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The Missing People Choir Bring Crowd to Tears!| Auditions 1 | Britain’s Got Talent 2017

The Missing People Choir Bring Crowd to Tears!| Auditions 1 | Britain’s Got Talent 2017

It’s a really strange feeling no isn’t it to be here and be just wonderful to get out on stage and do what we’re going to do Hello Hello, how are you? Excited and obviously slightly nervous. nothing to be nervous about and tell me who you are, please! we are the missing people choir, and that’s made up of a number of people who have… Children and other loved ones who have been missing. In my case, my son’s been missing since 1988. What? Oh gosh how’d you live with that. when my son lee went missing he was 15, but he now be 41 I just want to find him, but I know that we’re not the only ones going through this we’re all in this together And we can all stand by each other My son Quinton went missing when he was 18 just walked away from the family home one afternoon after school and was never seen again My son Charles went missing when he was 20 years old. He was backpacking 27 years ago there isn’t a minute when your mind is free from… the pain and heartache Having the support of each other makes us stronger, sitting here together makes us stronger and singing together makes us super strong It’s inspirational… for good for the soul. To get a big audience like this. It’s such a fabulous opportunity to get our messages across Hopefully some of the youngsters who have gone missing, their photographs will be shown on the screen behind us… and maybe somebody will come forward and tell us what’s happened to them It only takes one person to recognize a face We all have to live in hope. If there is no hope, what will we have to live for? there’d be nothing. We all have a common goal to find our missing loved ones and bring them home where they belong Are you all in the same boat here the all of the choir members are in a similar place? Quite a few of the choir got missing family, other members of the choir are either workers with the charity, or supporters of the charity. What a brilliant idea! Good luck! In my dreams… I see your face… Walk with you… Hold you safe… Close my eyes… I think of you… Until the day… I see you again Mabye tomorrow, I’ll wake up to find you… I miss you Searching… Searching… Searching……. In my dreams, I see your face… Walk with you… Hold you safe… Close my eyes… I think of you… until the day… I see you again… I never thought I never thought I’ll be without you mabye tomorrow, I wake up to find you I miss you oh my gosh. (Applause) I thought that was an extraordinary song and it must echo how many of you feel But I’m glad you’ve all got each other and I’m glad that you’ve turned such a dreadful thing into something so massively positive which hopefully will help other people who got family members who are lost I thought that it was a really gorgeous audition, and you did yourselves proud Thank you very much I have so much admiration for you. You know this is really serious stuff, and you sang that song Beautifully. Honestly, I was so touched And I can’t imagine how you got through it, it was so emotional for us watching it. It was it was beautifully done, well done Look guys first of all I have to pay you absolute respect for what you just done Cause sometimes I think awareness is as important as anything else So it’s incredible Okay, David I’m gonna kick this off with a Yes! Alisha It’s a Yes from me It’s a Yes from me! Thank you Four Yes’, Congratulations!!! (Applause) Well done, well done, well done, well done That was beautiful We, I think we all enjoyed singing that and giving our best and getting all that emotion out to the audience and hopefully, we’ll get some results from that. Lets hope so (Music)

Reader Comments

  1. i was crying by 30 minutes, i lost my sis 16 years ago. It really make me fells great and bad at the same time, can feel their hearts and tears as mines.

  2. Discovered in 2011  about more than 99.999999% population in this earth can't cry . Why ? They are truly animals .

  3. That's beautriful! God bless them with closure…..Let it be known if they are alive or deceased…..This is healing for many.

  4. OMG I am in tears here watching that they must be hurting for their children I pray that even tho they have been gone a long time they never give up hope Every I pray that someone will know who and where they are God Bless u all

  5. Q mal q no se inglés 😭 pero espero q encuentren a los desaparecidos. Q tengan suerte y esa canción tiene q inspirar y no rendirse aunque todo este perdido

  6. So I googled up the choir to see more info on them… Found them on wikipedia…

    "(…) After their televised performance, a missing boy called his mother after seeing her singing in the choir,[10] another missing person was reunited with their family,[11] and information was also received about two others."

    Held back the tears real hard…

  7. tears couldn't even allow me watch it i was just listenx n cryx. OH LORD WHERE CAN THEY BE? it is better to know they are dead than missing

  8. ok, so don’t attack me, but something isn’t right, the photo of the guys son, he had a blue nike sweatshirt on, and he supposedly went missing in 1988 when he was 15! so how could he still be teen looking, and wear a sweatshirt from the late 2000’s???

  9. When they were taking about there kids I all ready started crying before they sing because that is hard for love one that went missing and I hope there love ones are ok where every they are😭😭😭😢😢😢

  10. whenever I hear or watch about missing people, my mind is stuck but I thank God I'm not among the missing people…. I pray for their returning God willing🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  11. I can’t believe people who disliked this video..they don’t have hearts..God bless these beautiful people

  12. I can’t believe people who disliked this video..they don’t have hearts..God bless these beautiful people

  13. Como pudieron superar todo eso. Perder a un familiar y por años buscarlos es bien difícil y complicado .
    Yo me moriria si mis sobrinos o una familiar desaparece.
    Felicidades señores me hicieron llorar y les doy gracias por eso. Saludos de lima PERÚ

  14. Cuando me doy cuenta que mis problemas no son absolutamente nada…. Que gente tan fuerte. Que Dios los bendiga.

  15. I have starting to cry by the Video in the backround
    They are so strong! Hope they will find them! ❤

  16. I pray that they find all of them and that they are all ok. If not know that through the Lord Jesus Christ and His Salvation we shall one day meet again.

  17. Job well done. Message sent and felt through such a beautiful, emotional and heartfelt song and performance. If watching this video and hearing their song didn't bring tears to your eyes, then I don't know what to say. My heart and prayers goes out to all the families that have missing loved ones. Wow!👏💓😢

  18. 3.2k kidnappers watched this and disliked.

    (This comment is not original, I updated an old comment from Eric Mumbei)


  20. I am gushing right now , tears all over my face , I can’t believe how they got , and still are getting through it 😣😔

  21. Why are people disliking the video? This is such an issue, and these people are going through so much pain. You don’t have to like it, but don’t dislike it where they see that you don’t like it. 🙁 just let it be.

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