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The Iron Cross & The Knight’s Cross

The Iron Cross & The Knight’s Cross

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  1. I have one given to me by the man who killed the SS Captain who wore it after one hell of a gun fight
    Ripped the Iron Cross off his neck and said' I,killed you , you Nazi SOB

  2. I have a question if anyone has any insight, Iv seen some knights crosses with swords where the swords are crossed directly through the knights cross, like a pirate skull and crossbones, and others where the crossed swords are smaller and on top of the cross, what's the difference?

  3. 9:50 imagine a swastika .How pathetic . A history is a history . Another 30 years from now you would have to imagine the whole cross .

  4. I know im very late but what about additions to the second class ribbon like the Luftwaffe Clasp for the Iron Cross? Were those very common and how many variants were there?

  5. The Knights iron cross golden oak leaves,sword and diamond was only develop for the Hans Rudel the greatest soldier in WW2

  6. "necklets"…this is a word with which I am not familiar. "Necklace," yes, and it covers a LOT of stuff worn about the neck. Am I missing something?

  7. "On behalf of the grateful Fatherland and glorious struggle.. Honor and blood, I present to you this Iron Cross"

    -That level 3 upgrade in Company of Heroes


  9. That was awesome German Pride every day. I miss brochen and Rheinvest Pomfrets dam good stuff. I just love Germany.

  10. But didnt evry man of the Sixst army reseved an Iron Kross first klass because this would mean that one third of evry iron kross first klsss would be in the sixst army because there were only 90000 man left

  11. I give my full respect to the soldiers who got the iron cross and the men who didn't. Rest well my friends

  12. They actually had the grand cross of the iron cross ever since WW1 and they did have it in WW2 except it became more of a Swatika. But I liked the video overall. Very well done

  13. Okay but explain to me why I’ve seen skull and crossbone symbols on Nazi Germany officer caps. Is that related to the skull and bones society or what’s going on there?

  14. Question , is the iron cross the hightess decoration for bravery facing the ennemy in the German army ? … if yes why if in comparaison with the Victoria Cross or the Medal Of honor so many as been issued ! Thank you in advance , very instructive video !

  15. Hello The queen wore an octagonal star with a red iron cross inside? When Trump visited buck palace yesterday….Any idea what this is please?

  16. I was in history class today and we were talking about the 3rd Reich, The iron cross is shown on a projector and some ignorant bitch called out and said "Hey it's the Nazi symbol" I replied "No, It's not the Nazi symbol, It is the iron cross, You're thinking of the swastika." Long story short I was deemed a Fascist and Racist bastard who supported Nazi's. I fucking hate my school

  17. You should have mentioned the Deutsches Kreuz, which became part of the Iron Kreuz progression and was created to prevent any inflation (and banalisation) of the Ritterkreuz. It could only be awarded to owners of the EK1. Long after WWII ended, owners of the Deutsches Kreuz serving in the Bundeswher were allowed to wear it again, but the Swastika in its center was replaced by an iron cross.

  18. If the shape of the iron Cross is used as an emblem, e.g. on vehicles, it is called "Tatzenkreuz" (paw cross).
    In addition: The knight´s cross gave birth to the (in germany) still popular term "halskrank" (throat-sore) for reckless, risky, behaviour. Because someone with a throat-sore apparently desperately needs something to tie around his neck…..People very eager to earn the knight´s cross were regarded a risk by their comrades, as they would act reckless in pursuit of bravery, and endanger themselves and their unit, hence the mildly derogatory term "halskrank" for such behaviour (probably in the hope that the use of this term wouldn´t be reprimanded as criticising an officer´s decision)

  19. Interesting tidbit about the Knight's Cross with Gold Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds. As you mentioned there were to only be 12 of them awarded however, they were not to be awarded until AFTER the war had ended. They were to be awarded to the 12 most distinguished soldiers during the war, they initially produced 6 sets of the Medal. For some reason, Hitler decided to award the first one prematurely and gave it to Han-Ulrich Rudel, who was a Stuka pilot. While Rudel was the most decorated member of the Wehrmacht during the war, it's not really known why he, of all people was given the award. His combat record is simply amazing, especially for a Stuka pilot, and a Stuka pilot throughout most of the war. By the wars end he had flown well over 2,500 missions, and destroyed close to that same number of ground vehicles of all types, including over 500 tanks. Plus he managed to shoot down 51 aircraft, in addition to damaging a Battleship, and sinking a Crusier and Destroyer.

    Rudel was also a Hardcore Nazi, and not just during the war, he lived and died as a Nazi, he was a prominent neo-Nazi after the war up until he died. Even running for office as part of the German Reich Party, which was a neo-Nazi group.

  20. 0:10 Actually that's false, the order of the Iron Cross is still alive through the Ehren Kreuz der Bundeswehr

  21. That's wrong. I am in the Bundeswehr I know that the Iron Cross existed after the Second World War. It was until reunification. Sorry for my bad English. The Balkenkreuz is today the official symbol of the Bundeswehr. It is on every vehicle of the Bundeswehr.

  22. Very exhuasting and unnecessarily convoluted and downright stupid rules for this medal that got more ridiculous as time went on. Knight's Cross of the Gold Cross of the King's Cross with gold oak leaf clusters and crowns encrusted in diamonds enlayed with silver top with whipped cream and a cherry. Damn, when did it stop? Just create a new medal already. Holy sht!

  23. 650 AD Queen Theodelinda gives the Pope of Rome this very cross for the purpose of Catholic Crusaders attacking and defeating muslims occupying Jerusalem. Later this very cross became the 'Cross Pattee" (lions footed) … and …. 'Maltese Cross''…. and other variations, design elements soon were used. Of course the wicked occulitist, secret societal men who betrayed the original Knights ran off with this very design as well and insist on using it (stealing) right up to this very day. The 'Iron Cross' is 100% based on the original Catholic Cross (1400 years earlier) (1st Crusade) only having slight add on modifications to it. So… I don't know how this 15 minute video was made without a single second of it that is telling of the Crosses origin? ?

  24. You did not add Das Deutsche Kreuz in Gold. Technically not an Iron Cross but could have been mentioned as the inbetween the Iron Cross first class and the Knights Cross

  25. 0:54 warum übersetzt du Friedrich ins Englische aber nicht Wilhelm? Entweder Deutsch oder Englisch.

  26. always liked the way the Iron Cross looked, the Victoria Cross is also very similar, take the lion out and it's an Iron Cross.

  27. Baddest Badass of all time.Hans Ulrich Rudel.Only one to receive the Knights Cross to the Iron Cross with Swords Diamonds and Golden Oakleaves.In comparison its like receiving the Medal of Honor 5 times.Google him better yet read the book"Stuka Pilot"

  28. My Uncle Hans was a 15 year old Fallschirmjager during the Battle of the Bulge.He was awarded the E.K.2 and E.K.1 for the destruction of 5 Sherman tanks as a Panzerfaust operator.He would talk of the war as the scariest time of his life.Cold hungry homesick.

  29. Hi I just wanted proof to a guy complaining about nazis in a game and him saying the iron cross is a nazi symbol

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