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The G.A.K. Canteen Cup Stove in the North Georgia Mountains

The G.A.K. Canteen Cup Stove in the North Georgia Mountains

good morning everybody from Georgia Jonathan and I and our family are in on vacation up here and we decided to do a morning hike of the 80 approach trail to Springer Melton so this is the trail that comes between emilich Olaf Falls State Park up to Springer Mountain and we've come to this little the campsite that's long the way to make some coffee so I've got a little thing in my canteen cup pouch I want to show you a new stove that I just got and let me get everything set up we'll get started so for our little day hike today we're not spending the night up it's Springer Mountain or anything we're just coming out here and hiking for a while I just brought my each German pack with stuff we just need for lunch and coffee and stuff it's got to like I showed you before the Alice pack straps on the back to make it for a nicer pack so but here's what this video is about inside my dutch army canteen cup set here it's a little stove that i just received there's the Dutch army canteen cup inside is the gak stainless steel canteen cup stove this is the remake of the French army stove that I reviewed a while back my wife was nice enough to pick this up for me off of Amazon I'll put the price and the link to it down in the description so you can see but it this is the first time being used so we're gonna set it up over here on this little fire ring that's already here and make us up some coffee ok so what this means stainless steel I wouldn't be afraid of setting this right into fire if you had some coals to set your canteen cup on and even piling some coals up inside of it the French army one I would be a little leery of doing that because it would being aluminum so this is a good alternative it's made in China so I scratched a dude that made in China sticker off of it so let's set it down here and today because we don't want to deal with fires and stuff putting them out we're just going to use an epic tablet so let's get this kind of level and you take a pocketknife which I have one here just scrape up the side here to get some of the the coating off it's a light better a little bit windy today oh thanks Jonathan okay rock up here to kind of block the wind just that's so happy to have a piece of foil with me because of this canteen set doesn't come with a lid so now we're just going to let her go all right let's take a look at our water it's probably about 40 degrees out here and it's taken less than five and it's almost boiling with one cube so the stove down there acts or performs just like expected so over here sorry about all the shadows and stuff but we're gonna start getting our coffee ready here love that sound of the poor over okay so it it just left a little bit of a mark and air just as expected because of the aspect tablet but it's a nice little cooled off repast it's a pretty good copy of that French stove that that I reviewed earlier if you want to see that I'll put a link to that up in the up on the screen now so here's a quick little review on this GAC canteen cup stove I'm pretty sure this will fit usgi canteen cups also because this uh this Dutch arm one is smaller but one hundred pretty much 100 percent sure it fits those two so you can find these on Amazon check out my video description at the bottom and see if you would like to pick up one they run out of stock from time to time especially near Christmas that's what happened I put it on my Amazon wishlist my wife couldn't get it for me and until it was probably January February or so before they got restocked back up so thanks for watching today and I hope you have given

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  1. Thanks for reviewing this nice little cooking kit, but I always wonder why they don't include a LID for the kit!!! I've viewed several kits like this that seem almost perfect, but they rarely include a LID! Doesn't the mfg. understand why a lid is sooo important for cooking in the wild? Duh!!! Otherwise, I enjoyed your review and thought it might be a perfect kit other than the 'LIDLESS' burner unit… Safe and fun bushcrafting/hiking to you and yours ALWAYS!

  2. I put the coffee right in the canteen cup with the hot water and let it stand for about one minute and then strain it into a coffee cup and rinse out the canteen cup. Best way to make coffee in the woods besides a Thermos coffee press or a percolator.

  3. Good video. I use a lot of Esbit tabs, and a lot more of the off brand tabs because they're several times cheaper. They are only half the size of the Esbit, but I can get four or five of them for about the same price as one Esbit, if I buy several packs. They're also good to combine with Esbit. Just one half size tab added to a regular Esbit can make a big difference.

    I also "cheat" when using this kind of fuel. I always have 190 proof grain alcohol with me because it's the hottest and most efficient fuel for alcohol stoves, and has many other advantages such as medicinal, and I put a couple of drop on an Esbit tab and then light it.

    Anyway, I always use my G.I. stove because I can mot only use Esbit tabs or wood with it, it's also the perfect size to sit over my alcohol stove.` Is the stand on your stove tall enough to use with an alcohol stove?

  4. Thanks for sharing that, I like it. It has the fold-out stands like my Swiss Army mess kit stove stand, but is much smaller.

  5. Nice video. Why don't you just use a regular old army issue stove? Mine has worked well for many years. Good Luck, Rick

  6. That's a neat stove. It looks like it would work well with alcohol gel fuel too (like the British Crusader kit) Thanks John, for letting us know of its existance.

  7. Just a little tip when using the PLCE closures on your Dutch pouch for a more secure closure. When you put the tab like part in (the male end you could say) put the longer one (the part that is otherwise loose) in first then the shorter one (the one that is usually used) second as it keeps it closed loads better.

    Great video also.

  8. Cool… I want to go to Springer Mountain one day. Did y'all go all the way? How long did it take (with coffee break)?

  9. You can get a canteen cup lid from Heavy Cover. It's a little expensive, but the inside has straining holes along the rim and the inside is mirror-polished so that you can use it as an emergency signaling device on a sunny day. You'll be seen for miles!

  10. Excellent little stove. I put a layer of foil under my fuel tab to keep residue off my stoves. It’s a bit excessive, I know 😂

  11. I must use some seriously crappy Esbit tabs. I have to use 2-3 of them (the large tabs) to even get to the level of bubbles you showed when you first removed your tinfoil "lid". No matter, beats a day at the office any day!

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