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The Leadership Branding Secret You Can Start Right Now

The Leadership Branding Secret You Can Start Right Now

– The great, great brands,
the great companies have something unique, they have a leader. Look at the companies that
actually lack a person and they’re just a company. (heavy rock music) And so you have these different figures. It seems to be a very different dynamic when you have a human
figure who has values, who has a voice that’s unmistakable they’re not just a presence. The relationship of having
a figurehead to a brand is that if you want your brand to take off you need to basically put someone there that people are gonna
be able to connect to. A great figurehead is going to
actually stand for something and obviously be opposed
to something else. Not from the standpoint of dividing. Not saying like, we’re
great and you’re bad, but it’s actually the factor
of actually it’s unifying those that share those
values, that’s the magic. Any brand that can do
that and utilize that that is a secret powerful
weapon that anybody can use to elevate their brand and
take it to the next level. (bright music)

Reader Comments

  1. What inspired this video? The great minds, hearts, and insights I find in others: Daymond John, Ted Rubin, Lewis Howes, Gary Vee, Seth Godin, Simon Sinek and others. This video is my thanks to them.

  2. Definitely like and agree with your insight regarding a company figurehead. Important also that they don't alienate their followers by falling into the "political" traps that can also cause a "deep-dive" in sales:)

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