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The Israeli Army Gives Back To YOU | “4 The IDF Soldiers” Campaign

The Israeli Army Gives Back To YOU | “4 The IDF Soldiers” Campaign

So we got invited up to a base in the Shomron
from a friend that we’ve been sending a lot of supplies to- underwear, pizza, a couple
other things- energy bars… They were in Gaza, they were out of Gaza… They came out
of Gaza right before Shabbat, so we sent them over meals for Shabbat. They were so happy,
that they wanted to honor US. So they called us up and they said that we want you to come to this celebration- of the end of the war…
And we said we’ll come, but not for US, we’ll come for EVERYBODY. And we’ll make sure that we bring the camera, and make sure that everybody knows what- that- you’re appreciated. So we’ll see how it goes, but we’re excited… You can look around, all the guys- all the guys and girls- are waiting around for the celebration to start [When you’re in the army] suddenly a simple pack of wafers seems gourmet And each cup of coffee is something to be savored… During our [reserve] service the IDF, all throughout operation ‘Defensive Edge’ received many, many… Many… It’ll come.. One sec. I have to refer back to my papers… I said I’d stop reading from them Received many donations. Candy, gear for the soldiers, ipads… and we also heard of some really crazy stuff. Starting from the very beginning of our training, when we were first called up there’s been a couple; Gedaliah and Elisheva Blum, who made sure to support us, with treats, and pizzas, and more and more… They were there for us the whole way through. So I want to call them up to the stage Thank you so, so much Amazing Wםw… I’m really overwhelmed.. We’ve been in such a whirlwind of activity this past month… And, wow, this is so not about us. I asked Yaron [the commander] not to write our personal names on this plaque because it’s not about us… You have no idea what went on [during the war], worldwide.. HOW MANY thousands upon thousands of people sent, through us, And, who are we – just a simple couple from [the town of] Eli People sent SO MUCH love; embracing you and so much joy We’re so privileged [to have been part of this] Thank you so much. I’m really excited.. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. If we were able to help, even a little, with [getting you] pizzas, underwear Whatever we were able to do Even if it was just a little bit. Thank you. Thank you so much!

Reader Comments

  1. You both deserve this tremendous accolade- you enabled us and thousands of others to be part of the support system for our boys; we are truly grateful for the privilege of being able to help. May Hashem bless you and your family for what you have done.

  2. Shalom Gedaliah and Elisheva.
    So is there anything new happening with the project. You guys haven't updated us for a while.
    All the best.

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