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The Girl Who Lives In A Bowl

The Girl Who Lives In A Bowl

COMM: Nineteen-year-old Rahma Haruna has lived almost her whole life in unbearable pain,
after her arms and legs failed to develop properly. COMM: Her loving family does their best to move her around using a plastic bowl. COMM: A seemingly healthy newborn, Rahma’s mother soon noticed that her daughter was
missing key developmental milestones. COMM: The cause of her condition is not yet known and Rahma’s family have worked tirelessly to find a diagnosis. COMM: Specialist medical testing is expensive and the family hope to get the attention of
a charity to help give Rahma a better quality of life. Kind gestures from those who heard
about Rahma in the local press have already made a big difference. COMM: Despite the challenges she faces, the brave teen is full of hope for her future.

Reader Comments

  1. How could a doctor say that she's cursed? I dont think she's cursed… I find it a deformity… Anyways… She's beautiful and strong now i see myself lucky to have the kind of life i have now, i should stop complaining…

  2. My soul believes there are special people placed on earth for others to understand and learn love in its most difficult form. She is a beautiful and sweet girl with a loving family. Pain is awful, so are mean, ignorant people. She appreciates her family and thankfully she is alive. Now other can reach out to help or send a note.

  3. I thank Allah who made me perfect Alhumdulillah Alhumdulillah 😍 always thank Almighty Allah for what he has given and should be content 😍

  4. Sometimes i think, God gives me everything legs, hands, eyes, 6 sense and i can do anything i want in a seconds. But when i see this type of affarmative, motivated people who are struggling without their most important parts, i fell very ashamed, what i am doing, girl takes my hands, legs, eyes, 6 sense and fullfill your every wishes. Just stay positive univese will help you in every ways….so many blessing

  5. Wonder working god i complain wanting to be perfect but all she wanted was to start a business and sell shes a fighter and inspired me today may she rest in peace.

  6. Even when she is in that condition she had a dream to become a business woman..everyone should have a dream..sad though she passed on before accomplish her goal but her dream still lived..God blessed the living family
    .one love peace

  7. 😮 wow that’s weird but God created everyone beautiful and that there special no matter how ugly they are

  8. That girl is super brave and strong. Much encouragement to that family. a huge kiss from Spain ♥️♥️♥️

  9. They don't have much but they make things happen for their children. They have my respect…God bless them and their beautiful daughter

  10. Que en paz descanse la persona que está dentro de la tina.pues ya está muerta la persona que nació sin cuerpo

  11. It would have been nice to see all of her, not just her face.
    She should be quite mature under those rags.
    Would have been interesting how the rest of her body developed.
    At her age , pretty sure she had pubic hair, maybe even some breast development.
    You know, I am just curious about things.
    Nothing wrong with that.

  12. I'm glad the doctor told the truth.. people don't understand the Bible anymore because they'd know

  13. A cure? Seariously searching for a cure? Am I missing something and they DIDN'T EVEN TELL WHY SHE CARRIES A STICK! What does she carry a stick??????????????????

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