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The M60 Czech Army Rucksack.

The M60 Czech Army Rucksack.

I'm out on a day hike today I'm shooting some other videos and I wanted to show you this backpack that I've had for a little while and I've got a few trips on it it's called the m60 Czechoslovakian rucksack or Czech rucksack okay pretty neat military surplus pack I got my cup here attached today I'm gonna be using has a nice little ring right here at the top of the bag that you can attach things to and sometimes I hang a canteen there but today I had this this cup okay it's made of a olive drab kind of lightweight canvas not very thick okay kind of like the material if you have the Russian Vesna shock duffel bag it's about the same materials that okay and I hear they come in canvas or also a linen okay I don't know I'm assuming this is the campus I would think linen would be even thinner than this okay it's got these two nice outer pockets it's pretty neat they latch just like this you run the strap through the buckle okay they hold quite a bit stuff I've got all my stuff I'm gonna be cooking today in here alright there's one thing I wanted to show you here that I found when I got my pack this was in it okay this will focus let me set the camera down okay this is a checklist and it's all clothes and stuff okay so let me open this pack here I have written down I use Google Translate check the English and I wrote these down hopefully we can get this thing to focus but basically it's the first one I don't know what it is it starts with a K I got a question mark there the second one's a vest shorts winter Underpants socks handkerchief towel a tea towel belt in the leg belt into the leg I don't know what that is that might be the set of backpack straps no way belt backpack okay and a strap outfit so I use Google Translate to get those from check to English and it came in this little plastic bag here so I just kind of fold it up here and keep it together I think that's really interesting that the soldiers checklist was left in this pocket right here okay it's pretty cool okay so here's the strap that came with the bag okay it's kind of a wide strap setup okay and I'll explain this parts leather which was a that which was against the soldiers back and it went down and has this clip and the soldier would have had an equipment belt on that this would have hooked to the back okay to help hold the equipment belt up okay and then these two clips here metal clip things would have hooked into the loops that are on to the top of the bag which I'll show you in just a minute and this was the shoulder strap no padding just a webbing okay and it must have been very uncomfortable this part would have hooked back to the bag we went backwards like this and hook to the bat at the bottom of the bag and then this would have went to the equipment belt again on the front of the soldier and you got the same setup on this side that side to the bottom of the bag and just down to the front of the equipment bag okay what's really cool about this is under the leather strap part there is a stamping don't see if I can get this on film 29th week of 1951 okay or 54 29th week of 54 I'm sorry with the two cross swords which is the the military marking for the Czechoslovakian army okay pretty cool stuff okay so I found that the original straps were too small for me and too uncomfortable so I ordered a pair these rothko ALICE pack remake straps okay and they went on here very very easy I did a larks head down here on this bottom at the bottom of the bag there's a loop or like a little metal attachment point see there like a d-ring that's one translate there's like a d-ring I did a larks head here then took the strap and attached it here at this other loop right where the the original straps would have hooked up okay and so they're they're okay straps I had trouble with them the very first time I used them these quick release buttons here we snap it to drop your pack really quick they kept coming on snapped on me and the strap was falling off on one side so you know I'm never gonna use this functional either one of these so what I did is I took some sandpaper and kind of scratched the button up a little bit and I JB welded it on there so will not come off ever again okay so that was the only problems I have with these remakes they were only like 12 bucks or 11 bucks or something shipped off eBay if I remember right and they're good enough for this bag this bag is not made to really carry a lot of weight it's it's a it's a really thin cloth bag it's more of a rucksack okay so if you get a pair of these rothko straps and you have problems with the snaps just do that just just bloom shut you know I didn't need to drop my pack quick to hit the deck like they do in the military okay so I've repositioned to a spot got a little more Sun out here I showed you these two these two pockets this one the center the main one has got this dis buckle right here okay right in the middle it has a buckle and a loop I guess where you could attach something else or put your extra tail from your from your strap through there to keep it from flopping around too much and it just simply opens and it's got a drawstring closure okay got tied up here it's a two pocket set up here you can see that it's got a divider what I did was I took a piece of cardboard and cut it out and put it in there key because there actually is no support back here at all to keep stuff in poking the back that was the first thing I did was a cut a piece of cardboard and put it into this this back pocket okay I still can slip some stuff in there like I got my Bible in there and some my fold-up stove and stuff that's lays flat and then inside you get a nice see if I can get this I'm trying to freehand this no tripod you had a nice compartment here I'm not sure how many liters this bag is but it holds quite a bit enough for a day trip oh I don't know if I could camp out of this thing or not possibly like an overnighter if I went light but I've got all my stuff and your gloves and my hammock and things I'm going to be using the cook with today okay one thing I wanted to show you how to stamping kind of a partial stamping okay up see if I can get this on film okay I'm using an iPhone today because it's lighter to carry you can see part of the cross swords stamping there and a-seven okay and then over here is a larger stamp see if I can get that it's a seven and a two so if you put the two together see it's a partial stamp I believe by looking at these two stamps that this bag was made in 1972 that's just by me studying this stamping very hard with a magnifying glass trying to figure out but it is definitely made in the 70s but I think it was a 72 okay so that's pretty cool alright so all in all it's a good bag especially for day trips it's Bush crafty looking you know cow looked cool it's not made for carrying large large loads but it's a you know it's it's good for what it is you know it's different than anybody else carries in my group so it's kind of cool just in case you're asking on the bottom you can see where I have my Alice pack straps attached and there's also these little loops here that are sewn that you could pass something through so if you want to tie something to the bottom of it like a small bed roll like a pad or something or a tarp you could probably do that as long as it wasn't too heavy because this is just like a sewn loop right there you could pass a something through there and then tie it to this one so you could attach something there so anyways that's my thoughts on this checklist Avakian m60 rucksack I think it's cool it's not something that you'd want to go on the Appalachian Trail with but it's cool flipped day trips around the woods and stuff and it's different looking you can it's kinda you get people asking questions about it so anyways thanks for watching have a great day

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  1. Hey man, I had the same list in my bag! It was not in a plastic bag, however, but it was written using a typewriter. Very interesting. Mine seems to say the same thing as yours.

  2. I have one for years and I can say it's just not good. Better get a rucksack with stiff back and see this as a thing of the past that doesn't need to come back.

  3. That check list in it definitely isn't in Czech language, but in Slovak. I am Slovak and I remember CSSR (CzechoSlovak Socialistic Republic). These army surplus are available from both states (Czechia and Slovakia are different countries already), and your backpack is definitely from Slovakia 😉

  4. Found this R-sack, on sale, 3 for just over, $22.00. I have four Grandsons, these are for them to get started. I would say it is easy, a 25-25.5 liter bag. Once you figure out the straps, it is a nice bag.

  5. I have hear that these are Czech copies of the Bundeswehr alpine rucksack. That compartment against your back looks like where the sleeping mat goes in the BW pack. Those are a little tricky to source, but they can be found.

  6. It's good it didn't say kos, that's a blackbird, and you don't want a blackbird in your bag😎

  7. I have one of these, and I really like it. I've been wondering, what are those "extra" belts, but thanks to you, now I know that they are for equipment belt!

  8. Gd vid thx. The Czeh M60 is a great day pack. Nice find with the inventory list, nice lil piece of history.

  9. Cool videos and cool equipment, yea back in the day people new how to live off the land and survive ,they didn't need a 80 liter backpack to carry everything but the kitchen sink in, they traveled light as they could the old stuff that you show and I subscribed

  10. The first word on the list means 'shirt' – Google searched and found a translation for it, even though Google translate doesn't recognise it!

    edit: I see that's already been noted by another viewer.

  11. istead of the cardboard use a german army folding groundpad! This fits perfect and it also protects your bag perfectly!

  12. Nice , But ! I don't like carrying it. I used the shoulderstraps for my DIY burlap pack haha.
    Good review thanks!

  13. Actually the ČSLA called it Velká polní vzor 60, it translates big field bag tipe 60. Nice video, by the way, keep doing them John

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