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The Most Creative Car Owners In The World

The Most Creative Car Owners In The World

– [Narrator] Sometimes,
creative car alterations need to be made out of necessity. Other times, inspiration. Either way, these owners
turned their vehicles into testaments to their imagination. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most creative car owners ever to set rubber to road. (digital beeps) – Amazing! – [Narrator] After an
accident in the Altai Republic that left a bump on the
side of this guy’s car, he decided to transform it
into a map of the region, covering up the bumps in
the details of his design. This owner wasn’t so successful,
but it still looks cool. However, he did later convert
the interior of his car into an awesome world map. Helpful if you ever get lost. Then there’s these animal lovers who decided there’s
nothing quite like flashing an animal’s rear at unsuspecting drivers. And then this puppy version. Or maybe you’re more into the welsh corgi. If you’re interested in following a trend, you just need to remove the
wiper by loosening a screw, then applying some stickers. When moving, this one
looks like Arnie’s doing bicep curls on show, genius! This one’s probably the best wiper yet. May the force be with you, young driver. Now, let’s take a look at
how some creative car owners altered their wheels. This lover of SpongeBob
SquarePants chose to recreate Bob’s best animated friend,
Patrick, on their wheels. Look how similar it came out, genius! And if you don’t get excited when you see a car wheel illustrated with Pac-Man, you have no inner child. Now I don’t know why you’d
want to bring back the old horse and carriage design, especially given how
uncomfortable it would be, but this car owner decided to do just that by attaching wooden wagon-style wheels to his motorized Hummer. It’s unique, that’s for sure. And if he’s ever lost his door, he might want to replace it
with a wooden saloon door, like this car owner did. Not very secure though, but
I guess it does the job. A 1985 US silver quarter in mint condition is valued today at roughly $13. It’s highly collectable
and this car owner, who spray painted a
replica of it on his rims proves just how popular it really is. And then here’s a reminder
that flowers and money go together like bears and honey. It’s a very stark
contrast to have a Porsche with flowery, hippie rims like this, but it’s safe to say no one
else is driving a car like that. The 1982 cult-classic movie,
Tron, led to a 2010 remake that grabbed 400 million
dollars at the box office. Part of its success is
down to the awesome, futuristic, neon designs in the movie, designs that several
enthusiasts has copied on their own vehicles in real life. This driver went for
awesome, sky-blue lines. And then these two went
for striking, desert red. This creative car owner
took it a step further towards movie realism
with neon underglows. How many uses are there for a Sharpie pen? Answer, more than you probably think. A US military serviceman
let his artist wife tattoo his Nissan
Skyline GTR top to bottom with a Sharpie pen after seeing
her doodling on its bumper. Her intricate pattern took
100 hours to complete, and it looks really awesome! Then there’s racer, Mike Niemann, who puts a few 100 Sharpies to
use on his 1992 Mazda Miata. The project took him 22 days and $100 in Sharpie bills. You have to agree though,
it has an awesome design. Then there’s a car dealership
CEO named Brett David who decided to ink one of
his Supercars for publicity. A Lamborghini Gallardo, to be exact. Cars like this sell
anywhere from 85 to 170,000. When bits of your car break, you can either lose
some money at the garage or get inventive. This car owner replaced his rear wipers with the end of a broom. It isn’t quite as effective
as normal wipers though. And for this owner, any
old window would do. Not exactly the most
aesthetically pleasing window I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure. And if you’ve ever lose a side mirror, you can always use a hair
brush like this person. Again, not exactly stylish, but it might be a workable
solution in the short term. Or how about making a side mirror that looks better than it
did before it was broken? Look at this awesome Grim
Reaper styled feature that makes it look like a hand
is holding the side mirror. That is really cool. And if your main goal is
just to evade the police when you’ve lost a headlight or two, a cheeky picture of a headlight like this might do the trick. Then there’s this owner who
used a clever illustration to make fun of his car damage. Or how about just going old-school with a larger-than-life plaster. It might just heal this broken baby. Great minds obviously think alike. Though, this owner went digital. But what about using string? The winner for the most
expert thread repair goes to the person behind this genius repair job. If your car stereo keeps falling out, all you have to do is
use four blocks of wood to jam it in place. This one’s really ugly, but
it does do the job, I guess. A better solution would be to use sponge like the person here used. And if you’ve ever somehow
snap your car door handle, all you need is a tuna can, and wallah! Watch out for the sharp edges though. If those edges worry you enough, how about throwing away the
can and using a fork instead? Fewer sharp edges, so I’d give
this owner the creative edge. Here you can see hot and cold taps were wired into the motor
to control the air-con. It’s a very clever repair to a broken air conditioning system, but like most of them in this video, it doesn’t look that great. Do you ever get an annoying draft coming from the seams
of a door in your car? This owner just used filler to stop drafts reaching his back seat passengers. Again, this one looks horrendous, but it must’ve done the job. And if your door has trouble
staying on for some reason, masking tape might just do the job. Wrap it around every joint of the door and you might be able to keep
it from flying out of place. Though, the side mirror might get completely mummified
like this in the process. A better solution might be
to just strap the door down with seat belts and
straps from the inside. Just as long as you’re not that fussed about passenger comfort because it doesn’t look
particularly comfortable. And if you want to cover
up your car’s damage and look like a boss at the same time, try something like this. This car owner was clearly so annoyed by the damage to their car door, which kept swinging open mid journey, that they decided to drill
a mount and padlock it. And if you’ve ever lost a car window, the mats from the game Twister can be repurposed as a wind blocker, just like on this damaged car door. It also turns out that everyday
objects like plastic bottles can make for some really
good makeshift headlights. This car owner wrapped a bottle
of water with a red sheet and then placed it in
his break light slot. And then there’s this
owner who figured out that torches emit light so they can be doubled
up as car head lights. Now for some awesome details. Using 3D stickers, one
car owner added some gore to their break lights. Even cooler is a 3D
sticker of a cracked screen with half a tennis ball
to make it look like a tennis ball has smashed
through a car screen. It looks so real that a few
dozen people each day pause, only to find out that they’ve been duped. Animals are pretty bad at
crossing the road safely. This unusual shot appears to
show a written explanation of an accident while driving,
a pretty comical one too. When things start falling off your car, that’s when you need to get crafty. Here’s an Indiana
Jones-style rope solution to a hanging bumper. Or you could’ve just used zip ties. Here’s an elaborate use
of those white bands that seems to be holding
this truck’s pipes up. Now let’s check out some awesome changes to the bodywork of cars. Here’s a steampunk lover who
transformed their gas-guzzler into a steam-powered vehicle, with a sort of dystopian bodywork. It looks incredible! And what do you do if your shiny new van keeps getting targeted by thieves? You take inspiration from this person who camouflaged their van with
some dirty and rusty decals. It’s so well done, it’s
even hard to decipher when you go up close. And the camouflage was so
convincing on first look that the owner was actually
pulled over by police. Metal is so predictable. Drive in comfort and style
with this crocheted smart car. You’d be best not to take it
out in wet weather though. And here’s one that
could take several hours at an art gallery opening to explain. It’s really quite hard to know where to begin
with this alteration, but it’s striking, that’s for sure. And if you’re all about
spreading chuckles, here’s a simple, yet
effective, way to do just that. And then there’s this owner who also enjoys swirling brush strokes. And if you’re also worried about your Jaguar getting
cold in the winter, how about knitting him a jumper? This one’s a nice little
touch during the cold season. And here’s an awesome
Mini that’s been decaled with an x-ray design, a reminder of how frail
the canine condition is. And if you want your damaged car to look better than it
did before an accident, take note from this owner who sprayed the rear of their car gold and created a sort of miniature world, featuring Mickey Mouse and two astronauts. Or how about converting your car into Han Solo’s Falcon? And bring Chewie along. Just stick a massive
sticker on you rear window and you can look like
this to people behind you. Forget about seeing
what’s behind you though. I haven’t touched on wheel covers yet. Take a look at this one. There’s something oddly
striking about this rustic Jeep with its pretty, embroidered wheel cover. And when you’re snaking
your way through traffic, this creative car design
will make total sense. Got a pick-up truck and want a pool? Create something like this. Why haven’t more truck owners thought of this simple conversion? Take a look at this awesome
car with turf carpeted all around its exterior. This one’s actually a car owner’s attempt to advertise their business, and it definitely works
to get people’s attention. Fan of the game, Fallout? This car owner might be. Way to make a statement. Crocodile Dundee himself
would be proud of this Jeep, featuring bull horns and a thick rope. Here’s a really odd candycane car. I can’t quite make out what
the thing on the roof is. Do you know what it is? There’s definitely no other
car on the planet like it. Willy Wonka would be proud of this one. Let’s jump into the interior. This highly original use of Post-it notes created this really cool futuristic, multi-colored look for the speed gauge. And if you really can’t
get enough of the road even when you’re driving on it, fashion carpets like this
for the flooring of your car. Or how about taking the
thrill of a horror movie into the luxury of your very own car seat? To be fair, that steering wheel must be really comfortable to hold onto. Or how about turning your
vehicle into a Mario Kart car? Even featuring the modes
and options to activate magic mushrooms and empty banana peels. Or slide into another dimension
with this gear stick cover. The car owner clearly thought it would be truly out of this
world, and it kind of is. And here’s the lead contestant
for world’s best gear stick. The owner use this car to follow
his Pokemon Go plan route. Rumor is he’s almost a Pokemon master. This one might be the interior of that car who had grass on the outside of it. Why go outside when you can bring nature inside your vehicle? And if you need the calming
allure of the desert’s escape when you’re stuck in rush hour gridlock, then try something like this. Although it’s not exactly
the safest positioning. Imagine crashing and having the airbag push a load of cacti in your face. Here is either a pimp’s paradise or a lucid tripper’s escape. This creative car owner
turned their car’s interior into an inner sanctum of amazing artwork. Which car design did you
think was the most creative? Are there any that you
would like on your vehicle? Let me know in the comments
section down below. Thanks for watching.

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