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The Last Guest 4 (The Great War) – A Roblox Action Movie

The Last Guest 4 (The Great War) – A Roblox Action Movie

Kid Daisy: Hi I’m Daisy! Nice to meet you. Kid Guest: Hi… I’m Guest. Kid Matt: My name’s Matt by the way. Nice to meet you. *playing & laughter* Matt: There’s too many of them.. this is impossible! Captain: Fall back soldiers’, there’s too many of them! Guest: No! I’m not giving up! Matt: Is there any chance he could still be alive…? Molly: I’m afraid there’s no way he could’ve survived that… Colonel: Rose has been my eyes and ears
all this time! Colonel: My Elite Guard is only a few feet away from Daisy & Charlotte… Colonel: If neither of you decide to fight, you’ll both be executed! Colonel: Capture them and await my command! Guest (letter): Remember just one thing… be strong… always be strong. Charlotte: Will you keep this safe for me? My daddy said I must be strong. Charlotte: I’m going to look after mummy Matt: Your daddy was the bravest man I ever met… and you are the bravest girl in the whole world. Daisy: Do you think the war is over…? Matt: I don’t know Daisy what guest has given us real hope. Daisy: War is so pointless… I’ve lost the person I love most in the world. Matt: If I ever get married, I’d wish to be as happy as you two were. Daisy: Hey Matt… do you remember when we used to play here all the time when we were at the orphanage…? *Kids shouting and laughing* Daisy: I would give anything to have him back… Daisy: We’d better get you to the hospital… Matt: Yeah… New Captain: Ah Matt, I was told I could find you here, I’m Richards the new captain of the Roblox Army… New Captain: and I believe you already know my new lieutenant. Matt: I do, you’ll make a great lieutenant Molly… Daisy: We’ll meet you in the waiting room. Captain: I’d like you to be my other lieutenant. Your speech the memorial has influenced and inspired many. Captain: I want you upfront with Molly and me leading the Roblox. Announcement: Matt to the fracture clinic please. Molly: We’ll get a coffee and meet you in the waiting room. Dr. Denis: Okay good your leg has nearly made a full recovery
recovery the castle is just a precaution Dr.Denis: The cast was just a precaution, but your legs absolutely fine. Dr.Denis: Now don’t go getting yourself in any trouble over the next few days. Matt: Yeah sure thing I’ll try to take it nice and easy… Molly: Stay right where you are! Molly: Hey are you okay? Matt: Yeah… thanks to you I am. But it looked like that bacon soldier was going after Daisy in Charlotte… Matt: I hate to think what would have happened if he got hold of them. Daisy: Matt, that was stupid…. but really brave. Matt: You and Charlotte have been through so much you don’t deserve this. Captain: I had that bacon soldier cornered he jumped out the window before I could pull the trigger. Captain: Daisy, I’ll make sure there are soldiers posted outside your house 24/7. Captain: Matt be at headquarters for 6am. I’ve been preparing the Roblox army. Captain: when we’ll be marching on the bacon camp at first light tomorrow. We need to put a stop to these outrageous attacks once and for all. Rose: Jez… please let me explain… Jez: Save it! How could you betray your own people! Rose: I’m so sorry I never wanted any
of this…. Jez: How can I have been so stupid… Jez: The first day we met you by the fence
you were far too happy for a recently captured guest… Jez: And I could never figure out how the colonel knew that me and Zara were gonna rescue the guests that night… Jez: And let’s not forget the trap you’ve just set for us! Jez: oh you had me fooled rose! Rose: I didn’t know the Colonel was going to kill Zara… I’ll never forgive myself… The Colonel gave me no choice…. Colonel: Hello Rose… I have a very important mission for you. Colonel: My soldiers tell me that you’re getting on well with Jez and Zara and yet you’ve not given me the information I need. Rose: They’re my friends! I won’t tell you
anything – you can kill me! I don’t care! Colonel: Oh I won’t be killing you
Rose… but if you decide to disobey me… Colonel: I will make sure your mother has a very slow and painful death. Rose: They tortured my mom… I never wanted to tell The Colonel anything but I had to… Rose: They would have killed her. Guest: It’s not your fault Rose, but we need to focus. Guest: The guest games will begin in less than an
hour. There must be a way out of this… Jez: You have a family to go back to guests… you
have to kill me in the guest games. Jez: There’s no other way- Bacon Soldier: Why are you here? Doctor: I’m here to treat an unconscious bacon soldier. Bacon Soldier: But nobody here is unconscio– Doctor: Quickly! He’s fainted. Help me turn him over. Doctor: They’re not the brightest bacon soldiers are they? Doctor: It’s a good thing you told me your plans this morning! now let’s get you out of these chains. Doctor: I’ve left the surgery open, follow me! Doctor: The Colonel is furious, his guards are looking everywhere for us. Doctor: We need to stay hidden in the basement tonight and we can work out what to do tomorrow. *LOUD SIREN OUTSIDE* *LOUD SIREN OUTSIDE* Guest: What? What is that? Jez: It’s the war siren it alerts the soldiers of enemies approaching the Roblox army must be advancing. Jez: The prison will only be lightly guarded, so this is our chance to rescue the guests. Guest: Let’s do this! Bacon Soldier 1: What was the Colonel thinking leaving us behind like this?? Bacon Soldier 2: Yeah tell me about it man… it’s so unfair. Bacon Soldier 1: Wait hold on who’s this! Bacon Soldier 1: Hey what are you
doing here… hold on you look really familiar… Bacon Soldier 1: Stay right where you are! Bacon Soldier 2: It’s you! Oh gosh is happening again! Bacon Soldier 3: OH NO NOT YOU GUYS AGAIN. Jez: Tie him up I’ll meet you outside. Doctor: Don’t worry Jez… These are my friends.We’re here to help. Good Soldier: Killing people because they’re different from us is wrong. It’s time we stand up for what is right. The Teacher: I can’t stand in front of a class and teach students bacon propaganda any longer. The Teacher: The Colonel and General have dictated our lives for far too long… that ends today. Rose: I’ve made so many bad mistakes mum… Mother: It’s going to be okay Rose, we’ll get through this. Mother: You are a good person and whatever happens always remember that Guest: The roblox army needs our help. We have to stop this bacon regime once and for all! Anyone who can fight, follow me and Jez. Molly: Something doesn’t feel right… I don’t like this… Matt: Yeah I know what you mean. I hope the Captain hasn’t overestimated how easy it will be to defeat the bacon empire… Captain: It’s time… Molly: No ! There’s too many of them. Rose: Mum I’m sorry but I must help my friends. Captain: It would be suicide to take them on, they have too many soldiers. Matt: We can’t turn back. Only we can stop the bacon soldiers from marching into Roblox and terrorizing our families. Matt: We’re not giving up now. Guest: Do you need a little help friend…? Matt: Guest, you’re alive…! Guest: It’s so good to see you again Matt. Matt: it’s great to see you again friend. How are you alive? Guest: That’s a long story. Guest: I’ve brought reinforcements. They’re going to fight with us. Jez: The bacon dictatorship has caused fear and destruction on our people for far too long. Jez: Only if we work together as Guests,
Bacon’s and all people of Roblox United Jez: Will we end this tyranny and defeat The Colonel and his army! Captain: Prepare yourself men… Here they come. Colonel: We have been suppressed
and tormented for far too long, that ends today! Colonel: Our glorious Empire will once
again be feared by all! Colonel: Their army is no match for ours ! We will destroy them! Guest: This madness stops right here. Colonel: I couldn’t agree more. Guest: Rose… No! Colonel: Goodbye Guest… Colonel: What? Uh dammit! Jez: This is for Zara! Mother: Doctor, she’s awake. How are you feeling honey? I was so worried about you. Rose: I’m not too bad… Doctor: Welcome back Rose. You’re doing remarkably well considering the trauma your body has been through. Mother: You’re in a safe place now Rose. Doctor: Far far away from the Bacon Empire. Mother: You’ve got a visitor. He’s been waiting here hours for you to wake up. Rose: Jez…thank goodness you’re safe! Jez: I’m fine, how are you? Rose: I’ll make a full recovery. What happened? Jez: The Colonel’s dead and the Bacon army has surrendered. The war is over Rose. Rose: Jez… will you ever forgiv- Jez: You risked your life to safe guest. Zara would have been proud. Charlotte: Daddy! Daisy: I love you so much. Did anyone notice the Bus says 666 on it? Coincidence? I think not. Hey look it’s Zara Jez: What is the meaning of life? Rose: 42 homie English subtitles by ObliviousHD. I hope you enjoyed the movie because this took me too flipping long to make. 🙂 You want me to translate this as well? Yeah well too bad. It’s 2am over here and I’m off to get some well deserved sleep. Did you know if you subscribe to ObliviousHD you get a Lamborghini?

Reader Comments

  1. “The colonel and general have dictated our lives for far too long. That ends today.” Bacon teacher
    “We have been supressed and tormented for far too long. That ends today” The Colonel

  2. I just saw it and I loved it I could not contain the tears when I saw the meeting of the guest and his family: ')

  3. when guest cam back to his house and his wife and daughter ran up to him i started crying
    i was so happy to see them back together again
    leave a like if you cried too

  4. i can tell most of the top comments are children trying their best to rate a movie, if you can even call this one

  5. Omg 😣😣😣😣😣😥😥🤧😱🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🙏😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. looking at the credits Insquisitor master is played Rose
    I'm kinda late aren't I?
    Such a sad movie I love it
    Edit:And itsfunneh was in the movie too! Omh

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