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The Mysterious SEALED Temple Door NO ONE Can Open: Last Door of Padmanabhaswamy

The Mysterious SEALED Temple Door NO ONE Can Open: Last Door of Padmanabhaswamy

In a world that’s been around for thousands
of years, with countless people that have come and gone, it’s naïve to think that
there aren’t things that those people left behind. Our ancestors have passed down to the next
generation as much information as they can but what about those ancient knowledge that
have been lost through time? Is it our duty as modern inhabitants of the
world to uncover those secrets? Or did they get buried under the sand of time
for a reason? Perhaps one of those ancient secrets is the
Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple. This temple is as ancient as the faith that
is practiced in it, Hinduism. Located in Kerala, India, this temple is named
the richest temple in the whole world. One look at the beautiful structure gives
the prestige away, for the entire structure is covered in actual gold. This ancient temple is beautifully built and
is a prime example of a combination of Keralan and Dravidian architecture, styles that are
popular among Hindu temples especially in the state of Kerala. However, the Padmanabhaswamy temple has something
about it that makes it stand out among the rest. It’s not the golden exterior but something
else, something far more mysterious. It is said that underneath this ancient Hindu
temple may be one of the greatest treasure known to man. The Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple’s history
goes back to 500 B.C. and 300 A.D. when it was mentioned in several texts during India’s
Sangam Period of literature. Essentially, like any temple it serves as
place of worship for a certain deity and specifically for the Padmanabhaswamy temple, its primary
deity is Vishnu which is represented by the titular Sri Padmanabha. It’s one of the 108 Vaishnavite shrines
that exist and entrance to it is only granted to Hindus. There is no exact date as to when this temple
was built but one thing is for sure, it’s been there for a long time and it will stay
there long after most of us are gone. It is because of this rich but lost history
that the Indiana Jones within all of us put the Padmanabhaswamy temple’s mysterious
existence out from under the depths of dead Hindu knowledge and into the 21st century. With an order of the Indian Supreme Court
in 2011, the six known vaults underneath the temple were explored and what was found inside
them shook the entire world. The vaults that were opened held unimaginable
treasure, further cementing the temple’s title. They contained precious stones and metals,
ancient artifacts, but most of all, gold. Gold coins dated around 200 B.C., golden necklaces
and crowns, and even a solid gold statue of the deity of the temple, Padmanabha. All of the treasure found was estimated to
be worth billions of dollars. This was said to be one of the biggest treasure
finds in all of history and that’s not even the most exciting part, out of the six vaults
of the temple, only five were completely opened. The last vault, named Vault B by the Indian
Supreme court, contains a door that leads to another chamber. The door, like the temple, is beautifully
adorned, if not a little scary. Carved on the door, are two giant cobras,
said to be warnings to anyone who wants open it and reveal the secrets inside. There are no latches or bolts, not even a
keyhole, no other means of entry except for a ritual performed by a “sadhus” or Hindu
monk who must be powerful enough to perform the “Garuda Mantra” or chant. There is currently no known person capable
of such. That’s why this inner sanctum has been sealed
for centuries and no one knows exactly what’s inside. Much information about the temple and its
vaults is lost on the temple officials, even for the Travancore royal family whose trust
the temple is under. However, if the substantial amount of wealth
from the other vaults is of any indication, then, it would be reasonable to think that
this vault too will bring treasure with it…and maybe more, if the cobras’ warning on the
door of the inner vault had any truth to them. The fear that the warning has garnered maybe
one of the reasons why the vaults of this temple has remained untouched by time but
the 2011 Supreme Court order didn’t just come from pure curiosity of would-be treasure
hunters and archeologists but also something less mysterious and more practical. In 2007, a lawsuit that accused the Travancore
family of temple mismanagement and using the temple’s wealth for their own was filed
by Ananda Padmanabhan, a lawyer from Trivandrum, Kerala. Padmanabhan, a man passionate in history,
was knowledgeable of the history of the temple. Since its establishment, royals of India would
lavish riches upon riches in honor of the deity of the temple. Ceremonies would even be held wherein maharajas
would donate in gold the weight of the princes who were approaching adulthood. He believed that the treasures were still
inside the temple and he feared it might be misused by the royal family. With his lawsuit, the Indian government ordered
an inventory on the temple treasures. However, it seems that this is isn’t the
first time the Indian government has tried to explore the temple. According to a travel guide of Travancore,
an ancient Indian kingdom that is now part of modern day Kerala, written by a notable
British author, the 2011 discovery was not the first, though it was the one that discovered
the most treasure. In 1908, there was a failed attempt to open
the vaults because the explorers quickly left when they found the chambers infested with
cobras. However, in 1931, when the state of Kerala
was financially in need, another attempt was made to breach the vaults, and this time it
was successful, with at least one of the vaults opened and ample treasure found. As for the other vaults, it would be 80 years
until their treasures would be found but not Vault B which has remained closed and continues
to be to the outside world. Currently, the government of India is still
trying to open the sealed door inside Vault B. The Travancore royal family, along with
many religious devotees, have appealed the government’s order for another exploration
of the remaining vault. A ritual called Devaprasnam was held to know
the deity’s wish on the fate of the temple and its treasures. In the ritual, a young boy who would serve
as the instrument through which the deity would interact and convey his wishes. After the Devaprasnam, the deity was apparently
not pleased, wishing the treasures not to be disturbed and the last vault not to be
opened or else. According to the astrologers who performed
the ritual, the opening of the inner chamber will cause untold catastrophic events of apocalyptic
proportions. A legal battle is still being waged in the
courts of India. There are many opinions in what to do with
the treasure found. Some say it should be used to benefit the
people of Trivandrum, the city in Kerala where the temple resides, but religious devotees
would say otherwise. For them it is not right that the government
dip their hands in the temple coffers for similar incidents of the government trying
to inventory the wealth of Christian churches in the state was stopped because of severe
opposition. So why should it not be the same for the Padmanabhaswamy? Another thing is, since the treasure was given
to the deity, it must remain with the deity. In India, deities can actually own property,
however they are considered minors and must have “adults” who will oversee it. It is for this reason that the Travancore
family reasserts their rightful duty to oversee the temple and its treasure. For now, the fate of the Sri Padmanabhaswamy
temple remains up in the air. The deity of the temple himself has given
his sentiments but in this modern day and age and in a country that is in need of finances
to remedy their economic problems, what weight do these legends and warnings have? Will practicality win over religion and superstition? Whatever decision will be made, it will have
to be the right one because the whole world is watching and maybe, just maybe, even Vishnu
himself, and no one, certainly not for the people of Kerala, wants an apocalypse on their

Reader Comments

  1. It doesn't matter we all will find out soon when the earth breaks the doors opens thanks nasa. How else do y break a lock, from the inside?? Break the foundation. Hold door closed.

  2. Total BS; if not, where is the real proof, therefore just Lies, Lies, and more Chinese fabled; BS lies!🤔🥁

  3. Wow, a temple made ENTIRELY of GOLD??? Geez, and people are obsessed with whiging about how the Catholic Church should sell off ITS "riches"….!!!!

  4. Those don't look like cobras buddy. Those are dragons. And why is it we only see this black and white picture or a different painting with cobras?

  5. Masonic sign there … which clearly proof the truth to the believers of truth🙂not everyone got blind yet

  6. I think the final vault's door is not meant to prevent people from entering as much as to keep something from getting out. Maybe an ancient biological weapon.

  7. Like the example of Adam and Eve, we humans don't learn to leave things alone. Just leave it closed, our curiosity might be our doom

  8. this is like pandora's box, you give someone with curiosity a dangerous mysterious thing without telling them whats inside and expect them NOT to open it.

  9. There's a few ways I could see it working. One, lots of riches. Two, wisdom beyond that which the human mind can handle. Three, weapons and spell books made for the gods themselves. Four, an evil creature that would bring the apocalypse. Five, a gateway to the land of the gods. Six, a normal room.

  10. I saw the door of this temple in a dream once, when I was a child, and didn't know anything its name or location.I remember the details very vaguely, but according to those who know what's inside the 6th vault, it contains a great evil and should not be opened until she who can defeat the evil isn't born.

  11. One of the reason they are not opening the sixth vault is lack of oxygen.
    You really can't go in without certain safety measures. Plus politics 😅

    A not so religious boy from KERALA

  12. Before entering door B.
    One must lay back and enter a state of Calm State.
    Only a Truly pure Person can enter
    With out consequence.
    A pure person should be able to see inside even with out actually
    I'll give some thought.
    You want to know what is the most important thing inside Door B.

  13. Ok, I got it.

    Now, it dipends of who you ask. What is the most important thing is.
    If you ask me. The most important thing is.

    I would say immortality
    There are.Tables in their .
    The shaft,is square.
    No stairs.
    More than 1500 feet.
    Leads to a single room.
    No Gold.

    I will decipher the write.

  14. It was previously entered. No treasure was found.

    Im just telling you what i see.
    It doesnt mean that it is true or fact.

    Ancient Hundu practice.

  15. The structure above was covered with Gold.
    As an attempt to to camouflage the chambers below. From overhead scanning.

  16. Sorry me, just going off again.

    Inside this little room.
    There is a square block kinda black.
    This is no block, This is a kinda obelisk.
    I see 108 feet tall.
    The bottom is the same size as
    the shaft.
    At the tip top, is a 2ish by 2ish Cube in the center of the floor.

    With some writings on it.

  17. I 'tell you one thing.
    If you sleep on this thing.
    You would get the best nights sleep ever.
    They could Rent out this room by the hour. And it would be better than Gold.

  18. The snakes on the Door. Represent.
    Only a Man of Will.
    Can visit.
    Any one else would just go Snakey
    After a few minutes.
    Its very clostafobic down there…

    He who stays the longest wins..

    Absolute solitude

  19. When they first build the place.
    They used our bagic matamatic formula. And North South polarity.
    So should'nt the high light here, the entrance be located in the center of the arrangement of all doors.

  20. The Flower of Life. Is the Mathematical formual.
    For all Geometry Shapes.
    And the relation with colors, sound tones and music notes, Gem stones, zodic, the calender and the way we measure time.
    And vowel sound that makes up our language.

    Its multy dimentional.
    Each shape has differant dimentions.
    How many can you see.
    Its all in how you look at it.
    Then take a white circle with no lines.
    Now how many shapes can you see.
    The point is not the shapes but
    At the center of your head is infinity.
    .endless possibilities like Music and dance.

  21. Wait a sec, haven't the goverment already opened it and took everything what is on it's own taxed land, when no one was looking? lol

  22. A bunch of foreigner s
    Comment on comment section
    With out knowing
    The real matter and facts
    * thats why i hate foreign peoples
    Bloody ganduz

  23. Whats going happen is what happened when they opened the other vaults they took everything and showed nothing.

  24. A highly dangerous ancient weapon.
    All of that valuable treasure was left so that it could be taken. Instead of whatever is inside the sealed vault for a greater reason. It was basically permanently sealed… For A Reason. Leave it alone.

  25. The most believed theory here in india is , a particular strong mantra needs to be chanted in a particular frequency to unlock the great door !

  26. Best To Leave B Door Alone. Unless U Want They Curse To Destory Entire Or Part Of World.

    Only A Proper Voice Sound Can Open The Door. At Present There Is No One In This World.

  27. As a hindu i never want to open the door. Sometime it is better to left. Don't be greedy and think that why they not open the door till now. There is something that not want to open the door

  28. May be there is another species like humans on the other side of the door thinking just like us what is on this side🤔

  29. Thank God, this was not found during the british rule, otherwise those white european looters would have touched it with their filthy hands and would have taken it all back to london

  30. Vault B was made for security by the Kings…while going near it…the archeologists reported of hearing sounds of water…so they didn't opened it assuming that a flood would may occur opening it!

  31. I hate this stuff, like bro, if ancient civilizations could really be hiding great secrets, just bust the door open, you can remake it, restricting it because of religion is ridiculous
    Dig the video tho

  32. I think there is untold treasures. Believing that apocalyptic event can happen? Doubtful. Explore and share with the world.

  33. Dear westerns your behavior isn't new. Its same like always you guys have habit to bark anything. So its ur Nature . In your history have you ever given respect to anyone even your parents? No. Because its not in ur nature or culture . Our exception from you guys was actually how you behaving now. 🙏 may jesus give you some humility first then some sense

  34. My opinion and i mean this with much respect is a special person body that was kept here i feel like back in the days some high and much respected didnt get put underground they simply had a room made for them.

  35. I think it is a curse. It is made by god at 0 bc . It is said that by one of the most popular Hindu monk that the person who can chant that words to open B' door in Sri Padma temple is currently none but until god himself comes to earth in form a human like he did in Mahabharat and blah blah blah . And till that it remains cursed and closed

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