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The Neck Gaiter – Super Versatile, Super Affordable

The Neck Gaiter – Super Versatile, Super Affordable

everybody today with David's passage calm and I'm coming to you today what kind of a gear review I'm going to be doing a little overview of a piece of gear that I have come to know and love and appreciate in one that I really haven't seen a whole lot online about to be honest with you and that is uh that's this now you're probably asking yourself what the heck is you that's not a piece of gear well actually it is this is a US military surplus neck gaiter and what I thought I would do is just sort of talk to you a little bit about why I really like this I don't see a lot of people talk about or use them a whole lot and so I thought it might be fun to do a little bit of an overview of how I use it because again I don't see a lot of people using them and and I think they're extremely useful so stick around alright so basically all a neck gaiter is is a piece of synthetic cloth that's actually just a tube that's all it is a tube sewn off and the one that I have in particular it's ninety 90 percent polypropylene 10% lycra so it's all synthetic material and it's about all I would say it's about eight to ten inches in diameter when it's not stretched out there's actually fell in love with this thing for a few reasons and why I reuse it for fusing one I always carry this in my pack because at night time you can use this as a hat and I'll show you how to do that I actually use it also on running because it's synthetic what ends up happening is it wicks away moisture a lot faster a lot more efficient than cotton a lot of people carry cotton Bayonetta's in and all honesty I still carry a cotton bandana my kit too but I also carry this because it has it does some things that cotton bandanas don't do and because it's a tube one of the first things I can do and this is how I wear it when I run look a little gangster but I just take it over like this okay drape it over my head and I flip and send back put down like this kind of see look pretty fashionable don't I um what's really nice about this why I really like it is first of all because it's stretchy hugs my ears helps my earbuds to stay in my ears when I run but what I really like it for is because it's synthetic not only does it collect all the sweat that kind of builds up in my head and I'm bald so I sweat a lot on my head but it evaporates it a lot faster a lot more efficient that cotton does so that's great I don't want the tiny knots for that either it just kind of holds on there because of the stretching it's in the material another thing I use it for is I always keep in my pack because at night time I can use it as a hat but what I can also do is I can use it what it was kind of designed to use for a neck gaiter when I winter camp um you know this can keep this can really help with keeping the cold off if your neck if that's something that bothers you another thing you can actually do because it's long enough I can actually leave it on my neck and bring the back over my head like this kind of see it kind of look like a dork I know I look like a dork but it's not it's not about looks in the woods about functionality and then what ends up happening is you actually have a hood and that can really help keep you warm in the wintertime too plus it's gonna it's going to help get rid of the sweat as opposed to something that's cotton that's gonna just keep the water on you or keep the sweat on the moisture on you want to get rid of that moisture when you're outside anywhere really so there's that there's one other way that I use this and I want to show you this does have anything to do with wearing it so it's the ground one of the things you can do with this neck gaiter is actually making evaporative cooling system for a one liter Nalgene tight bottom I'll show you how to do that now so the basic premise of a of an evaporative cooling system is that when when moisture evaporates it sucks the heat from whatever it is connected to us why you know when when you sweat and you know your body has a built-in evaporative cooling mechanism and that when you sweat and that sweat evaporates it actually cools your body it's what it was meant to do what you can actually do with this neck gaiter is you can actually take the water bottle and try to roll it pretty tight here so the fabric is in a sense stretched over the surface of the water bottle that around okay so that it's nice and tight what I'm going to actually do is take this part and twist it over the water bottle like this that's nice and snug so now I've got a little bundle of water bottle all I have to do is add water since I'm just in my backyard today just going to pour it on you just dip it right in the stream okay you could dip it right into the stream and just make sure you get the thing iced and soaking wet I've ever seen in some of the old Boy Scout and tutorials you know the sort of the old method of licking your finger and holding it up to the air or holding it up to see which way the direction of the wind is coming from and whatever site is coldest is is where the wind is coming from the reason why that works is because the moisture on your finger is evaporating because the wind is blowing on it and that evaporative that evaporation is actually cooling your finger which helps you understand which way that the direction wind is coming same thing with this as this evaporates especially if you can get this in a little windy area as this evaporates what it's going to actually do it's going to suck the heat from inside of the water bottle and make the water inside cool now it works alright with the plastic bottle it works not as good with a stainless steel bottle it works even better with an aluminum bottle but just sort of a little thing I wanted to show you how versatile these neck gaiters are and I can even use this to filter the water before I put it in there to be honest with you and you can also use like that just like you would have cotton been down anyways thank you guys so much for watching this little video on the just a usefulness of this synthetic neck gaiter I'm pretty sure you can pick these up online I don't know exactly where but I will tell you this I only paid two bucks for it from my local army surplus store so that'll give you an idea about how much to spend for these but thank you guys so much for your comments and support especially for your subscriptions I really do appreciate that and thank you for your just being able to connect on Facebook and Twitter I really do love you know just passing on what I learn and hopefully this may help some of you all in your adventures outdoor so thanks again for watching and we'll see you in the next video take care

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  1. just yesterday was looking into neck gaiters & buffs at my local REI; was wondering how to wear it over my head. thanks for this informative video, especially helpful for me as a beginner hiker.

  2. what brand do you have? mine is headware and im not satisfied with the fit.. yours are perfect because it fits your face with stetchable material..

  3. I use a fleece gaier all the time in winter. I pull it up over my ears, chin and cheeks and pull a stocking cap over the top of my head, making a double layer over my ears.

  4. Hey bro.I got a neck gaiter a couple of month ago,And got my mum hooked on them.It's common name is a buff.I am absolutly LOVING mine.As you say it's SOOOO versitile.Keep the vids coming man.

  5. David thanks for replying to my comment. You seem like a real nice guy and I love all you do for the kids. People often do not get credit for what they do in life and you deserve it.

  6. Good video. You mentioned using this in winter. Junglecrafty uses one in the jungle in Malaysia. Talk about versatile! If you haven't seen his channel check it out. Knowledgeable guy in a very interesting environment! I have truly enjoyed watching his videos.

  7. That is a great idea! In the winter time I am usually wearing this at night, but at other times of the year, this would be a great multi-purpose use for this as well. Thanks for sharing!

  8. U could also make a pillow by stuffing things that u don't wear at ur camp. Shirts, jacket, and etc. better than ur backpack for a pillow

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