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The Greatest R/C Car Chase Ever

The Greatest R/C Car Chase Ever

*Engines Reving* *action intensified* *police sirens* *car crash* *car crash* *helicopter sounds* *heicopter sounds* *driving towards the Heli* *crashes *Cars trying to start*

Reader Comments

  1. Thats how i thought police rc chases would look like as a kid i wanted to like 20 rc police cars to chase one

  2. 1:00 that's some black magic there. Firstly, the cop car was not in an angle to flip over. Secondly, during the second clip of the shot, if the cop car was flipping, you would see the shadow flipping…

    So what you're telling me is that cop cars just randomly decide to be upside down?

  3. Porsche: (cars starting trying) Truck: (vroom) Ford mustang difrt: (car start to try) Truck: (starting to trying) Porsche: (cars starting trying again) Nissan GT R: (beep)

  4. The police cars are chorvetts they could out run the mustang and that pickup not the gtr and porch though those are too fast

  5. Nfs most wanted flashbacks by that billboard taken apart,


    My fav was mitsubishi lancer evo x

  6. I like how every car has a different and real sound to it, nice touch
    for example: The mustang sounds like a V8

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