae's loud mouth that the latter won't be able to say anything against China. DUTAE ALREADY SOLD THE PHILIPPINES TO CHINA.

  14. 特朗普先生和政府官员经常表示,中国的所有技术收购工作都是盗窃。 在这样做的过程中,他们正在模糊窃取技术和谈判交易之间的界限,在这些交易中,公司同意将技术转让给中国制造业或营销合作伙伴,以换取进入中国市场 – 美国公司通常认为这是一种公司勒索形式, 不同于彻头彻尾的盗窃。工业设计和知识产权的窃取 – 来自发电厂或高效太阳能电池板的蓝图,或F-35战斗机 – 是一个长期存在的问题。 美国贸易代表本月发表了一份报告,详细介绍了新旧例子。 但政府从未说过,打击盗窃和网络攻击是否是谈判的一部分,或仅仅是要求中国停止在奥巴马时期北京已承认的非法活动。
    Mr. Trump and administration officials often suggest that all technology-acquisition efforts by China amount to theft. In doing so, they are blurring the line between stealing technology and negotiated deals in which corporations agree to transfer technology to Chinese manufacturing or marketing partners in return for access to China’s market — a practice American companies often view as a form of corporate blackmail but one distinct from outright theft.

    The stealing of industrial designs and intellectual property — from blueprints for power plants or high-efficiency solar panels, or the F-35 fighter jet — is a long-running problem. The United States trade representative published a report this month detailing old and new examples. But the administration has never said whether cracking down on theft and cyberattacks is part of the negotiations or simply a demand that China cease activity that Beijing has already acknowledged, in the Obama years, was illegitimate.

  15. OMG! Filipinos are dreaming. Do u think Dutete will buy OPVS? REMEMBER he is a puppet of China. He wants to make Ph a province of China.

  16. As a nation of 7100 + islands, the Philippines needs a lot of this type of medium size ships to cover all territorial waters of the Philippines.   I would estimate that we need around 100 small to medium sea vessels.   As you may know if you swarm an enemy vessel they maybe able to eliminate some of the vessels but they can not be able to disable all of these vessels.

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