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The Gun Room Secureit Wall Armory Kit

The Gun Room  Secureit Wall Armory Kit

guys we're going to talk about the gunroom it's a dream for many people in fact it's been a dream for me for a long time and you know I got tired of just having all my guns crammed into a safe and I'm pulling them in and out I'm damaging them can't find the ones that I'm looking for or the one that I do need is in the back of the safe and guys one of the first things is you need to make sure that you do have a secure place for your firearms well one of the big things for me and I've always dreamed about this is to have a place on the wall where all my guns were displayed I could get to him I could pull them off and put them back and everything's organized and so secure it gun storage got in touch with me and I had already been talking to one of my buddies that knows the guys that secure it and he I said I'm building a gun room and he said I know the guys that you need to talk to so we started talking and security said I'll tell you what we'll do we'll send you the display and you talked about it on video and show it and I said that is a deal now this is the bear wall and I've already got it installed I didn't want to go through all the details it's pretty simple what you need is a piece of plywood behind here we used 3/4 inch plywood mounted it to the studs in the wall and that gives you a really good solid base to attach your panels and again we have panels that are here large panels and then we have the small panel up top and this is going to extend past a basic piece of plywood but we did take some 1 by fours and kind of framed it in and I put it along the bottom as well now the cradle grid technology has these little lips that come out and everything hooks on and you can see the wood behind it so we took a stain and stain the wood to give it a good look to it if you use just the bare plywood it doesn't look that great and some people even just do black or you can go with the gray but each one of these holes you can see you know this gives you a place to be able to attach the panel to the wall and I've probably have about a dozen different screws holding this in but it is really secure you can you know do it as much as you want to and I'll probably add a few as well here you can see that between the panel's they're cut so you can line these up and really join them where they really look nice now here are some of the accessories that go onto this particular kid guys there's a ton of different kids you can configure this wall however you want to but these are just some of the pieces that we're going to be using now we do have these slots and they fit into the cradle grid system and so it gives you a really secure to here and then one also at the bottom now these are the basis for your bud stocks and they have these little keys which fit together and this is going to hold it secure you can actually get three on each of the shelves so each shelf is going to hold six rifles and then for your barrel mount this just slips in above where the stock goes there is a Bungie system here you can use that if you want to go across the barrel also underneath there is a screw that you actually just tighten down and this is going to give this even more security on the wall if the rifle put it into the buttstock area punch it over and you're done there are different steps you can place the stock where you want to and you have your Bungie set it into place pull it over once you screw this down though it'll stay into place it won't move up now here we have the display rifle mounts they just slide on there is a rubberized sleeve to protect it and of course these can be fit however your rifle sets it links and everything else then we have the pistol mounts they slide right in rubberize a peg to protect your barrel as you can see the stocks just fit into these cradles and they aren't adjustable sizes I mean there's a lot of different places to just to be able to mount this however you need to then here at the top we have the bungee system makes it really nice to be able to secure that so it doesn't come off the wall I mean this really makes it secure easy to change height as you can see we've got them up high here and then down low and then of course with your pistol configurations I mean it just accommodates whatever your needs are and that's what I love and of course then you have your displays that fit you know each of your rifles and of course this one just happened to come with two displays but that does take up a lot of space on your wall then again the pistols the mounts I'll probably be investing in some more of those I think that is a great way to be able to especially certain pistols that you use a lot just makes it really easy but it's so easy just to take and to move I mean one-handed I can do that it's not a problem but yet it remains secure and actually the weight of the firearm even makes it even more secure everything is protected I mean these are all like polymer and so they're not gonna Mar the finish of your gun and these spaces are some kind of injected molded polymer that's going to help to protect your firearms all the way around I'll just be honest with you guys overall I am thoroughly pleased with the way this turned out of course that took my favorite ar-15 with the Boyd's Woodstock I mean that thing just looks great and of course the James River Armory m14 that is a sweet rifle many of you look and say just having that many guns as a dream listen guys I've been doing this for most of my life buying guns trading selling collecting and they do accumulate it does build up and so you know guys while this may not be something that you might want to do right away it may be something for you set a goal for they make a lot of different size units this is a pretty large unit it's their number five they do a number of different ones and I'm not going to get into too many details about this particular kit but they do have small just units that you can set up even for six to twelve guns again as long as it's in a safe and secure place just makes it really easy to be able to get to now this particular setup handles thirty six rifles three pistols and then two displays there's a ton of different kits that they have set up but you can also get in touch with them and help you to customize any kind of gun room so I mean it's a really one-stop shop there are so many different features now I will go ahead and say that this unit itself runs about $1,700 it's not cheap but it is super good quality and when you have your firearms mounted on here you want to make sure that it is good quality that they don't come falling off now not only does secure it do the wall units but they also do a lot of security saves a lot of hide away safes I mean there are a lot of different things in fact go to their YouTube channel because there's a lot of philosophy about locking your guns away and a standard safe that you know just kind of traps the moisture in and the way they build these safes I mean it really helps to keep things free-flowing another thing is guys is you know when you do have it like a gun room or you just have a safe it's always good to have a secure place to put firearms in another location your chances are that you know even if the thieves break in and get into one safe which is not that difficult to do you know you'll have something else as a backup somewhere else again you can set up your display however you want to and the great thing is is once you set up a smaller display you can just add to it it's one of the things that I'm going to be doing is there's some accessories and some things that I want to do one of the big things about though this set up is that you know I have all these rifles on here but these shelves you can put a lot of different gear and things on here reloading it's a big one you know your your magazines your ammunition I mean this will hold it so it gives you a lot of different options I'll tell it turns a nightmare into a dream and so you know the guys again this is a fairly expensive deal but if you're really wanting to protect your firearms and get them out there where you can really use them and build that dream gun room this is the way to go so again guys I want to thank security gun storage for sending this wall display for this video you're gonna be seeing a lot of this in the background because I mean it is just a cool way to get to your firearms be strong feel good courage god bless america long live the Republic today we're going to take a look at cradle Grid technologies things that are on here don't be a baby stocks and it holds too but and then we have right this holds too but it looks like there's all those things holds one cuz it's got just two piece I got no wonder okay one thing you'll notice it's just a great way to go do this bounce back so guys again I'm gonna thank gun storage I don't keep saying freaking guys yeah guys we live in such a and say goodbye to check out there you

Reader Comments

  1. how do bolt guns fit in the vertical position? I like the system but would hate to have to skip spots to fit bolt guns.

  2. sootch00 Great video, when you were talking about thieves breaking in this would allow them access to almost all of your firearms so it got me thinking maybe a reinforced door? I know there are a lot of hacks out there to easily reinforce your gun rooms door and some are cheap too! Also could you keep us updated with your gun room I'd love to see the progress and maybe steal some ideas!

  3. I forgot to comment, on your collection, which is beautiful. I would also like to say the panels look great as well.

  4. Not to tell you your business, but seeings how I have been in Aerospace Engineering for over 40 years…I will! the holes in these panels were not designed for countersink screws. Button head cap screws would look great and hold much greater weights. An example:
    I have no affiliation with this company, I believe they give a good example of the Button Head Screw…

  5. My bigger concern is moisture control, even with 2 mini dehumidifiers in my safe I've noticed one of the oldest rifles has a single spot of rust on the barrel and I'm kinda freaking out about it

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