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The Greatcoat

The Greatcoat

fashion is always in a dialogue with history in many ways it defines us our founder Eric Kant fought alongside his brother in the great war this is the journey of one garment and the lens through which we choose to view our past as the autumn/winter collection started to come together we were looking for a signature piece that embodied the spirit of the season and we kept coming back to the gray coat fits so well into a conversation about style fashion and what it means to be a British heritage brand today and with Kenton Kirwan's military past we wanted to create something authentic yet modern our search for authenticity took us to Fox brothers one of England's oldest and finest woolen mills which has supplied the British military for centuries here we found original fabric swatches developed for the British Army which catalogued the minor variations in color texture and construction the fabric we chose to recreate for the gray coat is exactly the same as that used at the turn of the last century it's made using the same looms that were used back in the day same yarn colors same weave and the same weight to complete the project we returned to London working with our designers and tailors to create a great code for a new generation it's got slimmer than the original for more modern silhouette or contains the original detailing on the collar fasteners and button details today the gray code is thankfully worn a more peaceful times and although the journey has been a long one the spirit of the garment remains

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