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The Gun That Aims Itself (Documentary)

The Gun That Aims Itself (Documentary)

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  1. Why are dumbass purists resisting this technology? Perhaps because it cuts their overgrown nuts off? Maybe they are not the inflated ego badasses, they once thought they were?
    Their name is Luddite. Google it. All Luddites eventually go the way of the dinosaur.

  2. Is it the scope among other components that enable this to work or is it the gun itself? The reason I ask is that I am wondering if this can be fitted to a PCP the FX crown .30 caliber pellet gun

  3. Life just became less safe for people on small military bases all over the world.

    The defensive solution in this case would surely be to first sense the laser range finder and then go after the electronics on the scope in some kind of directed EMP.

    What is so scary about this system is simply this: think of how many more casualties the U.S. would have had in Iraq and Afghanistan if the locals had been able to procure such a weapon.

    So, this weapon has huge implications, even in foreign policy. Small bases will now be vulnerable. Dominating a country with small bases will now be much, much more costly.

  4. "Ethical kill" is an oxymoron. The owner is in it to get rich, and get rich he shall unless the government makes it all illegal, which is what needs to happen.

    This is an appalling development that is very likely to cause a huge increase in U.S. battle casualties and other deaths by gunfire all over the world.

  5. If you are going to make that point, then you could also say all guns are bassically skill free killing

  6. I don’t know what’s worse. You trying to sell killing as morally correct due to its accuracy. The thought that killing quickly, and thus more effectively. Is somehow more morally acceptable. Is honestly sadistic killing isn’t a sport it’s a horrific action. Only when it’s in defense of your life. Without other options, is killing conceivably acceptable. Mankind is the cruelest animal ever created. I truly wish all of you people who believe it ok to kill for sport. Would reconsider your beliefs and put yourself in the animals position. Free in the wild trying to eat. Possible gathering food for your young. Bang. This will like all things get used on our streets. By gangs, drug cartels, enemy countries etc. This is not a gun that needs to be available to the public. I would hope like other weapons platforms, that make mass murder easier. This would be banned by congress. Like automatic weapons etc. Peace and love.

  7. Damn y'all really just killed boars and pigs and left their whole bodies their ???!! Smh so wasteful and senseless… Shouldve at least grilled the poor thing.. Smh

  8. "…Smell That… …America!" something to say for the camera, duh.
    That is the kind of fodder that blokes yell "only are God is great!"* & use to numb against their Hate. & their kids hat too…
    Funny thing is God is still spelt G-O-D!! Hate Is A Bad Joke – It Is Not Compulsory.


  9. soldiers r sold to die . They need to retake america from the corrupted politicians , businessman , agencies , corporations , banks and the Vatican before the world is enslave . The funds can come from the currency stolen from hawaii since the illegal overthrow in 1886 . The law heir to the body would make hawaii the owner of everything that was gained from the overthrow . They you add interest rates , illegal profiting from stolen property , racketeering charges and paying back the funds for making hawaii pay a debt for another nation . While forcing hawaii to use a system of currency that put that other nation in debt in the first place . They knew it would do the same to hawaii ! This is the only remedy to correct everything wrong in the world we live in !

  10. Can you imagine how great it would've been if CARLOS HATHCOCK had that weapons platform back in the Vietnam,,,Danang,,,and in the Qwong Tri provinces. He could've SINGLEHANDEDLY took the Battle of Hue. He was incredible WITHOUT your system,,,,,,whereas your system would've made him an ABSOLUTE god!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Motherfuckers shooting zebras, for what?! The hide? What about the rest of the animal? I wish i was there so i could have shoved that fucking rifle up his ass and emptied the entier clip, fucking asshole…

  12. For $10, 000 a pop minimum ill just practice my shot…. there are scopes out there like the burris eliminator that help shoot out to 1200 yards that cost like $1200…

  13. So does it track a moving animal? Can I tag it then still hold the trigger while it’s starts moving til I line it up?

  14. It doesnt seems to be difficult to built.. why every maker wants to make you think they creations is really difficult to clone??

    It seems that its scanning for pixel change in the image it recievies so it moves as the target moves and you need to align your self… its nothing really difficult to make its simple

  15. Every gun makes killing "too easy" ya dumb shits. Else we'd be born with muzzles coming out of our lead-spitting hands at birth.

  16. Yeah we get it.
    You point it. Tag it. Pull the trigger then it automatically shoots when it aligns with the target.

  17. I don't know why he kept using the term ethical shooting. He clearly knew what would the weapon be used for. So must have said this weapon would be used the kill freaking human one way or other.

  18. America its the best country to make great things and shity people, they only relies in external advancments…

  19. Best thing for hogs is a suppressor. Noise scares them silly. You are only gonna get 1 about every 10-15 minutes. With time being a factor you're only gonna get 10-15 a day. Out of a swarm of 50-60 pigs that's a lot of hunting. They will breed back in 3 months if you miss 4 hogs.

  20. Why does this remind me of Rodney Dangerfields putter in Caddy Shack? Cool and all, but 1. cost is insane, 2. what happens when it won't work, batteries die, EMP kills it? and you have a very expensive rig in the hands of a newby shooter. Just like the dudes that buy a new driver every year and never learn to Golf! Now, give this to a trained operator…..nuf said. G>

  21. Interesting tech.

    Funny thing is that we here on the west coast of Sweden also have huge problems with wild boar. And we're the direct opposite of the warm Texas environment.
    It's open season all year round on these wild boar. The meat is excellent and natural.
    If a herd of wild boar gets into your backyard at night you will have a ruined lawn etc since they dig up everything.

  22. While i do like this concept and i do believe it can only get better as time goes on , there should never be a comprise for marksmanship . This getting into the wrong hands could be devastating , however there will always be a yin and yang for ideas & concepts like this . With great power comes great responsibility .

  23. If a nation is to remain free, its population must have some reasonable measure of parity with those governing it that are reciprocally expected to abide by its laws.

  24. Why did you have to kill a Zebra and a Gazelle
    What sport do you find in that??? Shame on you.

  25. Hunting ferral pigs at night with AR15's is one thing but having to shoot the pig 6 times is lousy shot placement and you need to practice at the range so your shot placement is spot on and the animal doesn't suffer.

  26. I understand this is amazing weapon system but why drop a zebra or any other animal? Unless you are starving

  27. Who cares if its skill free? All the snpiers are just mad because all there years of training will be obsolete

  28. Owen Wilson's brother does the marketing for this company now? At least he's not making EDM anymore, hope he's better at marketing.

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