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  1. Are we not gonna ignore that the Japanese Mech has a way cleaner and COOL ASS DESIGN while the Americans design looks like a scrap robot.

  2. Bring out Voltes V here, FIGHT JAPAN!!!

    I really enjoy viewing this, how I wish I can pilot those giants

  3. Poor America, they wanted that Battle so hard and got knocked out in one hit 😂
    Now wait for the Second Kuratas Version and hope for a Rematch 👌

  4. It's like racing with your F1 car next to a road car and say: I won whoehoe! 🤦🏻‍♂️😑
    I am back to rc robot fighting… this here is so 😴😴😴

  5. well this was pathetic, I think we have a long way to go before we actually get better fighting robots like this lol

  6. Geez this comment section is absolute 100% cringe.

    This is suppose to be the very first Giant Mech fight, sure you can argue it's unfair and japan could've use the old Kuratas for MK Iron Glory so both teams have 2 robots without someone saying America cheated, and of course it's script, they needed to test them to see for future fights since it's their very first fight, and for the weeaboos saying that "Japan could've give it breasts with lasers and a katana with a jetpack" look this is real life not fiction, sure Japan's technology is advance, but not futuristic advance, of course these robots are not as advance as the robots you seen on Movies or Anime that's because this is real life, maybe give both them around a couple hundred years to make something like gundam or pacific rim maybe 50 years if you keep supporting them both, so your dreams can really come true?

  7. Male commentator:wow that’s a hit
    Female commentator: I think we should move
    Make commentator: what’s wrong ur the robot expert
    Female commentator: we need to get the fuck away now
    Stage: breaks on the commentators area

  8. Wow that was fucken awesome that was so cool I enjoyed it so much I'm just going to go back to watching grass grow

  9. Should have been the same weight,and weapons. American team has 2 pilots against the lone pilot of kuratas. Good job kuratas. Though its experimental its it must stay experimental bcoz its boring to watch.

  10. Huh that was not what I expected. I didn't appreciate the fake exploding lights drama and stuff was obviously planned to make it seem more intense than it really was. It was nothing more than robot bumper cars.

  11. "Do you see a weakness in karatus build"
    Arrogant american: "yeah everything"
    One sec later- gets pummeled in the first round
    Also american: "impossible"

  12. In my opinion this coulda been good, but the overall direction of this made it absolute shit. If anyone’s looking for something like this check out Robot Combat League. It’s human sized robots fighting each other just like real steel except actually in reality

  13. If I made one of these I would use high voltage electric to break there batteries and all circuits

  14. That was some fuck shit

    They get their asses handed to them the first round and they're all sad n shit

    Then they pull up with this even bigger bot with all these gizmos n shit and take a dub?

    fuck these nerds

  15. when you start seeing superfluous things that have no value other than spectacle, expect a crash a few years later

  16. That was very anticlimactic… you shouldnt have people in the robots or whatever you'd call these things. That way you could use real weapons and armor. Fiber glass and paint balls? I could stop one of these things with a 9mm pistol. Its lame!

  17. Nice how the commentators don't fear about safety AT ALL
    like, guys
    ya think the "mega bots" can see you from down there?
    also one of them RIPPED out electrical equipment!
    that can cause FIRE!
    lets hope they do a better job next time…

  18. Fuckin cringey as shit! I’m sorry but they put in way too much hype for this, and it just started sounding stupid.

  19. Giant robot duel. More like giant disappointment. Next time take the human drivers away and give them real guns.

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