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The Man and the McNugget Blanket: Wool Bed Roll

The Man and the McNugget Blanket:  Wool Bed Roll

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  1. I worked with a carnival for a few stops 30 years ago. The big swing ride that goes round and tilts. Mega tear down and set up.

  2. self-reliance outfitters. com $35.00, %90 wool %10 synthetic. it's one of the best hard use items I have ever owned. That's Dave Canterbury's Pathfinder store site he doesn't sell junk. you won't be disappointed

  3. I really enjoyed your story. You are a very good story teller. I listened to it while ripping paper for a fire log. Thanks

  4. You seem like a nice enough guy….but Oh My God! You just rambled on, and on. I wanted info on wool blankets, and after like 8 minutes I just had to make it stop. I heard about $20, and a carousel, and Pappy and Pop. I'm not sure if you ever even talked about the blankets. I want my 8 minutes back. Please. Peace.

  5. @Black Cat Saloon: I have a question, I had just ordered a U.S Army surplus blanket, it does not have the U.S designation stamped on it, but it does have a faded serial number embroided on it, my question is do some U.S military blankets come without that U.S designation on them and some do?  Thanks

  6. I was lucky, I knew synthetic was bad, and I stayed away from buying anything with it in it (I only wanted the highest % wool I could get). It took me forever, but I finally found the authentic 100% wool blanket I was looking for. They're really hard to find, and not many places sell them.

  7. I Know they costundreds of dollars ( But last 100 yrs) are the hUDSON BAY BLANKETS! I got 2 ( 50 yrs olf ) from Ebay 1 for 80 and 1 for 120 bucks. These are for the BUG OUT Car kits.. Research that blanet ( Hudson Bay Co.) Trappers and Indians wore these..

  8. The McNugget blanket is a felt, not a woven. It would be good underneath you for insulation purposes. Lay it down under your sleeping bag, for instance. Will keep the cold from coming up from the ground. Just repurpose it. At the very least, give it to your dog.

  9. most wool blankets are rinsed with a water hose drapped over a close line or hand washed gently in a tub with woolight , never a washn machine ,, and to water proof the blankets.paint on 3 coats of linseed oil draped over a close line,just one side only,allow each coat to dry,before applying the next coat..also a painters drop cloth can be done this way ,,use a tight weave cloth..

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  17. f*ck! just bought a wool blanket from canteenshop, and, well, its the mcnugget blanket. darn! stay away from canteenshop blankets!!!!!

  18. U.S Military had both 100% and 70%/30% wool blankets. It is possible that both are actual service surplus. It depended where you were posted/deployed as to which one you get. Lots of copies too.

  19. @XionXXXX I think you missed the point he was trying to make in this video. That McNugget blanket was an imitation US Military wool blanket. Not the real deal. The REAL US Military wool blankets are 100% wool and do NOT need to be dry cleaned. Any company can throw a US stamp on their blanket but if you read their product description…its usually something like "US Military "STYLE" wool blanket". Discretely insinuating that it is not in fact the real thing.

  20. I have been trying to find a good 100% wool Military style blanket through amazon and many other sites on the web and all i keep finding are 50-70% wool / Synthetic filler blankets. Im wondering where you got your US Military 100% wool blanket from? I'm trying to do some cold weather over night trips in the woods. Ive looked at the Israeli Military wool blanket which is 100% wool, but its not as large as the US/Italian/German. Where did you get yours and how much was it?

  21. Wow, I never knew the government offered dry clean services for free (blankets got to get cleaned somehow). Just a matter of time before they start making the blankets out of 100% Cashmere. What a joke the government wastes our tax dollars on…

  22. I've done the same thing before with the wool blanket. Gotta watch where you buy your wool witch I mite add are very hard to find!

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