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The Exotic Weapon That Changed Destiny Forever – Destiny 2

The Exotic Weapon That Changed Destiny Forever – Destiny 2

This is the story about a weapon that defined
the experience of one of Destiny’s best DLC’s ever, The Taken King, this is a tale
of absolute power and accomplishment, and OH BOY LOTS OF GRINDING to reap the benefits. This my friend is the tale of the Touch of
Malice, the primary exotic scout rifle that really did make the primary slot, worth an
exotic. Grab a seat, grab a snack and a beverage,
cause this one is a juicy one! Some footage in this video is from players
around the community, their links will be in the description of this video as well as
the music too! Subscribe if you want the latest on videos
releasing and or to support my endeavors on this channel! We may hit 60k subberinos sooner than later! Special thanks to Datto for helping me with
this video as well, please check him out, he has some dope new merch! I have left a time code to just the weapon
quest itself, but I want to talk about the beginning of Destiny 1 & how it was a very
different place. Many avenues of difficulty were there sure,
but skewed hard in one direction like nightfalls and raids and not much difficulty going on
in general activities. The beginning of Destiny 1 also really shifted
all of our views on what an exotic was all about. We shifted from “primaries are key” to
“Gjally time, Icebreaker baby, 4th Horsemen!” and so on. One important thing to note here in terms
of use and weapons was that Heavy and special ammo exotics were everything and especially
with icebreaker not needing ammo and regenerating it from nothing, gjally just wrecking everything
in its path, 4th horseman just bopping bosses with a few final round shots for PS4 people
only, plus that doesn’t even include the fact that Black Hammer which became black
spindle, which became whisper of the worm and is now whisper of the nerf was also very
strong to use. Fatebringer, a legendary hand cannon was arc
burn in year 1 and was the perfect hand cannon archetype too. Look, my point here is that nobody was using
a primary exotic outside of PVP and a few small encounters where some fit and everything
you needed was really there and really strong for PVE in year 1 of destiny 1 and that doesn’t
even include synthesis for your weapons to grab full ammo. It was a very strong and one loadout type
of sandbox in Destiny, but that would all change come the update for gjallarhorns nerf
and year 1 weapons not being able to be brought up to year 2 power. Alright, it’s time we talk about power creep
for a second. Power creep is when weapons become so powerful
that they creep into every activity including new ones, which makes it hard to have new
weapons to begin with and results in players only using the same pool of 3 to 5 for every
activity! Think about today’s game of Destiny 2, mountaintop,
recluse, delirium, wendigo, etc. Weapons that have come before, but really
are still the best weapons we still use in today’s game! I bring up power creep for two reasons, #1
this is what happened to the loadout in year 1 where everyone’s fatebringer, black hammer,
and gjallarhorn were no longer allowed to be brought into year 2 activities & #2 this
is happening again in Destiny 2. What do you think of power creep and how it
should be handled? I will tell you my two cents on it, I think
power creep is a real problem and should be handled by disabling weapons the way they
have and will be doing, I think that the fun of a game like destiny is starting a new grind
for the new best option or players will get bored of the same 3 to 5 like we have now
in Destiny 2. It overall makes new weapons fun to chase
and keeps it fresh, at least in my opinion, but let’s not harp on Destiny 2 for right
now and instead take a journey back to where we were in Destiny: The Taken King! Weapons were regrinded, sandbox changes made
scout rifles stronger, and a new Raid was on the horizon, one that was very special
and to a lot of players is still their favorite, Kings Fall! This raid tested players in almost every way a
game like Destiny could have and made for some of the most epic moments in a modern
day video game! Seriously, this raid had it all and the scale
alone had lots of players excited to jump into what it had to offer! The final climax of yeeting Oryx sent shockwaves
through the community and was the first time the game ever used a mechanic called final
stand, where the boss had one last push to try and kill you. Something was apparent though, an exotic quest
was following you into the raid and after defeating Oryx, a new quest step popped up! This was going to be a long one! Oh boy, where do we even begin on this quest,
oh I know, how about all the way at the start of the Taken King DLC! This quest tasked you with basically exploring
everything there was to offer with the Taken King from killing Bracus, a special Taken
Centurion at the bottom of the Salt Mines in Bunker WAR-4, to collecting calcified fragments. Calcified Fragments were these tiny rock collectibles
found around the brand new space, the dreadnought, a very large, but full of activities spaceship
orbiting around Saturn. What I loved about the dreadnaught and why
I believe it to be the best space ever in destiny, maybe even better than the dreaming
city, was that it was deceptively closed off. You could almost never run out of activities
to do and we will get to some of those, but yeah this space made collecting calcified
fragments a pleasure. You were going to need 15 fragments to advance
to the next step, then the step was to beat the raid! Woah, this was new to destiny as the Vex Mythoclast
had players getting it as a random drop from hard mode and Crota had players getting a
random drop called the crux of crota to combine it into a legendary weapon to make Necrochasm. So, you just beat the raid, which was definitely
not an easy task without… well… this weapon! Now that you beat the raid, it’s time to
get the weapon, easy as that right? Except NOPE! Now, you were on the Hunger Pains step, which
made you collect 25 wormspore, 50 hadium flakes, and 50 weapon parts. This part of the quest to me is the worst
because while you could always buy the wormspore from the vanguard vendor and the weapon parts
were easy to collect, 50 hadium flakes were not easy at all. These were only to be collected by 1 on the
dreadnaught and they took forever to find and farm, players eventually found a circle,
but this step was not easy by any stretch. After that, you had to collect more calcified
fragments, this time 30 out of the total 50 on the dreadnaught, then do a simple strike
and then woah there’s even more calcified fragments to collect, this time 45 out of
50! Not to mention, these were time gated, but
how were they time gated if they were just on the dreadnaught? Well, 2 were from the nightfalls which included
the shield brothers strike and the sunless cell, 5 of them were in the raid itself, and
about 10 OF THEM were from the court of Oryx which was a whole grind in of itself. The reason I say time gated was because sometimes
the nightfall wasn’t those two strikes AND court of oryx had weekly rotating bosses for
tier 3. Let me put into perspective how crazy this
grind was though, Court of Oryx had a tier 1 rune which dropped anywhere in the world
and was like a token to play the easy version of it, tier 2 required a charge to play, so
that meant 3 tier 1 tokens to play even one tier 2, still with me? Okay now a tier 3 or Antiquated Rune meant
that you had to have 3 tier 2’s charged to make one tier 3 charged! If you failed, you got your token back, but
it lossed the charge and these fights were not easy at the time for tier 3 especially. Oh, and if you think you can just get the
rewards because someone else put them in, you are wrong, the fragment only dropped on
your rune, so players would sit and wait to put theirs in and beat everyone else in the
public space to it. Datto actually had a process to speed this
up which he shared with me and probably a lot of you on his guide from the Taken King
days, he said: “I remember getting a tip on reddit saying that you could run duplicates
of a rune that you needed to get because you could trade them between characters, speeding
up the process. That was the main factor in me getting the
gun early” Well, that would have been a lot of help if I didn’t already spend weeks
regrinding it for this video. Yeah… SO AFTER THAT, you will return to where the
Taken King first started, Phobos and complete the mission Fear’s Embrace to kill Mar-Zik,
the Blightcaller, a Taken Wizard that spawns when Echo of Oryx has almost been defeated. Once again, after killing this target, return
to Eris. And after th.. nah I’m just playin, this
time, the Touch of Malice was now yours to wield! Before we get into the weapon, what do you
think of exotic quests requiring you to do this much with a final mission to cement it? I personally loved it for this type of exotic
as this is what makes an exotic that much more special than anything else. Okay, now on to the weapon! Touch of Malice was unlike any other weapon
in Destiny and According to the lore book, the Books of Sorrow, Oryx intended for the
weapon to be built, and since it was, he was able to maintain his immortality, continuing
to feed off the victims of the weapon. Yeah, that is insane and you feel the wrath
of Oryx when you shoot this thing too! With the perk, well, touch of malice, the
Final round of the magazine regenerates and deals bonus damage at the cost of the wielder’s
life force, so you could keep shooting it and it did heaps of damage, but at the cost
of your own health! Also, it had the perk eye of the storm which
made it much more accurate the lower your health got too and finally a nice perk to
go with that called touch of mercy where after 3 rapid kills with it, the weapon would give
you your health right back. Overall, a one of a kind concept that we hadn’t
seen and let’s not even forget how this weapon could shred bosses and it was a KINETIC
PRIMARY WEAPON, thus changing the boss kill meta completely. Here’s some clips to show you what I mean! To me, this weapon summed up a raid exotic
perfectly, it had a piece of the boss literally inside the weapon, it had us explore the whole
DLC’s content and find tons of secrets along the way, and it had us fight some really tough
fights to use it. Finally, I think the best part of this weapon
is that it was easily the best weapon to use against oryx tying lore perfectly with the
exotic itself. Overall, it just slapped! What do you think of Touch of Malice? I’d love to hear some stories about the
weapon for you! Anyways, let’s end off with where we are
today with it! Okay, so I don’t want to make this section
a sad “I want it in destiny 2 right now” type of thing because there’s a couple of
reasons for it not being in the game that I will explain & Datto had some thoughts on
this too! Datto says that he doesn’t want it to return
right now because, “With Well of Radiance being a thing and now a revamped Sanguine
Alchemy, not sure I’d really like to see Touch of Malice return to the game to stomp over
all PvE activities again. Although purely from a fan perspective, I
wouldn’t mind seeing it return.” I couldn’t really agree more, the well of
radiance, a super inside of destiny 2 with the capability to give you full health, an
overshield, and a damage buff, would make that Touch of Malice perk completely arbitrary
and not to mention with the exotic sanguine alchemy, which can give you infinite healing
rifts and damage rifts, this would be escalated entirely. We also left behind auto reload mechanics
at the beginning of shadowkeep as they let us melt bosses too quickly without any real
thought to how we were tackling encounters. Finally, we have Tommy’s matchbook, an auto
rifle that is very similar to touch of malice where the user shoots rounds and will burn
with damage at the cost of dealing double damage. It’s not nearly as powerful as Touch of
Malice, but is definitely a welcomed revamp of an old exotic. I think Touch of Malice could have a place
one day among the returned Destiny 2 exotics, but I also want to see new exotics that slay
out and add a nice spin, but I won’t lie, Touch of Malice was the primary weapon that
created a space where the primary exotic was worth using on bosses and I really do miss
that. What do you think, should Touch of Malice
return? Why or Why not? Anyways, I think the point of this video is
to shed some light on some awesome guns of old, while showing what an exotic quest is
all about and why Destiny exotics are so dang special! If you did enjoy, a like would be greatly
appreciated as well as a subscription, you can follow me and watch me get footage, talk
about the state of the game, and make tinfoil hat conspiracies on twitch, that link will
be at the top of the description, anyways, shamelessness aside, I hope you have a great
day and enjoy some bloopers, peace!

Reader Comments

  1. I think you could have talked about why it was so meta In the raid. Talking about the aura and how to get it, it also being the first exotic meta post gallahorn nerd. But still a great vid

  2. This brings back bad memories. THE FUCKING GRIND WAS WORTH IT. But most of all Touch of Malice was a scout rifle, scout rifles in D2 are not the strongest

  3. Yeah touch of malice was my favorite exotic, I feel like it should come back when we go after savathon it would only makes since AND they could work on it.

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  8. Bring the touch back. I'm with you on the quest length. Especially when the length determined the malice power. It was a main PvE weapon, as it was hard to us in a PvP loadout. Destiny 2 is missing that feeling of satisfactory that malice gave you. I'll be brave even to say bring a revised king's fall raid also. Why because honestly it was fun and till this day best of all.

    "Vote yes on Malice"

  9. I dont even remember how i got the ToM, but i do know that i got the crux of crota 3yrs after the necrochasm was released

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  11. One of the best memories I have were in april of 2016 getting back into destiny from vanilla. THE TAKEN KING WAS SO GOOD THEN

  12. In early D1 people were getting crazy just because they got an exotic. That was the time when an Exotic felt fcking rare. Go ahead and watch some old reaction videos of ppl getting Gjalli or the Vex Mythoclast … so nostalgic

  13. Changed Destiny Forever? No, it did not. It only changed what needed to be done to clear the raid in the mos efficient way possible. Grindy? Sure. The best guns that stood out were Black Hammer, Gjallarhorn, Icebreaker in some activities but TOM, nah.

  14. Touch of malice back in D2. That requires oryx to be killed again. Or at least finding a dead guardian with the weapon in their hand. But imagine that tho. Eris sending you out to the coordinates where a distress signal was received. And you find a dying guardian (if you have a D1 account) or dead (no D1 account) guardian. The guardian is your guardian from D1 and they give you the damaged weapon. Then quest away.

  15. Not one of the best. The best. TTK was the peak of Destiny that it never reached again. Now its just eververse sim…

  16. Even if I was there when it happened even if I got all of these guns it’s still nice to look back to the good day

  17. Been 3 years clean of destiny nearly 4 and I'm unhappy with my decision the game is poo. They really milk you for your money and d2 is just not as good as d1 really poor game

  18. Bungie has made me lazy with how easy D2 is at this point. I actually enjoyed grinding for this weapon, but I wouldn’t have the patience for it now.

  19. i really love touch of malice and yes i want to see it back. but let's not forget outbreak perfected it's doing the job too

  20. I miss touch of malice
    I loved that gun.
    I used it all the time after I got it.
    Crucible and pve.
    So much fun.
    I love it.

  21. I don’t know how I feel about it coming back. I think it would be really nice to have an awesome quest like that and it would be a lot of fun. But, like datto said, it would just dominate all PVE activities and would be stupid overpowered especially with well of radiance and sanguine alchemy. Also I fell like If bungie did bring it back and they saw how much people were using it, they would likely severely nerf it and we’d have a similar situation of black spindle being op in d1 and whisper being severely nerfed in d2. I loved the video!

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    Like Hive resurrecting Oryx by using the part of him used to create the Touch of Malice

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  24. For me the weapon thats legendary to me was the vex mythoclast, i still remember getting the weapon pre-nerf and the power you held in pvp was straight invincible mode…Good times.

  25. The Taken King expansion was still to this day, and forever will be the best thing Bungie has ever done to Destiny. Best times I ever had playing Destiny by far. Did the King's Fall raid more times than I can count, and it was always a blast to do!

  26. Bungie cant even make new weapons for season pass. They give us Reskins of d1 trials and for nonpvp players we cant get them so until bungie shows me they can create new exciting weapons leave my stuff alone

  27. I honestly don't like it as I have a 9 month old to take care of, and taking care of a child takes a lot of time that I don't have to do so many things only for it to just get nerfed or retired after getting it. It's taken me 2 years to get the not forgotten because I worked full time and was in college at the same time… for someone to put in that much time it seems that anything bungie wants to put out and those who want the long grind for anything have a ton of time to achieve these things.

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  33. Exotic quests are so watered down now. I remember trying to get this gun and how amazing it felt to finally get it, but now they’re pretty much just given to you. That’s probably one of my biggest issues with D2 right now, and having these limited time seasons prevents something like ToM to ever happen again. Shame

  34. I grinded for this, loved the whole concept of the Touch of Malice. I barely raided back in the day, but I did it enough to actually get everything for this weapon. Honestly, I don't play with teams that much, so I just don't raid really.

  35. Hey Evan! Loved the video, but the transition volume is far too loud and really distracting. Maybe next video you could level it differently?

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