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The Green Beret who went on a one man Rampage to save his Comrades

The Green Beret who went on a one man Rampage to save his Comrades

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  1. Thanks for posting this amazing video on my dad. I think it's important for our youth to have videos like this that they can relate to. My father dedicated his life to speaking to our youth, our future leaders of America. This is a video for all ages to enjoy. I thoroughly enjoyed it. -Yvette Benavidez Garcia, Roy's daughter and author of the children's book, "Tango Mike Mike: The Story of Roy P. Benavidez."

  2. I feel like crying no joke this man is the definition of American ideals and what we all should strive to be. Spine chillingly awesome and heroic. I saw his daughter in the comments.. god bless him truly

  3. ডিসওয়াস ডিউ টু এর রং ডিসিশন মেড বাই কেনেডি

  4. Vietnamese soldier: shoots Roy and stabs him multiple times
    Roy: Survives and rescues nearly the entire squad
    Vietnamese solider: …
    Roy: I am inevitable

  5. "he was the last man on the battlefield"

    if were being serious im gonna be the first to leave

  6. Lmao if this is heroism then trust me, every single vietcong who walk to war without sandal, jnto napalm bomb and chemical warefare, need their own statue

  7. 7:11 In the tf2 comics the character named “soldier” said “if I die I’m dying saving my fellow comrades while holding my intestines in” or something like this. It probably wasn’t making a reference to this, but if it is that would be cool.

  8. The Vietnamese soldiers : completed boss level
    roy comes
    Vietnamese soldiers : wait that's illegal

  9. Goes up against 1,000 men armed with a knife.
    Thinks a bullet to the leg is a thorn.
    No one go after this man's puppy.

  10. I wonder what would happen to him if he got shot in the knee instead…. 😂😂😂😂

    But mad respect for this Soldier….

  11. It’s a shame we had to go to war for politicians and our guys experienced such tragedy and tests of valor. Whenever you have a battle there’s always a loser and innocent people are always caught in the crossfire do you not blindly follow a leader question authority and prevent future tragedies like this👍🏻👍🏻

  12. Should I believe this,got an AK bullet in leg but still run and fire cover that enemy's gunner can't hit him. Ok,then he became Rambo,right?

  13. the most insane dude that literally being the most wtf moment ever. that's the first time i see the highly train one does that with almost 1000 times more better .

  14. And the question is….Why hasn't Hollywood made a movie based on this fearless hero?….why hasn't Call of Duty made a video game on his beyond call of dury…this guy is a legend.

  15. My dad was in Vietnam and he passed away 8.5 years ago. I love all the nam vets, but I think this man has become my hero.

  16. The amount of selflessness that was displayed by his actions was amazing. before I even knew what was going on I started tearing up. What a truly amazing person.

  17. Do a video about the super pilot josef wurmheller, he shot down 7 planes (6 spitfires and a blenheim) during dieppe raid having a broken leg! During the war he shot down 102 planes.

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