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The Medic Who fought a War without a Weapon

The Medic Who fought a War without a Weapon

Desmond Doss was not your average hero. He would become a Medal of Honor recipient, The United States of America’s highest and most prestigious military award. As a combat medic who saved many of his comrades’ lives in battle, without firing a single shot, because he didn’t take a weapon into combat, because of his religious beliefs Desmond Doss was born in 1919, in the state of Virginia, and was raised as a strict Seventh-day Adventist, A Christian denomination that believed that Saturday was the sabbath, and that the second coming of Jesus Christ was imminent. They also believed strongly in non-violence, and a healthy diet, based typically on a vegetarian diet. Doss had been raised with a strict belief in the bible, and when it came to the Ten Commandments, he took them to be the core values of how to lead his life. When World War 2 started, he was conflicted, as he believed the war was a just one, but he felt that to kill another human being under any circumstance was wrong.

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  1. Десмонд Досс Герой! Я восхищаюсь такими людьми, которые жертвуют собой ради жизни других! #МирДружба #МируМир

  2. Desmond Doss is such an inspiration and the perfect model to follow. Believe in what’s right and follow what your heart says

  3. many years later, one of those japanese snipers was interviewed, and he recalled trying to shoot Doss, many times, but every time he pulled the trigger, his gun would not fire…

  4. My Grand-Granddad told us that he was told by one of the people that were in charge that, if they start shooting at a medic that is not on arms he will shoot the people who shot the medic.

  5. He forgot to tell the part about when Doss left the battlefield he dropped his Bible and it was lost, all the soldiers in his company fought to find that Bible and they did, imagine that an entire company fighting just to find a Bible from one man who lost it on the battlefield

  6. There is actually a movie about this man, called Hacksaw Ridge. Its a great movie and I strongly suggest you watch.

  7. the next video in line "The Green Beret who went on a one man Rampage to save his comrades" talk about polar opposites

  8. Hmm… i thought it was just a strange movie, well made, yet most unrealistic, essentially about a completely illogical fool, who probably had such a profound mental illness, that he shocked those in charge with his astonishing luck in surviving the most especially dangerous fucking tasks one day after another until, defying all statistical odds and probabilities, he completed his service. Easily the most naive thing I've ever heard of. MEDAL OF HONOR though? RESPECT SIR!
    Seventh Day Adventists, conscientious objectors, and pacifists and any who trumpet their cause: have ALWAYS been the subjects of terrible types of deterrent and persecution including: biological testing with and without consent, chemical and 'pharmaceutical' testing, psychological experiments, known dangerous tasks etcetera, causing injuries and death.

  9. After binge watching alot of these videos it's sad to see how stupid an unoriginal 90% of the comments are. It's like Facebook whores stealing memes to get superficial likes.

  10. To keep it even simpler, medics do not fight and do not carry a weapon. When captured they team up with enemy medics. They are non-combatants.

  11. Emperor bless this man
    He deserves every single metal for his heroic action. I wish we had more men like this in the imperium

  12. one of the few actual Christians who were allow to go to Heaven …. didn't kill any one, but actually saved some …

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