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The Field Pack – British issue 30 litre Northern Ireland Pack

The Field Pack – British issue 30 litre Northern Ireland Pack

hi guys hope you well it's been a while since I've got a video and it's it's just being around busy the moment obviously we're getting close to Christmas time obviously just taught me a family first so anyway quick video and I've been left alone today and I've got probably two three hours maybe dressed myself and I thought I'm going to check out a ward I haven't been up so this would really before and good take quick wreck around it I'm hoping then when the weather picks up a little bit what are you know they depart next year I get a chance to do a bit of camping up there and I thought it's worthwhile to take it yeah a bit of time out of the trough round and see what it's like okay so I'll just show you what I'm taking with me and my photos in the back and I hope this is all still in shop unfortunately you know by now it's not a Spielberg's a sore thumb this is the back I'll be using today this is a Northern Ireland patrol pack or filled packages teepees didn't show there yeah brilliant that's the 30 liter pack and 30 to 30 litres it's got the two side pouches as well they they're stitched on they're not slip off ones it's probably about a liter in each of those packs I mean you know it is what it is it's a good heavy-duty Kujira style material it's got a top pouch there by keeping our first aid kit and I've just got one of those little foil blankets survival-type blankets I'm at with me just think how's it going lost the front of the pouch it's got a netting pouch you know this was X surplus got a little bit of a mark there it's not a problem it's not actually a hole the front of the power to just keep couple of things in there hand sanitizer lips lips off or chapstick it has got a pouch at the bottom there where you can put things so just keep obviously Nana waterproof bag you know last thing you want is two feet that's a suit so open the pack now this hasn't got a pouch in the top of that most of these bags have but so just there that incidentally is just a little they know you can put your name or photograph I got you now this Park originally would have been waterproof it has got the lining in obviously it is old you see the label that might being shot there it's a fill pack black as you know and I said no go in there and now this would have probably dated frob how to said 90s maybe north maybe there's maybe maybe Berlin maybe they're not any never know um it's not going to be guaranteed to be waterproof so I've used a little bit of waterproofing spray on there just to make it slightly better but I'll show you what I've got next top layer we've got a poncho now this obviously could be used as warm as a poncho abusers groundsheet it's a I think it's either all strewn or own Dutch you might be an Austrian one actually against surpluses say now in here I have a waterproof liner now is to say yeah British forces liner quite a bit bigger than the bag and because I use this in my main sort of comes back but it doesn't matters it is too big it's too big you know still got so space of it a couple of things they noticed at the top copy little radio and every but and spare batteries of course just in the little power Power Cells now if you cast your mind back to when I did this did a video a while ago about some things bought from liberal this is one of the things are bought and then what chance to do an update video which isn't brilliant so briefly and this still works the energy sachets I've tried them define they work and the windup torch that works that's absolutely fine trying to think my also bought and this law because in here and it's completely just all seamless when it's being done anything that didn't work if you remember the the jacket you'll see a picture of it now that was late wasn't there the jacket jacket went back unfortunately work waterproof so little but that wasn't great anyway will ban radio spare batteries recently provide separate as well as so they don't make and also it's one of those LCD displays on it I mean you can't turn the display off so just eat the batteries and cooking on gas today or using us and I've been using a common establishes the Coleman f1 stoves and obviously the self sealing and cylinder there's a gas supply I keep the stove in the message since these are great for storage again genuine issue they saw this on the clip we have whoops spare a fire gel you need it that's the all that's a little Coleman f1 stove the fire kit do get a chance to do it a real fast probably not this but it has been choking down we ran over last couple of days I've got some tinder in their NATO matches store matches lighter Flint striker and that's one of those there strike fires not be a cotton balls searches bustling Joe candle and we use those on a birthday cake absolutely fantastic if you like them and then blow them out they rely get a chance put the shelves up reason this I'm not gonna get it all ourselves like massive it's in the store sir this is my DPM british army basher now i bought this from a place called anchor supplies they're absolutely fantastic great service lads thank you very much perfect also you wanna know in Crusader cop just goes on top of the stove not break it in their copper seems hot chocolate tea tree whites they're just too clean not and this one anybody sees one Instagram would have seen me just a couple of steps of this bungees pegs cordage that's for the basher but it just fits nicely in the the water bottle holders it's a bit bulky and there's probably way too much you know again it sort of trying you know too much is it's too much too much you know it's better to have it to need that the need and not have it at the end of the day it's not that much extra weight that's the that's the setup for the little job today so I'll try to take some videos and I'll see you soon take care all the best bye

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